Volume CLXXXVIII: The Terrific Two’s Day Tell A Vision Edition; Telling a Tale of Thank Fullness

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank all You Fabulous Ladies and Lords for being here, it is always a Great Pleasure to have You in My House. How does it feel to be here? Are You Comfortable? Do You feel Good? My Wish is to Empower You, remind You how Wonder-Full You are. That’s the real Goal of this whole thing, this Universal Tell a Vision Product Sean. I really am Great Full to have You, whoever You are. I know deep down You are a Star, and today is all about Thank King the Universe and God for all My Blessings, and that includes You most especially. Without You, the Words mean nothing, and they have no Magic.

My Friends who know Me believe I have incredible Luck. I say Luck is for rabbits. We make Our Luck. That’s why tomorrow is Lucky Wednesday, because We decided it should be. I was sitting on My patio thing King about just how Lucky I felt and how Great-Full I am. I Will miss My patio; and yet I won’t because I’m not like that. I appreciate what I have for what it is, and I was soaking in the ambience of My patio, drinking up the raindrops, appreciating the last of My days here.

I was very stressed out at the beginning of this month. I had Motion materials to draft, prepare, print, compose, bind, and file with the Court. It also cost Me a small Fortune (for Tune), but I am keeping in Harmony with the Universe, and doing what needed to be done. I had no Idea I would be moving at the end of the month until the last day of September when I was Handed Keys to My new apartment. I was already over My ‘luxury items’ for the month, no Gifts for Me, and no extra money to move, hire a moving company or vehicle. I even considered ‘Ordering’ My social servant and State Actors to just arrange everything for Me and make sure it was paid for – it was absolutely ‘essential’. It would have been a Writ of Mandamus. My guess is that they would have, but I already have enough on My plate and I don’t Wish to be picking any more bones.

So just as I Imagine most People would be, I was racking My brains to consider how I might manage to get this all done. Who wouldn’t be stressed?! And yet how useless is stress? That might be one of the Gifts I’m most Thank-Full for! I do let My Mind run when encountering this kind of critical Life moment like most People would. But I’m able to re-Mind My Self that I always find a Way, and I always get things Done. The moment that thought passes through My Mind, the Magic begins to happen.

I wasn’t just on My patio being Thank Full for the beautiful, hypnotic sound of the raindrops while I enjoy sipping My morning coffee with a cigarette remaining perfectly dry and Comfortable. And what is Comfortable in Magic, any-Way? Com is communication. Communicate Sean. What is a Fort? The Fort is the King’s Keep. And what is Able? Able is Want’s best Friend. Able can’t exist without a Will and a Way. Com-Fort-Able. Comfortable is a Keep for the Soul of Man to Ex-Press his Will with her Word. See what I did there? That’s how You put an end to sexism, not with gender and race theory education which Will accomplish exactly the opposite of what it hopes to achieve (or at least what they Wish for Us to believe they Wish for it to achieve).

Word Magic tangents aside, I was also incredibly Thank-Full for My new apartment and how Magically everything has come together. It appeared as though I may have to abandon My bed and My desk, and I had decided to just let it go, knowing I would make My new place work. I Trust that everything happens for a reason. And this morning My Friend stops by and tells Me that I don’t need to worry about anything. His wife does all kinds of volunteer work and they Wish to make Me feel welcome in the new building, so they’ve actually furnished My apartment for Me! Brand new desk, better than the one I have now. A reclining luxury leather armchair, coffee table, end tables, brand new bed, frame, sheets, duvet. Shower curtain is up. Apparently, I don’t have to lift a finger when I get there except to put away the last of My personal stuff I’m bringing by car and set up My plants and My easel. Apparently My kitchen cupboards are full of food, too, and the beers in the fridge are breeding.

I had the added Luxury of appreciating all of this with raindrops in the background which is One of My favourite sounds. I don’t even Mind the sound of car tires on the road in the rain, it’s just so tranquil, and I was feeling so Lucky and Blessed. And I really am, and I hope You are, too.

I have a whole list of things I reflected on that I am Thank Full for, and I Promised I would dedicate this Post to all of these things as a Tribute to God, the Universe, whatever One Wishes to Call it. When I am as King, I do receive. I try very hard not to be greedy, and never to be as King for things I don’t need. The Universe always provides for Me in Magical Ways, it really does.

