Volume CLXXXV: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Spell Binding Magic is Cast and Unbound

Hello every One and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition and thank King You or Queen You for joining Me. It Will be a Tuesday True to its name as I Will be Posting twice today – once to share the Good News with You regarding My latest Casting of Magic Spells, and later for another Edition of Our ‘V for Vendetta’ interpret-a-Sean tonight.

Today’s feature photo Shows the Manifestation of My Magic to move the Courts. Would You believe that the Court refused to accept them? I know the Courts are encouraged to take as many filings as possible by Way of the online portal or email (still not without the prior consent of all parties), but to refuse to accept perfectly Good legal documents when that is the function of a Registrar in the first place and One is standing there already?

Needless to say it was very frustrating for Me because I put a lot of time into these documents to make sure they would not only comply with the Rules but make a Good impression on the Court. The last thing I Wish for is to see all My hard work scattered into a mess of pdf file attachments that are confusing or difficult to make sense of. But such is Life, right? We roll with the punches here and nothing is going to make Me feel any less Good about the effort I made. And at least now it’s done.

Service of the documents was made this afternoon by Way of the following email.

As per usual, all formal ‘Actions’ the Court has taken regarding this Motion have also been cc’d to the Justice Council of Canada as additional information regarding the complaint I filed regarding Sally’s determination, and Derrick Bert works for the Motions Office of the Ministry of the Attorney General (I believe he is also a sheriff because it read ‘Sheriff’s Department, Motions Office’ the first time I received an email from him with instructions on how to file an ex-parte Motion in Writing).

The other thing that was somewhat interesting for Me was seeing Steven Pardou again. I’m not sure what is up with lady war King with him, she is the same lady who was there the first day I filed My Claim and it appears as though she is checking Steven’s work – almost like he’s still in training or something. The lady is clearly far more knowledgeable than Steven or Steven likes to try and blow smoke up My… Yeah, We’ll keep this family friendly.

So I didn’t react emotionally to Steve refusing My filings because Truth be told, that is what I was expecting he would do. His tone did seem to change when I seemed indifferent to his opinion on things. I told him I had specific instructions from the Court to file documents with the Notice with the Registrar, serve it on the respondents and file My Motion materials with the Court – and as far as I’m concerned, that’s exactly what I was doing. But this time I just told Steve I’d be sure to include his refusal of acceptance of My filing in My email letter to the Court, and could I also please request a copy of the Court of Record so I know all official filings by both parties. I could tell that made him really nervous. Last time I was as King of him for it, he said he can’t Give it to Me – this time I told him that the Ministry of the Attorney General says You can. The lady takes over and says she Will get a print out of all hardcopies filed with the Court while Steve prints Me a Record of all filings on the system electronically filed.

It doesn’t take too long to get the information and We find that the very first document filed by defense counsel is a Notice of Intent to Defend on July 12th. So I say to Steven, “So, it appears I am correct, no request to dismiss under Rule 2.1.01 was ever made by defense counsel on the 22nd of June”.

“No, it was a request – I have a copy of the letter here attached to the endorsement.”

“I know You do, Steve. It’s an email from defense counsel, not the Court. When did the Court direct Gomery to make this determination and where is the filing for a request on the Record?”.

Well, Steve isn’t the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree (as the expression goes), but the lady war King with him knew exactly what I was getting at. If there is no requisition for a determination on the Record, then it wasn’t directed by the Court and the justice didn’t get paid (by the Court).

I was playfully as King of Steve if he could please tell Me how many other requisitions I can make to the Court without having to pay any fees or file any official court documents, or is Rule 2.1.01 the exception to every other requisition to the Court? He responds with something lame like, “No, I can’t tell You that, I’m not allowed to Give legal advice.” (And thank God for that, he doesn’t even know what constitutes legal service of documents – that, or he is Willfully arrogant and incompetent exclusively when dealing with Me. It was also a facetious, hypothetical tongue in cheek joke that flew right over his head – the answer is zero.)

Anyway, I don’t know who the lady is or what her purpose of lording over Steve is, but I figure it can’t be bad. I don’t think that guy could ever be watched too closely but I can’t help but wonder if he’s being monitored for a reason. Maybe the Courts are suspicious of him or something? But really, it does look very much like he’s being trained or at the very least, closely monitored. The lady checks every single thing he does and seemed very interested in the fact that there was no filing for a motion to dismiss under Rule 2.1.01… She wasn’t arguing with Me.

When I told Steven that the Court says a motion filing is required, he doesn’t believe Me. So I am as King of him if he Wishes to see the email from the Court dated June 25th specifically stating that the defendant’s must file a motion. He says, “no, I’m not going to argue with what the Court tells You.”

I am thing King that is a Good call, and that’s about the last thing I said before I left.

The lady said barely anything at all and sometimes My intuition can be off. It’s not even so much that My intuition is ‘off’, it’s more like My intuition picks up on something big but can’t quite pin down what it is. I felt like the lady knew something she wasn’t telling Me, but in My favour. I felt like she was on My side even though she was perfectly neutral, like We shared a Secret nobody else knew.

Anyway, that’s it ladies and gents, Kings and Queens, the Magic of My Motion has been cast and because they would not accept the hardcopies at the Courthouse, My Magic was unleashed unbound – and I figure the metaphor won’t be a coincidence. What are You thing King?

Now We wait…

Love and Blessings,

Post Script for Reference: Here are the final pdf documents as they were filed with the court by Way of email shown above.

Notice of Motion, Reply Factum, Motion Record, and Order.

Exhibits: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G.

Gomery’s Endorsement

Statement of Claim

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