Volume CLXXXIV: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part XVII

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition one day late! Yeah, My intention was Good but time was not on My side yesterday so I wasn’t able to get this Posted in time for Tuesday, but better late than never. Last week V had just made a deal with greedy ‘Creedy’, the Chancellor’s right Hand Man and has Promised to Give him Self up in exchange for the High Chancellor.

Meanwhile, back at the station, the detectives are waiting to hear back from their informant. Instead, they receive a call from another officer who ran a system search on the identity of their informant… Only to find out that the Man they were tall King with died over twenty years ago. Needless to say, the detectives are not impressed and realize they were duped by V and resolve to find him with renewed enthusiasm.

It has now been 347 days since V destroyed parliament on November 5th, and the High Chancellor is loosing his cool (not like he was ever very cool to begin with) and blames the success of V on the inadequacy of his ‘Hand’, his top five security advisors. As the leader of his security team, Creedy takes the brunt of the High Chancellor’s criticism and We can see that he is finding V’s offer more appealing by the day. All he has to do is hand over the Chancellor to V and Creedy gets to take his place, and the police get to take V. Surely this Will secure his position as the new High Chancellor if he can Show he was the One who was able to compromise the ‘terrorist’ plaguing London?

There is a very brief scene where We see V standing a domino up on its end with no other point of reference. Once again, this is a Significant detail. The domino seems reasonably meaningless, but We’ll get back to that later.

V is still war King very hard on leading a revolution. We see numerous trucks with the Logo of London’s freight company filled to their brim with boxes. It appears they are being delivered to every household in London. Any Idea what might be in the box? If You were thing King it might be Guy Fawkes masks, You are absolutely correct.

Now, interestingly enough, some People are still thing King that using My thumbprint to Sign and pay for things is a little strange or eccentric. Yet when the box from the freight company arrives at the inspector’s door, We see him accept the package by pressing his thumb onto a digital scanner. Nothing ‘identifies’ a living Man more uniquely than his or her thumbprint Seal. Did You know that before there was a ‘stamp’ in the center of a dollar bill that it was once the ‘Seal’ of the Sovereign issuing the wealth? Yes – even to this day, that is still what the ‘Seal’ of the U.S. or any other country’s currency represents; the Sovereign and the source of the wealth being Issued.

We see the inspector in a bit of a panic when he opens the box and discovers what’s inside. He quickly realizes that he is not getting the package because he is ‘special’, every One in London is receiving them and he understands the significance of millions of anonymous People coming together for a united cause. United We stand, divided We fall. And We cut to another brief scene showing V standing up a sixth domino.

Of course, the Chancellor Wishes to arrest any One with a mask but all they know is that at least a few hundred thousand have been delivered. No police force on the planet has the Man power to make that many arrests. The Chancellor is beginning to realize he’s not just losing the battle, he’s losing his war against the People. More concerning for him still, he is ultimately losing control and beginning to look weak. People don’t fear weak leaders, and People are not intimidated by weakness, so he is losing the element of fear to control the masses.

We do see some People using the masks for nefarious purposes. Criminals Will do what criminals Will do, they are opportunists like any other capitalist. They can’t be identified wearing the mask and the government ultimately Wish to hold V accountable for everything anyway, so V is creating the ‘perfect storm’; a situation that is virtually impossible for the government to control and has the potential to Create real chaos. The purpose of this, is to demonstrate that the government does not keep People safe and secure. They never have, they never Will.

We cut back to the High Chancellor who is absolutely losing his Mind now, and holding Creedy ‘100%’ responsible for V’s actions and the chaos consuming London. We’re pretty sure it Will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back… And now V has several very long rows of dominos standing on their end, and is still adding more.

Finally, the lead inspector explains the significance and symbolism of the dominos. He begins tall King with his partner about how he had this ‘feeling’ that everything might be connected. That one event leads to another, and another, and another, each building on the foundation of its predecessor. Yes, a chain of dominos is like a string of events, all cosmically linked, all beginning from the same source – an Idea.

Ideas are Living and they follow all the same principles of any other Living thing. When faced with adversity, a species Will evolve or die. The same is True of an Idea. The more an Idea is nourished, the more the Idea Will grow, flourish and prosper. The moment an Idea is determined to be useless or futile, it Will be abandoned entirely. Just consider thing King about People like the Wright brother’s, Tesla, Edison, or any other Man who accomplished things People did not believe would be possible. The Idea that flying a multi-ton steel vessel over the ocean was impossible or unrealistic is now dead – nobody believes that anymore because the Idea was wrong and not beneficial to the survival of the Wright brother’s Dream. They refused to believe what others told them, which allowed for their Idea to flourish and finally manifest in the physical Universe.

For any dream to flourish, toxic Ideas must be plucked from the Mind like weeds until there is no room left for weeds to take root. That is how the Mind of a Mystic works. One can have a negative thought or Idea – but if One never Gives that Idea the breath of Life, it Will never evolve into the Word and it Will stop propagating in the Mind of Man because it has proven to be a failed ‘genetic’ design. And that’s why Words are Magic, they are evolving Ideas that Will eventually Manifest into physical things. Thought, Word, Deed. (I believe that quote is from the Mind of Neale Donald Walsh).

The inspector goes on to say that not only could he see how everything leading up to that moment was connected, one event leading to the next, he was also able to see how the picture Plays out, as if We are all just playing a part of some grand, Universal Present-a-Sean. Are We heading toward tyranny and fascism with the treasonous Trudeau government, or is it all just to expose the corruption of those the Peope have so long Trusted to protect them? Everything Will be exposed very soon, and when it is, there Will be nowhere for these treasonous traitors to hide, I Give You My Word. Like the inspector, I already know how it Plays out in the end, I’m just not entirely sure how We get there, I only know the Part God put Me here to Play.

Well, I was kind of hoping this would take Us to the end but I am thing King We still have two more to go – then We Will get into “The Truman Show”, and that Will be a Good one, too. (Truman/True Man is not a coincidence, either).

Hope You are enjoying the series, thank King You for being here, please for-Give My lateness. I am very busy with personal, private projects that Will soon be public – I don’t Keep anything from You for too long.

Love and Blessings,

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