Volume CLXXXVI: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; Magic in Motion

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Motive-a-Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Today’s Title is a bit of a tease and has nothing to do with My Magical Motion to the Court, it pertains to My Magical Kingdom in particular; My Kingdom under God Will be relocating.

The Magical Motive a Sean for Me this Monday is that (believe it or not), moving is rumoured to be the second most stressful event in One’s Life, exceeded only by marriage – even funeral’s take a back seat. Unfortunately, that’s one of those ‘Cliff Claven’ trivia bits of limited application (Cheers reference for those who are not generation ‘X’ and have no Idea what I am tall King about), and I’m not sure where I heard that, or if the source was even reliable. It was memorable because it seems logical and until yesterday, despite how relieved I am to have Cast the Magic of My Motion into the Courts, I am not at all looking forward to moving.

The beauty of being a minimalist, however, is that I really don’t have a lot to move and that seems like a huge benefit right now. The essentials are enough; there’s all that kitchen gear, pots and pans, a rice cooker and convection toaster oven; the bathroom gear, the toiletries, floor mat, shower curtain, shower curtain rod – and We haven’t even touched on any personal items like clothes from the bedroom, bedsheets, pillows, desk, chairs and living room stuff, never Mind the plants… It gets to be so much to be thing King about, One Wishes to not be thing King about it at all. Keep in Mind, I don’t have a vehicle and I don’t Imagine one Will be provided for Me, I am thing King about how I Will cart this all over My Self.

Although the Spiritualist in Me does try to minimize dwelling on things I cannot control, it was difficult to not consider how I Will pull this all off. With a vehicle, it would be so easy – without one, it was going to be something of a heroic effort in and of itself. However, it was last night that I finally put the whole thing out of My Mind, knowing I Will get it done, and if the Universe can assist with a car, it Will be easy. Technically, I have occupancy of My new place already and a month to get out of this one. Realistically, that’s more or less the Ideal scenario.

I finally begin to feel more relaxed about everything. Once I asserted that it would get done and would not be as difficult as I was perceiving it to be, I realized how ideal the situation is – everything really is perspective. And when My perspective changed, not only did I immediately feel better, but within an hour afterward, there was a knock at My door. It’s the guy who does some of the routine maintenance for the organization who I get along with very well. He is as King of Me if I Will join him on My patio for a smoke and a coffee, and I am happy to oblige.

No coincidences, he lives in the same apartment building as the one I’m moving into and says he’s been thing King about Me moving there and figures I can probably manage most of My stuff in his car if I would like a ride over nearer to the end of the month. Seriously, tell Me that isn’t Magical!?

He says if I can wait until around the 24th, I should pack up what I can now and get everything into small boxes that can fit in his car. He also thinks he has a brand new desk, double bed, and faux-leather office swivel chair if I’m interested and Wish to take a look. Apparently his wife does all kinds of volunteer work with charity organizations and has access to resources.

Within a couple of hours of feeling better about My move and knowing it would get done, a real Plan materialized that eliminated every single thing I had potentially worried about and knowing it would get done was no longer a belief but a tangible reality.

Today’s photos are some of the other Magical blessings I was Gifted with this Monday. Pictured below if You look closely enough, You Will see one of My succulents ‘Pepperomia Ferryrae’ is producing it’s first flower! It is quite rare to get succulents to flower in Canada without supplemental lighting and ideal conditions, so this is pretty exciting!

I told You that I had a lot of My succulents die over the winter because My apartment was too hot and dry, but I didn’t lose all of them. I am think King I only lost two varieties of succulents and the ones that I do still have are absolutely thriving.

What’s incredible about what You see in the pot above, is that everything You are looking at was started from a leaf cutting just over a year ago. There are about twelve varieties of succulents in the pot altogether, and all I do is cut it back and drop the cuttings in the pot and forget about them – water normally. Within a few weeks, One can see the dropped cutting sprouting a new plant, and six to eight months after that, You get something like what You see pictured above.

Alright, People, that’s My Magic Motive a Sean for You this Monday. Try to keep thing King positive even when One knows they have a daunting, unavoidable task before them. The moment I perceived My situation as not being quite as daunting as it seemed, it became less daunting and easier to be thing King positive about. Shortly after, there was nothing at all to be worried about. Shows the Power of positive thing King. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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