Volume CLXXXVI: The Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part XIX

Hello every One and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition of the Good News Journal and the nineteenth installment of Our V for Vendetta interpret-a-Sean – thank King or Queen You for joining Me.

Our photo today features Evey and V celebrating the eve of their Revolution. Evey is even as King of V if he is in the mood to dance on the eve of his Revolution, to which V replies, “a Revolution without dancing is not worth having.”


Evey tells V that ‘they’ are very scared right now, and comments on how perfectly his plan seems to be coming together, commending him on his mask delivery to the city of London in particular. I had also suggested that I believe V is Secretly Evey’s brother and was looking for more clues this time around. Although there is nothing conclusive, it is a strongly implied suggestion. Evey’s brother allegedly dies of the St. Mary’s virus when she is very young. However, patients with the St. Mary’s virus were transported to the Lark Hill facility for experimental research. Valerie (the Lady that wrote V the letters he later shares with Evey) informs Us that at least some of the People ‘black bagged’ by Creedy’s fingermen ended up at Lark Hill. I’m guessing that every One at Lark Hill was already presumed dead, and not any One People Will be looking for – perhaps this included ‘V’. The other suggestions are that ‘V’ coincidentally seems to know Shakespeare and Evey’s favourite breakfast. Again, those could just be coincidences but considering the theme of the movie, I believe they are Giving Us room to make reasonable presumptions.

Evey complains to V briefly that he has been the most influential Man in her Life and yet she knows nothing about him, and One of her first questions is if he has any brothers or sisters. V doesn’t answer any of the Questions, he only stops Evey when she attempts to remove his mask, insisting that she Wishes to know what the most influential Man in her Life looks like.

“There is a face beneath this mask, but it is not Me. I am no more that face than I am the muscles beneath it all, and the bones beneath them.”

A Man (of either sex/kind) may be made up of physical stuff, but the physical stuff does not make up the Man. The True Character of a Man is determined by his moral Character, and the Ideas One Wishes to Manifest.

V breaks up their celebratory dance to tell Evey he has a Gift he would like to Show her. V leads Evey into the underground (what the Brits call the subway) and Shows Evey a train packed with explosives, ready to leave for parliament.

This may be One of the most critical components of the film if One Wishes to Truly understand V’s Character and motive.

“So it’s really going to happen?”

“It Will if You want it to.”


“This is My gift to You, Evey. Everything I have, My books, My home, the Shadow Gallery, this train. I’m leaving them to You, to do with as You Will.”

“Is this another one of Your tricks?”

“No. No more tricks, no more lies, only Truth. And the Truth is – You made Me realize I was wrong. The choice to pull this lever is not mine to make.”


“Because this world (the world I am a part of, that I helped to shape) Will end tonight. But tomorrow a different world Will begin that different People Will shape, and this choice belongs to them.”

V leaves rather abruptly after the last line and Evey calls after, as King of him where’s he’s going.

“I’m off to meet My maker, and to repay him in kind.”

Once again, no line is arbitrary. Here V is tall King about two references, the Divine Creator in the heavens, and those responsible for turning him into the ‘monster’ he has become on earth. ‘Meeting One’s maker’ is also an expression commonly used to signify One meeting their demise. A film Will always tell You what is coming if One pays attention, this is foreshadowing the fate V knows awaits him.

Evey chases after him, and We sense that she has developed some deep feeling for Our unlikely hero. “Wait, You don’t have to do this, You can let it go and We can leave here together!”

“No. You were right about what I am, I have no tree waiting for Me. All I want, all I deserve, is at the end of that tunnel.”

“That’s not True.” And We finally get Our cinematic kiss, though the mask stays on. I actually feel this supports My belief that V is Evey’s brother because it’s a very ‘platonic’ kiss as far as kisses go. V can’t let Evey see his face or she would know and feel even further betrayed to know it’s her brother she’s fallen for, and she may feel even more complicit in the things V has done she knew nothing about. V Will know that it Will be natural for Evey to develop the feelings she believes she has for him, though what he really awakened in Evey, was her Love of Life and Self purpose. As a ‘teacher’ and spiritual guide to Evey, it is more responsible for V to remain neutral, despite the fact We know he has feeling for Evey, too. V holds Evey’s gaze for a moment, then, “I can’t.”, and disappears down the tunnel.

Alright, it is a rather short one today but We Will absolutely be wrapping this up next week and this seems like a Good point to leave off – now that the mushy romantic stuff is out of the Way, We just have the exciting finale left to look forward to! Next week Will be a Good One because there are some very powerful spiritual secrets revealed in the final scenes.

Love and Blessings,

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