Volume CLXXXV: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part XVIII

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition of the Good News Journal and the final Posts in this series. Thank King You for joining Me.

Last week the chief inspector was duped by ‘V’, the informant that had told the inspector about how the government were behind the deadly virus that was unleashed upon the city of London, and ensuing chaos that allowed Sutler to become the High Chancellor. He then starts ‘musing’ with his partner about how he had a feeling that everything was predetermined, that every One was just Playing the Part they were meant to Play in the Grand Symphony of Life We call the Universe (One Song) We all Sing. He even suggests he knows how it Will end – or at least, one of two Ways things Will end.

The inspector suggests that the chaos created by V Will cause some One to do something stupid, just as the camera cuts to a scene of a ‘Fingerman’ shooting a young girl for vandalism for spray painting the letter “V” on the side of a building. Although he’s a ‘Fingerman’ (and therefor usually ‘untouchable’), the People are outraged and he is vastly outnumbered by a mob that takes to the street with wrenches, baseball bats, crow bars and other useful tools and athletic gear… The Fingerman begging them not to hurt him as he flashes his badge with no avail – the People don’t care who he is, they only know that what he did Will no longer be tolerated.

The inspector correctly presumes that the Chancellor Will respond in kind with military might, beefing up security to further terrorize the masses. It is a very useful tactic but the reality is, it is only for fear. If every One decided they would prefer to live free rather than be oppressed by a fascist dictator, no number of military personnel can change that Mind-Set. That is why Evie’s evolution of fear is so significant to the Story. As much as a government may Wish to use extreme force to subdue the dissenters, if the dissenters are the majority, then the government is DONE. Any wealth and military might the government has, comes from the People. Without the People, there is nothing left to govern, and no wealth to be had.

What the inspector is tall King about is Our previous domino analogy. All the Ideas were set in place a long time ago. All these Ideas needed was a little ‘push’ in the right direction, and everything Will fall into place (like the Tower Card, collapsing). V was the catalyst for the Magic. It is also a Good metaphor because each domino on its own is virtually powerless – but once a few dominos ‘get in line’, they stand together for something. If they all fall for the same Idea, then momentous things can happen so long as they stay together.

How Fun would it be to knock over all those dominos and watch them do their thing? How much Fun is One thing King this might be for V as he sees his Plan coming together?

A final point worth noting is that One domino does not fall – it remains standing with a fallen domino on each side, holding it in place. V admires the oddity with seeming curiosity, and We cut back to the inspector contemplating the Matter in solitude. I feel this is to emphasize that not every One is buying the Story they are told, and the inspector is still trying to remain objective.

We are now at the final night, November 4th. The inspector doesn’t know what Will happen, he only knows that it Will go only one of two Ways. Either the People Will triumph and be free by sunrise, or Sutler Will have secured another indefinite dictatorship with further military might. It seems both the inspector and V are contemplating their fate when ‘V’ rises to his feet as he hears music in the next room.

V confessed to Evie that of all the wonderful selections of music in the Jukebox of the Shadow Gallery, V has heard them all and danced to none – he requested that Evie come to visit him one last time before November the 5th, and enters the room to find Evie standing at the Jukebox. Although We never see V’s face, the Actor and director do a fabulous job of communicating the feelings of an expressionless Man. We can tell that V is deeply touched to know she returned and Honoured her Word to him.

“I didn’t think You’d come.”

“I said I would.”

Things would be so simple if People could just learn to keep their Word – or at the very least make a serious effort to do so. Imagine a People that Will actually do what they say they Will do? It is almost unheard of as a general rule; Trust like that is usually reserved for special Friends or maybe family. Most People cannot be Trusted to keep their Word alone, and it speaks Volumes to how Our society has devolved as a result of it.

V wonders how Evie managed to avoid detection for so long. She jokes about how fake identification works better than a Guy Fawkes mask, but then details a story about a friend who sees her in a supermarket and hands her back some change she dropped. The Friend does not even recognize Evie, though aside from a shaved head, she is wearing no disguise.

I felt this was worthy to mention because Evie really is transformed for Life. Being fearless does not change One’s physical appearance, but it does change People in Ways that make them unrecognizable. It is probably hard for any One who knows Me well to Imagine that I was ever Truly afraid of anything. But I was once a very insecure, awkward, and entirely physically unimposing young boy who was terrified to know who would be waiting to fight Me after school that day – and it seemed more often than naught, it would be some One (and for no reason except that I was small and would (try) to defend My Self, usually making for a comical and entertaining show for the spectators, which is what I suppose it’s all about).

But even before I was capable enough in martial arts to defend My Self, I realized that what I was most afraid of, I had already experienced. The ‘fight’ is never that bad, it happens too quick to really be thing King about anything. It is the fear of the fight that leaves a Man standing still when he should be moving with all of his might – God Gives One that Power.

When We transcend something traumatizing, it really does change Us – and not just metaphorically, genetically. It doesn’t Matter so much what the physical characteristics I pass off to My children by Way of My DNA, it is the Mindset and determination that is most important and and has made Me ‘successful’ in overcoming such situations. If it were physical traits that determine natural selection, I would have been huge. Will Will get a determined Man (of either sex) anywhere he or she is deter-Mind to go.

So V finally gets his dance and Sutler has completely lost his Mind. He has officially stated that if V is not stopped on November 4th, Creedy Will be the first to be terminated. I am thing King he Will take V up on his deal, but We’ll have to wait and see what happens next week.

Thank King You all for being here, I appreciate You.

Love and Blessings,

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