Volume CLXXXV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; The Marvel Us Magic is War King

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. I suppose there was nothing especially ‘Lucky’ about this Wednesday in My Microcosm but it still felt very Lucky because of the Magic that was Cast into Canada’s Courts yesterday. It was not until the last moment when made final edits to the digital versions of My documents to make them more naturally ‘readable’ as pdf’s that I real eyes when dating the form that it is the 5th of October. Five is My favourite ‘Lucky’ number.

And to get all of those Ideas out of My head, onto paper and now ‘Cast’ like Magic into the Universe, is the literal version of cleaning ‘House’. Remember, a House always represents the Mind of Man. Ideas are what provide the foundation for One’s House, and Establishes One’s reputation in the community. My ‘House’ was cluttered with Good Ideas that needed to be sorted, organized and put together into some kind of constructive Plan. The Motion materials are the Magic of all of those Spells bound together and Cast into Canada’s Courts. It feels just as Good as One might Imagine it does after cleaning their physical home; doing so allows One to enjoy the fruits of their labour basking in the Glory of their new environment.

I have also suggested that in Magic, the number five represents perfection and the relentless Quest of knowledge by see King for Truth in all directions, and six represents peace, family, Love and contentment. The serendipitous nature of the date of My filing and how I am feeling the following day is never lost on the Mind of a Mystic. So today feels very Lucky for Me because it is only today that I am fully beginning to appreciate the efforts of the work I have already done. I Trust the Universe, I Trust God, and I Trust that whatever decision is made, it Will be exactly the determination necessary to further My Quest and help Me determine what I should do next.

I’m also keeping this one short today because the class I was tall King about last week was postponed for a week and begins tonight. The course has been condensed to only two weeks and I can’t help but feel it is not a coincidence that the course classes are scheduled to take place on ‘Lucky’ Wednesday’s because I am looking forward to them so much. It also feels really Good to have all of My own stuff taken care of so that none of it is on My Mind distracting Me from new material.

I also Wish to finish up by saying that although We can never be one hundred percent sure how the Courts Will respond, I can honestly tell You that I am very optimistic. It is True that I’m an optimist by nature, but not usually so much that I Will be confident about a determination I am waiting for a Court to make.

But now that everything is said and done and all the materials are officially cast into the Universe, I feel I can review the whole thing more objectively and with zero anxiety. I was too worried defense counsel would do something else in violation of the Rules that would interfere with My materials that I was anxious until the last moment before My documents were officially filed. Now when I reflect on everything I have done, all the documents and correspondences that have been had between My Self, the Court, and the Respondent, I feel no anxiety at all – and for Me, that is the Voice of the Universe, too.

As objectively as I can possibly hope to analyze the situation, My belief is that the Court knows the Truth. They probably know more than I do but they are not going to volunteer additional evidence to Me, I Will have to be as King for it. If the Court did not Wish for Me to know that My case was not under consideration for dismissal, they would not have responded to Me with such specific, neutral information in a private email. The Courts knew I would maintain that email as evidence of their reply to defense counsel’s request; that was their purpose (explicitly) for sending it to Me.

Now, I don’t think the Courts Imagined defense counsel would privately petition a judge after that, I am thing King the purpose was just so that I could Show defense counsel why she hadn’t received a reply when she’s finally compelled to be as King of Me for more time to not be Noted in Default. I am thing King that (like Me) the Courts probably Imagined defense counsel would take the hint and receive the memo – no more violating the Rules. Instead, they dug themselves a deeper hole and now I Imagine the Courts Will just throw all that dirt on their grave, metaphorically speaking.

I am also thing King We Will not wait too long to hear back from the Courts. Perhaps the end of this week is a little optimistic but I do Imagine it Will be before the end of next week, so stay tuned for the result.

Love and Blessings,

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