Volume CLXXXIV: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; Just the Facts – My Reply Factum Finished

Hello every One, and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. I have some very exciting Good News to share with You today and I figure it is perfect for the ‘Simple Solutions Saturday Edition’ because isn’t telling the Truth the most simple Way? Isn’t that what the ‘Facts’ are?

Well, I have officially completed My Reply Factum, and the drafting of the document is one hundred percent done. A great deal of time was spent considering how to put it all together because everything referenced in the Reply Factum should be included. And I’m sharing this with You because it’s One of those things I’m just not really sure about. It seemed very repetitive to include the same exhibits in the Reply Factum that are already in the Motion Record. So if the Motion Record includes all the exhibits and maintains an accurate Record of all the Motion materials, then I can reference the same exhibits in My Motion Reply without having to include them a second time. I am thing King about saving paper as much as redundancy. Basically, the Motion Record is going to serve as a reference book to the Reply Factum.

What I’m trying to communicate here, is that what I am sharing with You today is the completed Reply Factum minus the Title Page, Schedule A, and the back sheet. They must all be printed separately because the front page should be on stiff white paper, ‘Schedule A’ just because I Wish to Keep it separate from the rest of the documents because it Will be a separate tab, and the back sheet because it has to be landscape and on light blue paper (because I’m the moving party). So there is a lot of parts to put together still, but all of the drafting is done.

It might be worth noting that I also wasn’t sure if I should include a copy of the Respondent’s Factum as one of My exhibits but I figure that doesn’t really make sense because it Will be filed with the Court and should be Presented along with all of My materials anyway. Also, it technically isn’t an ‘exhibit’ because it is a specifically Titled document and process of the Court. As long as My copy of the defendants materials are identical, I can reference the Respondent’s Factum without having to include it again (I am thing King that is logical) because it should already be in front of the judge. I’m responsible for providing My own materials and making sure that the Respondent has had ample opportunity to respond to My materials, and that I am not surprising them or the Court with any new information they have not had opportunity to oppose.

So I Will be putting a copy of all this together tomorrow at Staples and then I’m not entirely sure what I Will do; either I Will make three hard copies (one for the Court, one for Me, one to serve on the city), or I Will see if I can have the complete version scanned into a pdf and file everything through the online portal, serve a copy on the defendants by email. The Motion Record I’m war King on completing tonight is basically the exact same Idea but Will include all of the materials and exhibits (so I really just need to Create an Index and organize the rest of the materials that then need to be printed – the only additional ‘drafting’ is the Title Page, Index and Back Sheet).

I also humbly believe that this is perhaps the best Writing I have authored for any Court document or process. I am very excited to share this with You today, so I hope You Will take some time to check it out.

I also Wish to say that I have been feeling a little anxious preparing this because I always feel like defense counsel must be up to something behind My back. The Truth is, I am thing King this time My anxiety is probably a little paranoid and they probably can’t do anything outside of the Court process (anymore). However, that does not make Me any less happy to finally have it done and almost ready to file.

I’ll share a few more thoughts with You on this tomorrow for sure, especially once I have it all done I’ll be anxious to take photos of the completed work. I’m not going to say how long it took Me to draft what I’m sharing today just yet, I’ll wait until it is all done and Give You the full tally (including putting it all together).

For now, the Simple Solution this Saturday is getting this assembled and filed with the Court because although I don’t like to get My hopes up, My intuition tells Me the Motion Will succeed. The best We can do is be as King, and then follow through with Our Word and Deeds.

Love and Blessings,

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