Volume CLXXXIV: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Living in Style

Hello every One, welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. It might be a short one today because I have been busy and I am exhausted but I’m getting a lot of things done and I do have some thoroughly Thrilling News – or at least for Me.

I’m not sure how much I’ve said about other events in My microcosm at the moment but I have officially followed up with the Ministry of the Attorney General regarding My father’s estate and I am going to be getting that sorted out one Way or another. I need to know what kind of Presentments to Gift the Canadian government with this Christmas in the Way of Court filings. I advised the Canadian government that My father’s estate is worth $10,000,000.00 (CA) (to Me) so that they at least have some kind of Idea what I Will be as King of them for if anything happens to that estate without My prior knowledge and consent.

Remember, the government is ‘allegedly’ Playing the Role of ‘parentis patria’, legal guardians of the person (the [artificial] one they create). So even if that is the case, the estate should theoretically default into the ‘care’ of the government as Trustees of the estate. Even if they were not to contact any of the next of kin which Will be the rightful heirs/beneficiaries in any Common Law jurisdiction for the purpose of administration and power of attorney, whomever they do appoint for that purpose Will absolutely have a duty and obligation to let the beneficiaries of the estate know exactly what is going on and show how every dollar is being spent if there are debts to be paid. And I don’t care what kind of legal Magic the government of Canada Wishes to try to Cast in the Way of codes, statutes and acts of their parlor game tricks, to the extent upon which they trespass upon My inherent right to My father’s estate, they are of no force or effect. It’s like a protection Spell. I’ll share My letters with the Ministry of the Attorney General in the von Dehn family Manor Role sometime soon.

The other thing I believe I did mention yesterday is that I had an apartment viewing today. The building management where I am now are selling the building once all the tenants find new apartments. The place I saw today is beautiful. Like, really beautiful. I should have taken pictures and I had My camera but obviously I’ll have another opportunity because I already have the keys and can move in tomorrow if I Wish. Yup, that’s how fast things happen in My microcosm.

The lease isn’t even fully ready for Me to Sign yet and I certainly won’t be moving in tomorrow. I have no Idea yet how I’ll get moved, I only know I Will find a Way. I think Gigi (My cat) Will like it, too but she Will no longer be going outside so I’m sure she’ll miss that. But seriously, she’s a really Good hunter and has now brought home three rabbits! And those she actually eats. I know it’s natural, so I don’t tell her she’s not allowed or stop her but it’s pretty gross. She eats the head first and crunches the skull like it’s dry cat food. Creepy, and not fun to clean up (buried in the back corner of the yard). So I won’t have to worry about that anymore.

But the really cool thing about it was the manager of building, and how sincere and genuine everyone who works for this company is. I told her I’d love to take it if it’s available, and she responds with, “would You like the keys now?”.

“Well, I don’t know about any of the details, I’ll have to check with the management. I’m not sure if they Will Wish for Me to take the keys until We’ve Signed the papers or whatever.”

“No, You don’t need to worry about that, You’re the boss. This is on Your Word. If You want it, it’s Yours, We’ll work out the details later.”

It’s nice to be Trusted. I genuinely think People really underestimate how Good that feels because We don’t really ever receive it in the ‘legal’ world. There is no ‘Trust’ in the legal world. That’s why People need affidavits, no joke. It’s because nobody’s Word can be Trusted unless it’s Sworn under penalty of perjury. Everything I say and Write with the status I have in a Civil Court, is considered as factual as any affidavit. That’s one of the ‘perks’ of status correction – full Faith and credit. Beautiful things is, one of the ‘perks’ of legal filing as a result of covid, is that if One enters documents onto the Court of Record and Swears them under penalty of perjury in Writing, they are accepted with the same legal weight as an affidavit so long as the individual Will swear it ‘in persona’ when the Matter comes before the Court. Another example of My Words Manifesting in Man’s Macrocosm.

I have completed My Reply Factum and I’m really, really pleased with it. I have two tabs to add for points of authority and rules of the Court, but the body of the work is done and I’m honestly being as objective as possible when I say that it’s hard for Me to believe it’s My own work and that I didn’t get any help with it. I had said I Wished to get everything filed before the end of tomorrow but it Will probably be first thing Monday. I still have My Motion Record to put together but I’ve had that ready in My Mind for some time. I already know how to put all of it together and have all the Parts. The Reply Factum was ‘new work’ – the Motion Record is exactly that, a Record of the Motion materials.

So I should have all of the paperwork officially done by the end of tomorrow and Will get everything printed and or scanned into pdf over the weekend so that it’s all ready for filing Monday morning. As soon as I have a completed pdf’s of My materials You know I Will share them with You here.

Another interesting detail that I am not sure about yet but Will be looking into more and have already sent out a request regarding, is the Court of Record as I see it through the online portal. I took a look the other day to see how tricky it might be to use the online portal for filing My materials as an alternative to filing at Court and maybe get a printout of the Court of Record. And wouldn’t You know, this is not the first time I’ve looked at it but there was something noticeably different about it – I could see that Jeremy had filed a change of lawyer of Record with the Court, and I could see that he has filed his Motion Factum and Record. Why is that interesting? Because nothing else is showing up as every being filed by defense counsel, not even the Notice of Intent to Defend. I’m not sure they even filed one with the Court, they just emailed Me and told Me they had! And if THAT’S True… Then why was the default judgement overturned? Who’s messing with Court filing and why is My Notice of Default not showing up at all? I could be wrong, but I am thing King I should be able to see everything, I am thing King that is the ‘Court of Record’! Nothing to get too excited about yet because I’m not sure if I should be able to see everything here but I’m pretty sure. I’ll keep You Posted.

Alright, I gotta go or I Will not get this published in time but last thing before I Sign off is that the Title is a Play on Words as changing the Style of the Title of filing is to cramp My Character’s Style. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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