Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is a wonderful Pleasure to have You in My House. I am feeling especially motivated today because it really is a Terrific Tuesday for Me and I have a lot of really Good News to be sharing with You and I absolutely Love it when I see My Words Magically Manifest. I do call this the ‘Good News’ Journal for a reason, so it’s fabulous to have Good News to share with You when there is so much tyranny taking place in the world… It’s not always easy to remain positive (well, it’s not really that hard, either, it’s just a state of Mind but You know what I mean). It Will also be a Two’s Day almost True to its name because I Will be Publishing a new Tell a Vision Edition later tonight, though it Will be the wee hours of Wednesday before it Will be Published. But do stay Tuned for it, I am war King on it.

Perhaps the most Glorious of the Good News is that I am on My Way to My first lesson of an online Law course conducted by a Man whom I perhaps have more respect for than any other Man on earth. No government employees welcome. But really People, this is perhaps the most knowledgeable Man I know in Law and I did not Wish to tell You that I had reached out to him until I received a reply. I’ll even be honest enough to tell You that I didn’t tell You I had reached out to him because I legitimately considered that I may be a little too eccentric for some One with this level (high-ness) of knowledge in Law to take seriously. Trust Me, I know only too well what first impressions probably are when I tell People that My legal and lawful title is King Sean, House von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God – or at least that’s what it is if I’m dealing with Canada’s government or any of their state actors.

But there was a questionnaire for the course regarding experience and knowledge and I received a reply today and can tell You that I Will be war King with People who actually understand the King thing on the level I do, but also have lots of real court experience and know how to get around all the little Magic tricks. I’ll be war King with People as determined as I am to help People assert their freedom of choice regarding both masks and vaccines. And this Blog Post serves as well as any fair warning Notice to any corporation, state actor or private person that if You attempt to coerce, intimidate, threaten, refuse service or discriminate against any One for autonomy of their health care choices, You Will be placed on Notice, and I (We) Will follow through all the Way to the highest levels of Canada’s Courts and People Will pay – I Give You My Word. I did tell You this is the last chapter of My Story and We are coming upon the climax. See, there really is a silver lining in every cloud because if this tyranny were not taking place, the People I Will be war King with may never have been motivated enough to be war King together. I don’t know this Man very well yet, but I know his Work and I am highly critical. I am very excited about the Potential of this Project.

I also got the date for My course wrong, but thankfully I’m twenty four hours early, not late. The course is three weeks long, so I’ll reveal more as the weeks roll on but for Me, this is comparable to connecting with some One like Russel Brand or something – You know, celebrity status, except their niche is Law.

I’m also almost finished My Reply Factum and that is pretty exciting for Me, too because I am thing King it is coming together pretty fabulously. That Dream about My shoes Keeps ringing in My Mind. The first interpretation said that I would be war King very hard, but all the hard work Will pay off and leave a lasting impression. Last is in italics because everything is Magic and a last is a cast for a foot print which represents legal standing. Trust Me, this is all True, We live in a Truly Magical world, We just need to Master the Casting of Our Spells. Notices are a great Way to start.

And because everything in My Universe really is Magical, I was visiting with a Friend today and You may as well know the only ‘Friends’ I have in Ottawa are poor People – many of them suffering with mental health and addiction Issues. I know it might be hard for People to believe, but those are the People I’m really fighting for. My ‘bleeding heart’ for humanity and war King for those less capable of defending themselves as I am is not an Act or Show, it’s very real. One can’t blame the addict for being a symptom of the cause. No One becomes addicted to mind altering states of being unless they are trying to escape the state of being they are in. It is a symptom of the problem, and the problem is government.

[I also Wish to let You know that I do not ever Wish to sound like I’m lecturing or tall King down to any One – that’s precisely why You get a capital. But I do try to use ‘One’ more often now to emphasize that I mean things more generally, not directly or ‘giving Orders’. If it ever sounds that Way, I assure You it is an editing error, I would never presume to tell any One what they must do or how One should live their life.]

When I arrived at My Friend’s, My Friend told Me that he doesn’t Wish to offend Me but Wishes for Me to know that he doesn’t care what they do to him, he Will not be getting a vaccine. An hour or so later, another Friend stops by and is as King of Me if I Will speak to one of her Friends on the phone to assure them that everything is going to be okay, and they do not have to be intimidated into taking a vaccine – he was just told he cannot enter a restaurant without a vaccine passport. It’s happening folks, this is not a dress rehearsal, it is now or never, and the People who really do have the Heart’s and Mind to make a difference, are coming together to put an end to this tyranny. Now, is One thing King that these Friends of mine as King of Me for protect-Sean when I am forced to leave because I am attending an online course to help fight back against exactly this kind of thing a coincidence? No – it simply ensured I did not overstay My welcome so that I could get back to the online course and prepare to take Action (even if I was a day early, it allowed Me to get this Post Published before midnight!

Finally, before I go, I Wish to touch on today’s feature photo because it also represents Magic in both My microcosm and Macrocosm. I have no Idea who is responsible for these Magical Gifts, I can only tell You that nobody in My microcosm has any administrative privileges on My Blog to do anything, and I did not add the link to “My Story” as it is shown here just above the WordPress logo. Truth is, I wouldn’t even know how to add that if I tried. But I did tell You that one day the document Published on that Page Will be the most Valuable document on earth (well, it is that now, it’s just that most People are too ignorant to comprehend its Value).

Love and Blessings,

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