Volume CLXXXVIII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; V for Vendetta, Part XXI

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and My second Post for this Two’s Day making the day True to its name. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is a Pleasure to have You in My House.

We are at the climax of the Film – in fact, We are almost at the cigarette and coffee in bed, though We are not quite out of the woods yet. V has decimated all of his adversaries, Sutler was executed by Creedy, and Creedy was executed by V much the Way Guy Fawkes was hanged at the beginning of Our film. So what do We have left?

We have the largest military and police force Sutler could manage to gather standing on guard for parliament, ready to fire on any civilians that might Show up for V’s revolution. We also have a train loaded with explosives ready to depart for parliament with Evey at the helm, responsible for pulling the lever that unleashes V’s Gift of Vengeance.

We can tell that V is a little worse for wear as he is war King his Way back to Evey and his Gift of explosives after compromising Creedy’s crew. His usually confident stride is staggered and he stumbles into the wall of the subway as he leaves his last crime scene, leaving a streak of blood on the Wall as he goes. Ideas may be bulletproof, but V is not.

We are in the final hour as the camera cuts to the clock of parliament showing 11:04 on the eve of November 4th. The military and police are awaiting Orders as People gather for V’s promised fireworks display.

V stumbles back to Evey and falls to the ground. Evey notices the blood and attempts to stop the bleeding, V tells her, ‘please don’t, I’m finished. And I’m glad of it.”

Of course Evey protests and V confesses, telling Evey that he planned for this day for over twenty years with nothing else in the world worth Living for until he met Evey. V tells Evey that he fell in Love with her when he felt he could no longer Love. Evey tells V she doesn’t Wish to see him die, and he says, “that’s the most beautiful thing You could have Given Me,” before closing his eyes for Good.

Because V likes to be poetically symbolic in everything he does, Evey notices a single standing domino on the top of the lever’s pulley box, waiting to be tipped over. Just as Evey is about to pull the lever, the inspector walks on the train, pistol in Hand and tells Evey to stop and step away.

Evey places her Hand back on the level and the inspector instructs her to stop.


We are reminded of V when Creedy was as King of him to remove his mask against formidable odds – fearless defiance. The military are at the ready, waiting on Orders from Sutler as the masses mount their counter-attack.

Evey tells the inspector that she won’t stand down because V was right.

“Right about what?”

“This country needs more than a building, this country needs Hope.”

The inspector reluctantly, yet thoughtfully, lowers his gun. Evey pulls the lever, just as the general commands his men to stand down because they are not receiving any instruction from the command center.

It does not even appear as though the military would have had enough bullets even if they had not been Ordered to stand down, every street in London is flooded with People looking exactly like V.

The inspector seems somewhat bewildered by what he has just allowed to happen, Evey casually turns to him as King of him if he likes music, and leads him back to her Shadow Gallery.

So that is the End of Our V for Vendetta Tell a Vision series. Why did I choose to cover this film? Because propaganda isn’t just in Our mainstream media, telling Us medical lies for the government’s fascist fraud. We were also taught to read books in school. Mandatory reading like Brave New World, 1984, the Chrysalids, and others. They all tell the same Story, they have been publicly advertising their Wishes – it is up to Us to determine how far We let their wicked Wishes go.

In the film, Sutler rises to Power because he Creates a medical pandemic by releasing a virus upon Man’s kind for which only one solution existed – vaccines. And the vaccines just furthered the plague. Sutler promised vaccines would be the cure, and additional security measures would protect them. The People of London gave up their freedoms and descended into totalitarian tyranny.

The Trudeau government of Canada and many others around the world are telling Us the most deadly vaccines ever Created are perfectly safe, and if We just comply with the Orders, Our freedoms Will be Given back to Us. Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, Queens and Kings, the government does not care about You, and I care not what country of the world You live in (except maybe Norway, they always seem to fire their government and remove them from office when they betray their People – Canadians line up for more and police their friends and family to do the same).

Right now, We the People have the most important position of Office of any elected official. And I know, You are probably thing King You are not an elected official. But You are. Like Me, You were appointed Your position by God, and God has Trusted You Will be the authority of Your government and fire the frauds. If We don’t do Our job now, things Will only get worse. It is now or never, let this film be Your lesson and message of warning because that’s what these films are – public Notices that Will get Your attention. But We need more than attention. We need Deeds of courage, and accountability for the defective, de-facto governments of Our world.

Love and Blessings

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