The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks “Lucky” Wednesday Edition; The Magical, Mystical, Marvel Us Man

Hello every One, and welcome to the ‘Lucky’ Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition. The Magical, Manifest-a-Sean of Our Lucky Wednesday has proven it Self to be especially True today. I am already war King on My second Blog Post of the day and it’s only 1:45 in the afternoon. And because there really are no coincidences in My Universe, it was the Magic of My microcosm that was the Motive-a-Sean for sharing it with You. When I was thing King about whether or not I should, I noticed it was 1:37. That’s the Magic of My Microcosm, My Mystical message from God, the Universe, or whatever One Wishes to call it. We have a very real and cosmic relay Sean Ship… My body is God’s vessel, the number 37 is how God’s Wisdom Magically breathes Life into My sails.

Why, right? Would You not be as King of Your Self the same Quest-Ion if the moment You finished Writing Your first Book, the first thing You do is check the time and notice it’s 6:37 in the evening? I mean, it’s probably a perfectly natural thing to do when One accomplishes something that was a ‘Life goal’. That wasn’t optional for Me, that was on what People might call a ‘bucket list’. You only have one chance at this Life – as the Oracle says to Neo, One can choose to save what they came here to do for another lifetime if they Wish, no One Will stand in One’s Way (well, God won’t, People might). But it was a memorable moment and 6:37 seemed like a ‘Lucky’ Omen, a Good Sign for accomplishing something so grand. But that was only the beginning.

What if… For more than two years after that moment, You woke up every day at something:37? It’s hardly even believable, right? But that’s just how the day starts. Anytime You go anywhere and arrive at a Friend’s house, it Will be something:37. And of course You would have to tell Your Friends about this but that only seems to amplify the situation – just be as King of any One who has been a close Friend. One of My Friends would no longer look at the receipt from McDonald’s because every time We went, the number of the Order would be 37. It became too much, it’s a little eerie depending on One’s perspective. It almost scares People but those close enough to Me to experience know how Spiritual I am so they also know there’s nothing to be scared of. It is all about knowing that the Universe is speaking (is be King) to Us all the time.

The real reason I Wished to Write was not about 37, it was about a link to ‘My Story’ being just above the WordPress logo at the bottom of My Blog. I didn’t do that, People. I’m so Great-full it is there, I teared up a little when I saw it because it is so close to My Heart (He Art in Heaven), and I have no Idea who is responsible for these little ‘Gifts’. And I don’t believe any One in the world knows how much I appreciate these Gifts more than those who are Presenting them to Me. ‘Someone’ Magically changed the front cover of My Book from ‘SEAN VON DEHN’ in the bottom corner to ‘Sean von Dehn’ and moved it to just above the Title. I had nothing to do with any of that either, but only the People who are Will know how much it means to Me. These are the People pulling the strings in the world, People, and I’m trying to tell You that despite how things may sometimes look, We are in very Good Hands. But also believe Me when I tell You I am not tall King about the government. If there is one thing I do know, it’s that nobody in Canada’s government has anything to do with any of it. The other thing You may or may not know, is that My Story is also the number one search result for ‘Sean von Dehn’. See, when I tell You that the Masters of Magic in this world know I am here, I’m not joking – they were waiting for Me. My Cestui Que Vie was My Way of letting them know I am here, and I am ready. Time to Play ball. 😉

Am I revealing too much, do You think? No such thing. I can never tell You too much because I have no Idea who’s taking care of My marketing campaign, I only know they can make Me (or any One else they Wish) known by virtually every One in the world virtually overnight. And I also know that one day they Will. That’s the Magic of My Life, People.

It’s maybe kind of like an author having the perfect Idea about a book and how it should end, but not really sure how to fill all the pages in the middle, what kind of Characters should be Created and plot twists there should be. In a lot of Ways it can be kind of nice to not have all of those details worked out because it leaves a little more room for Creative Imagination. Imagine, eh, Sean?

Yeah, My name is probably just a coincidence, too. Seems to Magically fit into a lot Words. Oh, and I should probably also share this because I don’t even have a clue how long that link to My Story has been on the bottom of every Page of My Blog, but I also received this message from WordPress just recently:

So there’s a lot more Magic I could share with You this ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, but just consider for a moment that everything I have just told You is absolutely True. I mean, every Word, no exaggerations. Would You begin believing that maybe We really do Create Our reality and can become whatever We Wish? Would You believe in Magic. When I tell You that the most Magical Gift I was Given by God is that My Words always Magically Manifest.

I don’t know how We get there yet, but I know I Play an instrumental Part of the Grand Product-Sean, and I know that You do, too. Sometimes I put a little too much pressure on My Self and feel I am not war King fast enough or hard enough. But the Truth is, I’ve already accomplished more with My Life than many People Will and I’m really just getting started. The irony is that I don’t Wish for what most People Wish – I have no desire whatsoever to be known by the world, yet I know one day it is My Destiny. It may even be why I spend so much time procrastinating because I know I can’t ever do anything but move in the right direction, and nothing Will ever stop Me from accomplishing what I ultimately came here to do. At the same time, I kind of enjoy being an anonymous nobody. If I can find a Way to do what I came here to do without any of that having to change, I’d be all over it but I don’t perceive it to be a realistic option. Oh, You Wish to know why?

Well… A few things I Will be accomplishing that are on My list much like My Book, is paying back My share of Canada’s debt, then I’m going to accept for Honour and pay back the rest of Canada’s debt. One can very quickly begin to see how remaining anonymous becomes somewhat unrealistic, right? It really has nothing to do with ego at all. Not Wishing to be known by the world is kind of like Neo not really buying into the Idea of being the One. Free Will allows him to be thing King the Oracle has no power over him at all because he Will always be in charge – and yet it is exactly that attitude that fortifies the Mind of a Man determined to accomplish his ultimate task. It’s a whole ‘catch22’ sort of thing. Nothing could ever ultimately stop Neo from accomplishing what he came to the earth to do. The same is True for all of Us and why We can all choose to make every Wednesday Lucky if We Wish because We really are Witches, Wizards and Warlocks in a Magical world for those with eyes to sea… (Do You see all the citizen ships sailing on the seas of commercial admiralty waters?)

Love and Blessings,


      1. Oh!!! I didn’t know that! Did You know I just discovered it is a coded numeric symbol used by hackers called ‘l33T’, or ‘leet’ and means One has achieved elite status or magnificent ‘prowess’!!! If You Wish to check it out, just type ‘meaning 1337 into Google search, see what comes up’. Definitely a Good Omen and Good to know it is something We have in Common. Blessings, and thank You for contributing, I appreciate You so much.

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