Volume CLXXXVIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; War King on a Re-Locate-Sean of Office

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today’s Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition is as the Title Will suggest, a re-locate-Sean of Office for the House von Dehn, Kingdom of God. I Will have to ‘Officially’ Give Notice soon. This Post is also a much needed break from the chaos of moving, as I am as many minutes from midnight as ‘T’ (Time) minus nine hours. I had intended to Write when it was ‘T’ minus 12 hours but I got busy war King on the task at Hand. Sometimes the King’s Hand is determined to do things the King would prefer to put off until later, the Will has a Way of ta-King over.

Ah yes, My Wish was to have some Fun and this Post is also for one of My Pinterest boards, ‘Kings without Queens’ with tips for single People who may also happen to be relocating their organization (or in My case, Organize a Sean). I Real Eyes’d today that I am in fact very methodic, organized, and have an almost unlikeable work ethic (because it tends to make others look bad in a corporate situation). In fact, it seemed Funny enough to Write about as I Real Eyes’d what I was doing and how I was managing the task at Hand.

I do not deny the Gifts God Gives Me, and I was as King of God for a little financial assistance this month… If it wasn’t too much to be as King considering the move and all. Just enough, not a lot. And no coincidence, some One was as King of Me if I could do them a favour and seal the roof of a shipping container, and paint two of the outside walls. Needed to be done right away – I don’t generally like big contract jobs without any kind of Notice. I was as King how much.

“That’s up to You to negotiate.”

I told him I’d head over after lunch. Two half days, but two totally exhausting half days, and the second of those was today. I returned to My apartment positively knackered, and within an hour I’d set up some kind of pseudo-sophisticated, but sensible system almost entirely subconsciously, just because My Real goal was to get things into perspective enough that I could sit down and enjoy a smoke and coffee on My patio without stressing about whether or not I Will get everything done in the next sixteen hours. I don’t know how long it took Me to sit down and finally have that coffee and cigarette, but by the time I did, I had My entire apartment organized like a warehouse with various departments.

First, there was the Processing Station.

This is a little further on in the evening, but You might get a sense of what is going on here. Everything hiding in a closet, cupboard, or just lying around somewhere, gets delivered here. From this point, everything gets sorted and delivered to the appropriate department. Items that need to be packed, or washed and then packed, are left here until they are packed or washed (at which time washed items that have dried Will be returned to the processing station for further sorting and packing).

Here We see two departments, the junkyard and the staging area. Items in the Staging Area are ready for shipping and Will be relocated to their final resting place at this location, the loading bay.

And of course We have the Emergency Tell a Communicate Sean’s Center where I try desperately to Publish a Post before midnight and get back to the task at Hand.

Love and Blessings,

Oh, today’s feature photo is the emergency energy dock. 😉

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