Volume CLXXXV: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Spell Binding Magic

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday ‘Motive a Sean’ Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Yes, I could not resist today’s Title because it happens to be so very True. The motive a’Sean this Magical Monday was to get My latest Spelling of Magic Cast into the Courts, but once again I am a day delayed – though this time no fault of My own procrastinate-Sean.

Trust Me, it is a lot of work putting all of this together. The Court fees don’t come anywhere near to the cost of My Value-able time preparing all of these documents. One has to specially order pages if they Wish to have them printed on heavier weight paper, or a different colour (light blue). So now there’s service fees involved and My fee waiver doesn’t cover any of that (though it should). And more time.

Thankfully, I was Good to My Word and got My Monday started with some early Motive-a-Sean, and Staples does have same day service (for no extra charge) if orders are placed before 11:00 a.m. (ready before 6:00). The previous service representative had Given Me the impression that they would do it right there on the spot if I had the documents on USB, so I waited to place My order until I was finished all of My other printing, then My plan was to use the different paper to separate all of the copies and keep things organized. However, they don’t make orders upon request at the service desk, they accept orders to make and phone or email when the order is ready. Because it was just after 11:00, there was no guarantee My order would be ready that day (though guaranteed before 11:00 the following day which I am thing King is still pretty Good).

Thankfully, there was plenty of other work to do…

When One is printing copies of a document from a hardcopy, it prints each page as many times as the number of copies. If I’m not explaining it clearly enough, it means I have to go through all the printed copies and divide them into three stacks. On the other hand, documents that are printed from a digital file Will print as many of the digital file as requested, which means the pages of the documents remain in order and One gets three chronological sequences of the document. My materials include both copies and printing from digital files, so I have to go through the whole thing and organize everything into its proper sequence. The photo above is only the Motion Record materials, not the Reply Factum (which is another slightly smaller stack).

So I placed My Order and came home to organize this mess of paperwork which took about another hour and a half, though I was making coffee, enjoying My patio and snacking as I was war King on all of it. Realistically, it was a bit of a nuisance but once I got going I would guess it didn’t take any longer than fifteen minutes to sort it all out. I did it in chunks that took about five minutes or less. First I separated exhibits from documents, then I started the Index of the first and worked My through, then did the same thing with the other. Then I rechecked all copies to make sure there are no clumsy errors and checked My email. My order was ready for pickup!

There really are no coincidences in My Universe. The message came in roughly five minutes before I finished. They did make a mistake with My order, but that they did fix on the spot and they were very Good about it. I added the additional two pages to each of the documents, then left them with the printshop for binding. For Me, there is no other Way unless I Wish to punch the holes with My single hole puncher and Trust Me when I tell You I don’t. So that alone Will cost Me $30 and I don’t even Wish to tell You what the printing costs were, but if You are any Good at math You can figure it out because it cost $75 altogether. I’m basically authoring two short stories and sending them to the printing press for two exclusive copies each. I’m literally picking up what Will look like six little books tomorrow. How much are We thing King those Creative Product Sean’s are worth? Who owns the intellectual property rights to those works? (It’s a trick Quest-Ion because the answer is no One. I am the Author of the Writs, so I am the Author-Writ-‘E’ of the documents, but I am a steward or communicator of the information they contain, not the owner. This is a public record, so I don’t ‘own’ the rights, I am ‘Trusted’ to share them with You.) Having said all of that, does it not seem to make more sense now when I refer to My Letters as Gifts or ‘Presents’? We are Giving People a Gift of intellectual property that is entirely unique – like a diamond, for example. For a world that allegedly revolves around money, it seems more than a little ironic that People do not Real eyes the Value of Ideas on paper.

So ‘the complete Works’ Will be guaranteed ready by ‘Lucky’ Wednesday before 11:00 a.m., though I anticipate it Will be ready tomorrow (and am hoping I am correct). And if You are wondering – yes, You are correct; the time guarantees I was tall King about before do not apply to ‘special’ services and Binding My Magic is considered a very Special service in Deed. But I’m telling You Ladies and Lords, Kings and Queens, it is going to be well worth the wait. These documents Will be spectacular and, well… Spell-Binding!!!

More to come soon…

Love and Blessings,

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