Volume CLXXXVII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; All the World’s a Stage – Doug Ford’s Reopen Ontario ‘Act’

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Yes, all the world is a Stage and Doug Ford’s Reopen Ontario Act is what I Will be tall King about today, along with a few other things – it is after all, Free Lance Friday where I wield My Words fearlessly. 😉

It has been a busy week for Me. Yesterday, I got roughly a third of My ‘stuff’ moved into My new place. I’ll be decorating this Post with a few pictures of My new office. I’ve also been busy baking up a storm. I’ve baked three amazingly delicious loaves of bread this month and today I tried My Hand at making pita’s, so I have some pics of those adventures to share with You, too. In fact, let’s start with that.

Not bad for a first attempt, if I do say so My Self! And all without a rolling pin!!! I also have another batch of dough rising overnight for baguettes tomorrow! I do enjoy baking, I just don’t do it very often but because I’m moving, I’m trying to eat most of My food (especially the staples) so that I don’t have as much to move. Not sure if I’ll be able to use up all My flour before I go, but I’m going to make a serious effort! If this looks like something You would like to try, the recipe is dead simple, You can find it here.

Alright, let’s get back to the more serious stuff. I’m really angry with pretty much all of Canada’s elected officials unless they are speaking out against the vaccine passports. I know that some are because I’ve heard that the Liberal party in particular Will be firing elected officials who refuse to get vaccinated – in fact, I’m pretty sure that applies to all members of the House, regardless what party they are throwing. That’s intimidation and coercion, and entirely unlawful, especially considering the information that is coming out regarding both vaccine efficacy and the risks associated with taking them, which now exceed the risks associated with the Covid-19 (the disease, not the virus for those who know the difference).

I finished My webinar course on Thursday which started Me on a Quest to find out exactly what is going on in Ontario and what ‘Act’ they are enforcing. Initially, all I could find regarding Ottawa’s vaccine mandates was this letter. It doesn’t really make any sense because a recommendation is not a Law, though it also clearly states what fines and prison time Will imposed upon those who fail to comply, which implies an Order. So I had to find the original ‘Act’ to find out how this letter is legally binding on the world’s Stage. And it is the Reopen Ontario Act, courtesy of Doug Ford.

For the first (and very likely the only time) ever, I had to Give Doug Ford some credit. He actually Created a pretty Good ‘Act’ for this Play, at least as far as he is concerned. There is nothing in the ‘Reopen Ontario Act’ that speaks to mandating vaccines, which is the crime against humanity (and it legitimately is) and violates Canada’s Charter and international Law and treaty agreements. Instead, he made ‘whatever recommendations provincial and municipal health officers make’ enforceable by Law. Do You see what he did there and why I was somewhat impressed (though not in a Good Way)?

What he’s doing, is passing the liability onto the municipal and provincial health officials. Pretty clever, no? He’s not a health expert, so he just passed the buck to someone else – he’s not liable for the harm that Will be done, the municipal and provincial health authorities are. But that’s okay, We just have to hold them accountable. So I put Ottawa’s medical health officer, Dr. Vera Etches on Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability. I’m also seriously fed up with the medical fraud being perpetrated by these so-called ‘doctors’ and ‘medical professionals’ – as far as I’m concerned, she’s just a fraud.

There as so many State Actors committing treasonous crimes against humanity and the Sovereign rights of Canada’s People, that I had to start a new Page specifically dedicated to the Covid fraud. And don’t kid Your Self, that’s exactly what it is. Did You know they haven’t even sequenced the DNA of the virus yet, only the spike protein? The ‘Reopen Ontario Act’ also provides exemptions for Canadians who are in the Covid clinical trials – does that not prove that these vaccines have not been fully tested yet, and that this is still an experimental procedure? (Rhetorical, it does.)

Now, it’s one thing to hold these People commercially liable, make claims against their bond, revoke their oath and have them removed from office without pension or severance, but I’m more interested now in holding these health officials criminally accountable for their crimes under international law. So I’m going to be looking into filing private, criminal prosecutions more and maybe I’ll get to know Derrick Bert of the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office a little more because he would be the One to enforce Court Orders and default judgments made in the Common Law jurisdiction.

Did You know that the chance of dying from the vaccine is 18 in a million? That might not sound like a lot, but multiply 18×37 and We get 666. Hmmm. Coincidence? We don’t believe in those here. But it gets a little worse than that because We also have to double the number because that’s per injection and Canada is requiring two for the vaccine passport, bringing the number to 1,332 People. So that’s how many People Canada’s health minister Will effectively be responsible for murdering because it is unreasonable to presume that a doctor Will not know the risks associated with the vaccine, and it is even more unreasonable to mandate a vaccine that has proven to be hundreds of times more dangerous than all other vaccines produced since 1990 combined!!! That’s what the data is telling Us now, and the government and mainstream media are telling Canadians they are perfectly safe. Really? Can You tell I’m angry? Yeah, because keep in Mind, that’s only the deaths, it does not include other very serious complications including paralysis. In fact, rather than just tell You, why don’t I just show You the official data available to Our health officials via the VAERS reporting system?

Now, if Your government were showing You this chart, would You still believe that the Covid vaccines are perfectly safe? Of course not, it is a blatant, bold faced lie!!! And it’s being perpetrated on purpose, or the health officials in Canada are completely incompetent and must be removed from office for violating the public Trust and their Hippocratic Oath to do no harm.

But I don’t think Dr. Vera Etches cares about Ottawa’s People, she’s like a vampire growing more powerful with every drop of Canadian blood she spills. I’m going to hold her personally liable for every single individual who dies from a Covid vaccine in Ottawa (by current averages, she Will effectively be responsible for murdering 36 People), and I’m going to file a class action lawsuit against her for the harm she is doing to unvaccinated People by calling them a public health hazard and risk, effectively creating medical apartheid and ostracizing People from society for her fascist policies.

Well, I didn’t even notice the time, but I guess I didn’t get this published in time for Free Lance Friday’s Edition, but it’s a Good start to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition because the Simple Solution is to get these criminals out of office and into Guantanamo Bay.

Love and Blessings, I’ll share the apartment pics tomorrow. 😉

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