Volume CLXXXIV: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; X Men, or Generation X, Man?

Hello and welcome to the Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal where I have Fabulous amounts of Fun with Words. Thank King You or Queen You for being here, it is a great Pleasure to have You in My House. I’ve been waiting to use today’s Title for a while because I’ve always loved ‘X-Men’ movies – I Love pretty much anything that allows for Man to believe We might be Super-Men (of either kind/sex) and the Hero of Our own Story. Who else’s Story would We Wish to tell, anyway?

When I was a teenager, I really like the Idea that I am what ‘they’ call generation ‘X’. (I’ll get back to the reason for the parenthesis on ‘they’ in a moment.) One of the things I liked about it was that initially I thought that generations are just referenced chronologically by letter instead of number. Naïve, young Me figured the preceding generation must have been ‘W’; it’s not terrible, but it’s nowhere near as cool as ‘X’! X marks the spot. X is to Cross out, cancel previous Ideas. X is a Cross on it’s side. That’s why One always ‘Signs’ by the ‘X’, You are symbolically placing Your Trust in Christ. Magic is everywhere.

So who comes up with the names of generations, and why is My generation, generation ‘X’? Is it a mark in time? The reason ‘they’ was in parenthesis is because these are the kinds of things I’m tall King about. The People who ‘coin’ these phrases are the People who are really running the Show. I figured the generation that comes after Me would naturally be called generation Y, but seeing as the one before Me was called the ‘baby boomers’ and not ‘W’, I wasn’t so sure. But it is True for the remainder of the alpha-bet. It’s an alpha ‘bet’ because the Masters of Magic that added the four extra letters to Our alphabet are ‘betting’ it Will evolve Our DNA so We Will be more like real Life X-Men.

Generations X,Y, Z and the Others

  • The Depression Era. Born: 1912-1921. …
  • World War II. Born: 1922 to 1927. …
  • Post-War Cohort. Born: 1928-1945. …
  • Boomers I or The Baby Boomers. Born: 1946-1954. …
  • Boomers II or Generation Jones. Born: 1955-1965. …
  • Generation X. Born: 1966-1976. …
  • Generation Y, Echo Boomers or Millenniums. …
  • Generation Z.

‘Echo boomers’ is interesting, too. Millenniums at least makes sense. I suppose ‘echo boomers’ does, too, just not quite so… Objectively. And then Generation ‘Z’. And they have nothing in the works for what comes after that? Generation Y are My nieces and nephews. Are You thing King that maybe this is symbolically trying to suggest We are at the end of an Age? Yes, the Golden Dawn is on the Horizon.

The other reason I like being generation ‘X’ is because of the ‘X’ men, I can’t lie. I love everything about the comic book hero, though I don’t really read comics. In fact, I was considering how strange it is that I don’t because I used to Love them as a child and would probably appreciate them just as much today. The artwork astounds Me and the ‘Christ’ theme I am tall King about in My Spiritual film interpretations is even more prominent in superhero films. In fact, Ironman is one of the best of recent, I was thing King about doing a review and I still might one day.

The general storyline behind the ‘X’ Men is that they have something ‘wrong’ with their DNA. They’re mutants, technically. For this reason, they don’t really fit in with the rest of society. I’m sure One can already pick up on the general metaphors relative to Our world and social existence.

I’ve always believed that My body Will evolve to transcend any natural virus the world Wishes to throw at Me, and that allowing My body to do so is the ultimate Way to develop a strong, natural immune system. As a general rule of thumb, any drug that’s used too much loses its efficacy as the body develops both tolerance, and [in some cases] dependence. I don’t criticize People for taking aspirin or using anti-biotics – I use those things too but only when I really need to, and only for as long as necessary. I don’t take flu shots and I don’t Wish to take a vaccine because I almost never get sick. I had a cough for about two weeks at some point roughly two and a half years ago and that’s the last time I remember having any kind of cold or flu in the last five years (or longer).

And really, right now it seems the general population Wish to treat People who share My beliefs as though We are mutants or something. ‘Why am I not wearing a mask, am I not afraid of covid?’.

Uh, no. Am I afraid I might get the flu every fall? Also no. But I suppose I’m not afraid of dying, either and that’s what People are really afraid of, right? It’s not covid anybody is afraid of, it’s death. People are afraid covid might kill them. I seriously encourage any One who feels that Way to look up the odds for that for their applicable age group. Very slim at least in most cases, I assure You.

Generation ‘X’ were (and still are) considered the rebels. One could argue the same for the ‘baby boomers’, but they were all about peace, Love and happiness. Generation ‘X’ is about getting a virus into Man’s Matrix to bring the whole system down and start again. We are the Tower Card of the Tarot.

Regardless what generation they call Your generation, I really do believe that ‘X’ marks a moment in time, and it’s affect transcends all generations – We are all X-Men. We are the Hero of the Story We Wish to tell according to the Role We choose to Play.

Love and Blessings,

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