Volume CLXXXVIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Ottawa’s Public Health Officer Guilty of Medical Fraud

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, welcome to House von Dehn, Kingdom of God. Yes, it really has been a Lucky Wednesday True to its name, and I was tall King about the Magic of apostrophes just recently, so it is even more appropriate and Serendipitous that today’s Lucky Wednesday Edition be the first Lucky Wednesday sans apostrophes. Why? Because the Magic is Done, the Spell has been Cast, the Curse is a Blessing, and the Blessing is unbreakable. It is no longer a Heavenly Idea, Wednesday’s are Lucky – just because We said so.

Why is this Wednesday Lucky? Well, this might not seem like Your average National Post, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Ottawa Sun, Toronto Star, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Reuters, or even the National Inquirer, but it is every bit a legitimate International Publication as any of the rest I’ve just mentioned, and there are big things happening here that You Will not find on those other networks. We have just recently placed Ottawa’s medical health officer, ‘Dr.’ (and that’s in apostrophes because doctor really is just an Idea Vera Etches would like Us to have about who she is and what position of office she is abdicating or unlawfully holding) Vera Etches on Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability for Medical Fraud, and she has had nothing to say in response to those charges, despite knowing these Notices are Published here on the International Record for all the world to see.

Is it easier to understand why these criminals Will not get away with what they are trying to do? Does Vera Etches believe that failing to respond to those emails somehow reflects more favourably upon her in any Way? Only a crazy person would be thing King that, right?

There is so much more going on in My Microcosm that I haven’t even had a chance to fully share with You yet, though it is at the top of My list when I get settled in My new apartment (a Part-Mind).

Today, the only thing Official about Dr. Vera Etches, is that she is Officially in default, guilty of medical fraud, international crimes against humanity, up to thirty-six counts of attempted manslaughter according to the most recent VAERS statistical data for mandating vaccinations on a municipality of just over one million People (risk of death by Pfizer vaccines is eighteen in one million per shot, two shots are required for vaccination passports as mandated by Etches), inciting hatred and discrimination of a medical condition, defamation for inciting hatred toward the unvaccinated by the vaccinated, and contributing to a culture of medical apartheid, inciting threats of alienation from society for denying access to public buildings and services for failing to consent to a potentially fatal injection, and imposing it on a perfectly health individual who poses no harm or threat to public health whatsoever.

These are not small charges, People. Would You Wish for these things to be said about You? If they were, and they were not True, would You not defend Your Honour?!

It seems both insane and somehow both Lucky and Magical that I can report these things to You today. I know they may not seem Lucky, but these charges are very real, and they are also very legally enforceable. That is something I have not been doing. You Will Notice that several of My adversaries have had Default Judgment, ‘Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata’ awarded against them. It is a final judgment in Common Law. It is the effect of default for failing to Play by the Rules, similar to Rule 2.01.1. in the Civil System of the Province of Ontario’s Rules of Civil Procedure. What it really means in what most of Man considers to be the ‘real’ Courts, the Civil system of codes, statutes, and Acts, is that the defendants/respondents have waived their right to any further opposition regarding the Matter. Effectively, if I bring any of these Matters before a ‘Civil Court’ in Ontario, the respondents cannot enter any further information because they already had their chance, and it is Shown by Way of Affidavits in Common Law. They were Given fair opportunity and proved dis-Honourable. What I haven’t done yet, is Issue Orders and Sentences for the State Actors to enforce – but that’s generally what comes next, and I anticipate the government of Canada (and their Courts) know this as well as I do.

The Quest-Ion is, how much should I charge Dr. Vera Etches for the commercial aspect of her liability? How much should I charge to be discriminated against every single day I walk into a store without a mask and am denied public services because I respectfully decline her vaccine passport mandate? Is a thousand dollars a day fair? Or should it be more like ten thousand? Or is that still not enough to motivate the city to retract the mandates? Should it be one hundred thousand a day? Or a million? Maybe it really should be a million a day. Consider that this lady Wishes to Play Russian Roulette with My Life!!! Please, do You understand why I am furious, and why this is not a joke?!

So I have a Default Judgment, ‘Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata’ to award against Vera Etches, who is ‘officially’ no longer a doctor, she is an imposter impersonating a doctor because she has officially, on this International Public Record, abdicated her Oath as both a public servant for failing to respond to My health concerns, and as a medical doctor for failing to Honour her Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. She is Officially liable in her private, personal capacity for crimes against humanity, medical fraud and more. She is Creating a class of People who have a very legitimate Claim against her, and I Will continue to advocate for.

To that end… I don’t let any One Play Russian Roulette with My Life, Vera Etches is the first unofficial State Actor to threaten harm to My Life and I Will absolutely not tolerate it. So if nothing else, if You Wish to get out of some kind of passport mandate wherever You might be in the world… Well, I’m going to Show You what I’m going to do to make sure nobody jabs Me (without the guarantee of being hanged for it later). I don’t Wish to enforce such cruel penalties, but I’m going to have to send a message that is sure to be heard by the herd (party/State Actors). Financial consequences do not seem to be much of a deterrent, We Will have to find something that fits a little more snug, and I believe a noose works well – We Will see, I suppose.

Soon I Will composing some Magical Sentences for those State Actors and others who have already had Default Judgment, Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata awarded against them. This Will all come together in a final lawsuit I Will either complete composing in Christmas, or begin composing on that day. Several Matters remain in the balance, so for now I can only speculate – though I can tell You that I expect it Will be Spectacular!

Also, the Court has still not responded to the Motion or the Respondents. I wasn’t clear in My first Post regarding this Issue, though I did include defense counsel’s email to the Court which Showed that it was a reply to My Motion to the Court, complete with all My Motion materials, Notice of Motion, exhibit attachments, et cetera. The respondents received their reply from the Registrar advising them their motion materials had NOT been accepted before I filed My Motion materials. There really is no excuse for them to not file them again the moment I did. They should have immediately understood that I had not filed My materials yet (and was waiting on them), and refiled the same documents the moment they received My email. Why did they wait weeks to be as King of the Court this Quest-Ion after My Motion materials were filed with the Court and served upon them, if they knew their motion materials had been returned and were not on the Record?

Again, People, I’m not a lawyer, this is just what Common Sense tells Me, and I’ve suggested that the Common Law is based on Common Sense Principles. Sense=Cents, the Real Value of the Realm. I could be completely wrong, of course, but I’m reasonably sure based on what We’ve seen so far that the Court is wondering exactly the same things; why did defense counsel file materials first, and why didn’t they refile them when they received the email of this Motion? I just believe these are logical Quest-Ions. I am also thing King that none of it is war King in defense counsel’s favour, and they are probably ten times more concerned about the Court not responding to their last email than I ever could be!!! That feels pretty Lucky this Wednesday.

Alright, People, if I were to share all the Luck with You this Wednesday, this Post might not ever end and Will not be Published in time, so I’m going to be the Gem in I that I am and Sign off.

Before I do, I would very much like You to share Your thoughts with Me and let Me know how much You are thing King I should be charging. This rate Will apply to all People in Ottawa who do not Wish to be vaccinated for any reason. Thank You in advance, for Your ‘Part is a Pay-Sean’. (Participation for newbies to My Blog.) 😉

Love and Blessings,

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