Volume CLXXXV: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Parens Patriae – Guardians of the Trust

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is always a Wonder-full Pleasure to have You in My House. I am thing King today’s Title is tantalizing if not entirely Thrilling but I feel it is well worth tall King about for this Thursday Edition.

Do We know what ‘parentis patria’ is? I was going to tell You but let Me do You one better. If You don’t know, it might be because I am Spelling the Magic of the term incorrectly…

Let’s look it up and see what Google God has to say. As I begin typing ‘parentis patria’ into Google, the first thing We learn is that Google Wishes to auto-fill and auto-correct Our search Word to ‘parens patriae’. The next choice in the auto-populating drop down menu, is ‘parentis patria definition‘, so that’s the one We pick.

Dictionary: pa·rens pa·tri·ae/ˌperənz ˈpātrēˌē,ˌperənz ˈpätrēˌī/nounLAW

  1. the government, or any other authority, regarded as the legal protector of citizens unable to protect themselves.”parens patriae jurisdiction”
    • the principle that political authority carries with it the responsibility for protection of citizens.

‘The government’ are the first two Words, and probably not a surprise. Notice how it defines a particular type (class) of citizen? “Citizens unable to protect themselves”.

What’s interesting, is that this term is still very widely known and used today but most People don’t comprehend that it is not exclusive to People who are legitimately unable to care for themselves. The term is still used in law for People who are considered not legally responsible for their actions – an example would be People who are determined mentally unfit to stand trial, not criminally liable.

But the term applies on a much grander scale because the definition is True on a much grander scale. People believe they need government for protection. This is what Our Spiritual film interpret-a-Sean is all about, ‘V for Vendetta’. One is not as King for protection if One is capable of protecting their Self.

Something I have pointed out before that most People don’t really consider too much, is that the Oath of allegiance in any Commonwealth country of Her Majesty is to Her Majesty the Queen, Her heirs and successors, then to the constitution of the respective country. What I’m getting at, is that no One has ever Sworn an Oath of allegiance to Canada. Any One who swore an oath to be Canadian, swore an Oath to Her Majesty, not Canada.

Consider again the definition of parens patriae, and consider the Role of Her Majesty as head of state and the authority of the Court. Consider that all of Man is equal in Law, at Law, and before the Law, and that Her Majesty represents the Sovereign.

What I’m getting at, is that Her Majesty the Queen represents the Mother of Man’s Macrocosm on the larger scale, the government of each country are acting as ‘parens patriae’, parental guardians of the Sovereign People.

It wasn’t the Canadian government that came up with the Idea of maintaining a Record of People by the Registration of births and other significant Life events (primarily marriage and death). Those Registration systems have been around long before Canada ever existed and are highly sophisticated, much like the international postal system. We Truly take for granted how Miraculous it is to be able to drop a piece of paper in a metal box and have it get to virtually any destination in the world if the address is correct and the postage is paid.

So what’s the relevance to all of this? Well, I’m seeing a lot of betrayal by the government of Canada. They are officially violating the Nuremburg Code and that is not a joke or exaggeration. Staggered Court processes, especially regarding ‘non urgent’ civil Matters are not a coincidence, either. Who determines what is urgent? Probably not the inherent rights of Canada’s People.

They’re not stupid (though they’re not especially bright, either), they know they are violating the inherent rights of Canada’s People and breaching their Trust. I am thing King they like to pretend they are too stupid to know that vaccine passports, mandated vaccines, and mandated masks are an assault on the inherent rights of Canada’s People (and autonomy over One’s health care choices specifically), but if they didn’t know their mandates might cause harm, they would not have absolved the vaccine companies of liability. The government, on the other Hand, can never be absolved of liability.

The government are the ‘Trusted’ guardians of the Queen’s People, at least as far as Man’s Macrocosm is concerned. The Queen did not Give all Her Secrets to the People she Trusted to found new colonies, that would be foolish. How would Her Majesty maintain control if they chose to abdicate and claim independence or something crazy like that? Who’s face is on the Coin? Are People really thing King Canada gained some kind of independence? Enough independence for government to make asses of themselves, maybe. Trust Me, Her Majesty is still silently running the Show.

Nobody in Canada’s government has any real clue how an economy works – that’s precisely why Canada has never developed it’s own coin. Nobody in Canada’s government would have the slightest clue how because Her Majesty never taught them that. Instead, Her Majesty agreed to print as much money as Canada’s government needs to satisfy the needs of its People. The government just has to agree to pay it back later, along with a little interest.

One day, the government is going to realize that the People are the wealth of Canada, and only the People can pay back what was borrowed. In fact, I am thing King that it Will be the People who real eyes they are the wealth and begin telling the government they can no longer borrow using their line of credit because the Trust relay Sean-ship has been breached.

The other Idea I Wished to touch on is that when One is appointed to a position of guardianship (government), and fails to take care of the children as Promised (citizens), do the guardians not generally lose custody of the children if the parents are deemed unfit?

Just something to be thing King about this Thrilling Thursday.

Love and Blessings,

Oh, and I said that nothing especially ‘Lucky’ took place yesterday for My Lucky Wednesday, I was just feeling Lucky to have a Momentous project completed. Well, immediately after publishing I decided to see how many Posts I’d Writ so far this year and yesterday’s ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Post was number 237. So that felt Lucky! 😉

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