The second thing I am Thank Full for today are My parents. My Mum and My Father were the perfect parents, as imperfect as both of them were. I am so Grate-Full for both of them. My Father taught Me to be tough, and I know he Gifted Me with a lot of Good Genes; My Wish is to wear those jeans well. My Mum is as Loving and Angelic as any Mum could be, part of Me believes she is a Saint but I am too biased to know. Both My Mum and My Father made Me the Man I am today, and both of them absolutely respected My autonomy over My Life and My Body from the very beginning. Never did I have to take a shot if I didn’t Wish to, and to the best of My knowledge I never did. If I have ever had any kind of shot, it is not in My conscious memory banks, and I believe an event like that would be. I know they were as King of Me many times, and I would always be as King of My parents if I had to. The decision was always up to Me – and that applied in Scotland and Canada as a child. It was the doctors who told Me it was up to Me, but I would have to do what My parents thought was best. My parents would just pass the gauntlet back to Me, they knew I was smart enough to decide for My Self when I was old enough to speak! I’ve virtually never been to doctor in My adult Life because I almost never get sick. It’s less than once a year for sure, and that’s more frequent than it ever has been, I am thing King the average might be every five years or so I’d get a wicked cough. But never do I go to see a doctor about it!!! Can You understand why this Covid stuff seems so silly to Me? I cannot even Imagine being afraid of a virus, it is legitimately surreal to Me and I would never say something like that with any intent to offend because I do very well comprehend how real that fear is for some People, and how warranted it may even be. That’s just not the Way My Body works, and I don’t like this ‘one size fits all’ medical science non-sense. But I’m getting away from My Thank Fullness, and that’s what this is really about. I am very Thank Full to not be scared of Covid, silly as it might sound, it is something worth being Thank Full for in today’s world.

I am Thank Full for People like Elon Musk, and for the Myers-Briggs personality test. Elon Musk said in an interview once (Joe Rogan podcast) that when he was a child he wondered if he might be an alien because the Way he sees the world is so much different from every One else. That is exactly how I felt as a child. Not because I’m smarter than other People or anything, at least not in any Way like Elon Musk is, just the Way I see the world in general. Concepts like money never made sense to Me, I could see through them from the beginning. Same thing with jurisdiction and Courts. The second One learns the first Maxim in Law (all of Man is equal in Law, at Law and before the Law) the concept of a Judge having authority over any One is ridiculous. They are just administrating stuff. The Wonder was how to help other People to see these things for what they are.

I’m Thank Full for the Myers-Briggs personality test because it is not something I would typically participate in – I don’t generally believe in trying to define One’s personality and put it in a box. But wouldn’t You know, I’m in INFJ, and if You don’t know what that is, check out a couple of YouTube videos or something and consider (strongly) taking the Myers-Briggs personality test Your Self, they are easy enough to find online.

Resisting the Myers-Briggs personality test might be akin to Neo not Wishing to believe in the Oracle – who can tell Neo who He is? Ironically, one of the first descriptions of the INFJ personality type was something like, ‘some People like to be thing King outside of the box. INFJ’s don’t even know there is a box until One tries to tell them, and they Will deny its existence when they do, and probably convince You they are right, or at least have One reconsidering the size of the box.’ It basically means I am an alien for the most part, and that’s why I Giving Thanks to Elon Musk and being an INFJ in the same thought, because it helped Me to better understand My Self and feel a whole lot less alone in the world. Roughly 2% of the world’s population don’t believe in the box, and that’s somewhat encouraging for Me if You consider of how many People two percent of almost eight billion is!!!

I am Thank Full for My school, My teachers in school, and My Degree. My teachers were exactly the teachers I needed to have. My grade three teacher was teaching the Canadian Charter, Constitution, the importance and relevance of the Queen and how Lucky Canada is to have Her Majesty as Our Monarch and Head of State. Grade three!!! Of course, that didn’t seem abnormal to Me at the time because why would it? I don’t know what grade three is like for any One else, I didn’t have any expectations of what they might teach Me in school. And maybe One just Wishes to perceive this as propaganda, and maybe that’s exactly what it is. But it is not without Intent-Ion. The Quest-Ion, is are these Intent-Ions Good or bad? I was certainly never taught that bad is Good… My grade three teacher, Mrs. McDonald, told Us that the importance of the Queen is to remind Us that We are all Sovereign, We are all equal in Law. And if Our government ever steps out of line, Her Majesty Promises the protection of Our Sovereign rights. We, the People, are the authority of Our government. We were also taught the Universal Declaration of Rights and Freedoms (despite that not being a legally binding document). Of course these Ideas are going to stay with Me.

