Volume CLXXXVII: The Simple Solutions Saturday Edition; War King for Justice (and Dough)

Hello every One and welcome to the Simple Solutions Saturday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is a pleasure to have You in My House. Today I Will be tall King about the Simple Solution for Justice in Our society and community, as well as ‘war King for dough’, though perhaps not the kind of dough One might be thing King.

As today’s feature photo Will suggest, the dough I am tall King about are the baguettes I am war King on for later this evening. Usually when I am making bread from scratch I like to use recipes that take as little time as possible because patience is not My most cultivated Virtue. However, I do love baguettes, and although I do have a sweet tooth (especially for chocolate), I do not like sweetness mixed with savoury – in My opinion, sweetness should be reserved for desert unless it’s a mango chutney, or sweet and sour sauce with Chinese-style chicken balls.

Most bread recipes contain at least a small amount of sugar because sugar is a catalyst for the yeast (and as a side note, salt generally has the opposite effect and can be used to slow the rising process, so it is often the perfect balance of the two that achieves the ultimate result). Chemistry is an integral part of baking and understanding how these processes work allows One to ‘fix’ a mix that may not be coming together as it should. Same is true for water and flour.

As One can see from the picture above, this baguette recipe is unusual in more than one Way and why I chose to experiment with the recipe. First of all, it contains NO sugar! Like, zero! Personally, I’ve never seen that before and I’ve worked as a baker for many different franchises. I genuinely thought the recipe was an error, but seeing as I’ve never made baguettes before, I figured I would Give it a try because the first bread recipe I made was too sweet for Me (I don’t Wish to be able to taste the sugar, it should be only enough to be consumed by the yeast). Generally, most bread recipes use a ration of 1:2, sugar:yeast, respectively.

This recipe takes much longer. The glass bowl with dough from the first photo is called ‘poolish’, another term I was unfamiliar with. It required only a pinch of yeast, water and flour and twenty-four hours to rise. When it bubbles on the surface, it is ready for the mix (first photo).

I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of this stage of the procedure is, and I’m one of those People who likes to know these things. It may well just be for flavour and texture, but I wasn’t going to mess with the recipe on My first try. The poolish gets added to the rest of the batch, and mixed together as shown above and below.

I’m also a little ‘crazy’ with respect to My baking techniques because I do have a lot of experience and know what a bread dough should look and feel like. I don’t have any tablespoon or teaspoon measures, I just estimate. For flour, I sift (because it gets lumps out and makes the mix come together more cohesively), but I don’t tap the measuring cup or level it off with a knife, I approximate the 2 1/2 cups the recipe was as King for. If it’s too wet, I’ll just gradually add more flour; too dry, I’ll add a touch more water. I didn’t need to make any adjustments to this mix, it came perfectly as shown above and below.

Half an hour from now (for a total of one hour), I’ll punch this down, and re-head the dough before allowing it to rise for another hour. Then the dough Will be divided into three, re-formed into baguette shapes, covered with clear plastic as above, and allowed to proof for an additional twenty minutes while I preheat the oven.

I’m pretty excited about tasting My own freshly baked baguettes, and I have butter and cream of mushroom soup waiting in the wings to enjoy them with!

So that first Part Will be for My ‘Kings without Queens’ board on Pinterest where I’m sharing some secrets of bachelor life with My audience. For whatever reason, anything I Post on Pinterest that has to do with cooking or baking does really well, so there is something of an ulterior motive because I’m really drawing People here for the important social Justice I am war King on, which includes a follow up email to My Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability for Medical Fraud issued to Ottawa’s ‘dr.’ Vera Etches.

You can find both Notice on My new Page dedicated to holding State Actors accountable for the Medical Fraud being perpetrated against Canada’s Sovereign People (and virtually every other nation of the world).

Alright, People, that’s all for now because it’s been another busy day and I’m looking forward to tasting these baguettes. I may even Post another follow up to this Post later this evening to let You know how they turn out. If You are interested in trying this recipe Your Self, You can find it here. This Will be the second recipe I’ve tried from this website and the first was the best recipe I have found for a basic loaf of bread. I’ll share that link with You next time I make it but if You are anxious, just peruse the website, I’m sure You’ll find something Good to try!!!

Love and Blessings,

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