My grade twelve English teacher, Guy Goldstein (hope I Spelled the Magic of his Calling correctly) was probably the most influential, and also the toughest on Me. He made Me a better Writer. Technically, he was actually My first year University English professor, because it was an ‘Ontario Academic Credit’ which are first year University courses that were available in high school and could be substituted for other mandatory credits. One was eligible after completing grade eleven English, and I am thing King I don’t have a single grade twelve credit in English. I am thing King I ended up with four or maybe even five English O.A.C credits by the time I didn’t graduate high school. Instead, My guidance counsellor Gifted Me with My entire academic Record and basically told Me that I was wasting My time in high school (one credit short because of a math teacher with a chip on his shoulder, and an English teacher (Ms. Cadman) who accused Me of plagiarizing My first short Story for her class, ‘A Fish Out of Water’.

I never got that paper back, but I told the guidance counsellor that if she didn’t Give it back and grade My paper, I was going to sue the school board. I didn’t know a damn thing about suing any One, it was a total bluff, I was only twenty-one or something (yeah, I took a couple years off, was at K.C.I in Kitchener to finish up and get the pointless graduation paper before getting on with the rest of My Life). My guidance counsellor, Mr. Gimby, Gave Me a copy of every paper I had ever Writ for school, the entire Record and told Me it was a Gift in stead of a graduation slip. He said I was wasting My time, and that if I just Show a copy of that Record, I Will be accepted in any University I may ever Wish to go. He told Me to take it home and Show My Mum, and tell her it means much more than a graduation certificate.

And even that is only Part of why I’m so Thank Full today, because I was considering all of these things, all of these Blessings on My patio this morning. I did not even know the Value of the Gift that was Given Me in stead of a graduation paper until Guy Goldstein agreed to edit My Book, ‘A Prophecy for Peace’, and read the Story as I tell it to You now. He was as King of Me if it was True, and told Me the guidance counsellor could lose his job for Giving it to Me. I wouldn’t be telling You the Story if I believed that were True. Someone told him to Give it to Me. It wouldn’t just be lying around the school, he would have had to be as King of the school board (or whatever) to Give it to him and presumably provide a pretty Good reason. The ‘State’ knows exactly how smart I am, that’s why I never tell government My highest level of education because they can’t even get access to those Records without My consent. Truth. That’s why what My guidance counsellor did was so incredible. I was just too young and naive to appreciate the True Value of the Gift at the time, but I appreciate it now.

If You Wish for Me to tell You what that Gift actually was, it was the only invitation I would ever get into the Ivy League schools that would introduce Me to Your Master Magicians. Again, ironically, they also knew I would never accept the invitation, even if I had known what it was. They knew I would be determined to find My own Way. But it’s still an invitation, and I am Thank Full for it.

As much as many People like to complain that they monitor everything We do and maintain a Record of everything We ever touch in Life, today I am also Thank Full for it; for the Custodian of Records that are maintained meticulously, and available to Me whenever I should demand they be Given. They Will be kept Perfectly in Trust. Do You see how every cloud has a Silver lining? Who owns all those Records? You do. They are just the [Gate] keepers of the Records. Key per. I know I can get another copy of those school Records whenever I Wish, and I am Thank Full for it.

I am also very Thank Full for My few Friend Ships because they are Good. The People in My Microcosm are beautiful People with beautiful, generous Souls, and all of them support My advocacy work and My Art, and Inspire Me to do better My Self and be everything I can be. That is Truly a Gift I am Thank Full for.

Finally I’m Thank Full for any One and every One who made it through this except-Sean ally long Post today. If You’ve made it this far, You have twice the attention span of the average Man of either kind, so congratulations!!! Is that not something to be Thank Full for?

Oh, I also can’t forget (and almost did), I am also Thank Full for My Magical Motion. It’s almost humorous to Me that defense counsel has not filed their Motion materials yet because it explains why We’ve been waiting so long to hear! I’m so Thank Full I did not criticize the Courts for taking so long because I do somehow Trust they Will do what is right. Past experiences would Give Me every reason to believe otherwise, but I’m sharing the Viva Frei Video from yesterday with You again today because many of the arguments made in the lawsuit against the Ontario government are Word for Word the same arguments I have made in My Motions materials and My Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability Issued to Ottawa’s public health officer, Dr. Vera Etches.

Thank King all of You Lords and Ladies of Your Realm for being here, it is a Pleasure to have had You in My House. Please visit Me often.

I am also Thank Full to be able to tell You this Two’s Day Will be True to its name with the V for Vendetta Tell a Vision Edition Finale!!!

Love and Blessings, and many Thanks,

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