Volume CXC: The Terrific Tuesday Edition; A New Path Way For Ward

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Tuesday Edition of the Good News Journal and the 190th week of Publishing the Good News Journal! I don’t know, maybe that doesn’t sound so remarkable to the average individual but it’s one of those things in My Life that is a lot like My paintings; I feel like I hardly ever paint, most certainly don’t paint enough, and take forever to get anything done when I do – yet I have painted well over a hundred canvases, probably more than two hundred and sometimes reflect on how I ever managed to find the time. Similarly, I always feel like I don’t Write enough, could most certainly Write more, yet I have now managed to Write 1,373 Blog Posts as of this day (and counting). At an average of almost 1,500 Words per Post, that’s over two million Words!!! Maybe slow and steady really does win the race?..

Today is a Terrific Tuesday because I finally have My Office back! Everything with respect to the relocation of My Office went beautifully except the internet transfer. I’m not going to tell the whole sordid Story and consider it a Blessing that I wasn’t able to because I probably would have bored You to death with the details and was frustrated enough at the time to have Wished to rant about it. However, there are so many more things to be thank-Full for!

First, I Wish to say thank King or Queen You for being here, even in My absence! I worry so much that if I abandon My Blog or stop Writing for too many days that I’m going to lose all kinds of readership, My statistics Will suffer dramatically and drastically… I guess One has to be war King on something like this of their own to Truly understand, though I know any One who has, Will resonate with how helpless I have felt for the past week. Even coffee shops where I would typically go to connect at times like this were uninviting and impractical because of either mask mandates, vaccine mandates, or both. And no Word from Ottawa’s Public Health Officer? The fraudulent Vera Etches has confirmed she is posing as a licensed medical professional and public servant by failing to respond to the Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability Issued to her, and holds neither position ‘officially’; she is just a State Actor filling a role for which she Will receive no praises from the Academy for her shame-Full and disgrace-Full performance. But the rest of You have been fabulous!!!

Would You believe that My statistics were hardly affected by My absence? That has never happened to Me before. Typically, even missing only a day or two Will significantly impact My statistics (mostly because People are drawn toward new content and older, archived Posts are like ‘upselling’ the original Post and as King People to check out other related content). I was gone for a total of nine days without a single Word and on some days My statistics were actually up from previous weeks – auspiciously enough, November the 5th was one of those days, both on WordPress and Pinterest where I received noticeably more views than the average day. I am also very pleased to say that over the last nine days, more than fifty different Blog Posts have been read! That’s also kind of amazing because (to once again relate the concept to sales), this is like generating repeat business. People are not just visiting My Blog to see what I’m up to today, People are coming to My Blog to access My archives specifically – that feels like a tremendous Honour, so thank King or Queen You as the case may be!

This is the real Gift I am Thank Full for. I stepped away from this Post to take the picture above to Show You what My Office looks like at just before 4:00 o’clock post midi on a fall Tuesday. The chair with the wheels may not look too fancy but it rides smooth and almost silently across My faux hardwood, laminate floors. This makes transitioning from research projects I might be war King on at the computer to taking a seat at the easel virtually effortless.

I have said My apartment is very bright, this is the first photo where I feel it really Shows just how bright My apartment is. This was taken at roughly nine or ten this morning. I did say I would be war King on My portrait of Her Majesty once I get settled and I have remained True to My Word. I also have three others in the works with [Ottawa mayor] Jim ‘What’s on?’ and Amy Winehouse waiting in the wings. I have repurposed Bon Jovi (elephant painting) and Woody Harrelson (I’ll repaint Woody one day, I am thing King he is one of the Good guys but didn’t like the one I had).

I’m also taking a lot more photos of My work as I go – in fact, I take one every time before I start a new painting session. I’ve had a lot of People tell Me I should be teaching People how to Paint (which really is kind of ridiculous despite how much I appreciate the compliment) and figure a slideshow Present a’Sean of what I do is the next best thing. I really don’t have any Idea how One should paint aside from dipping a brush in paint and transferring it to a canvas to make a picture that previously only existed in the Mind of Man.

I am also thank Full for My Friend for helping Me move and convincing Me to take with Me plants I would have left behind. There were a few buds on My morning glory plant, so My Friend insisted I bring it, a cannabis plant I was going to leave in the garden, and My pepper plant that I told You would probably die of frost before it Will produce fruit – unless I were to bring it indoors and let it finish out the season in a bright, sunny window sill!

The last morning glory flowers opened this morning, now I am waiting on the seed pods to mature.

And just as the last of the morning glory flowers are dying, the pepper plants are producing their first.

I’m most anxious to know what kind of pepper plant this is, as it could be anything from a banana chili pepper, habanero, jalapeno, red-hot pencil pepper, large, mild bell peppers, or even mini bell peppers. I am thing King I had eight types of pepper seeds in one jar altogether. I never know what I’m planting, but I really don’t need one of each and like them all enough I can never decide what kind to plant, so this just takes the guess work out the equation for Me and Gives Me a surprise to look forward to. I do the same thing with tomato seeds which Will undoubtedly be one of those things that drives a future wife of mine crazy one day (and why My significant other generally learns very quickly it’s best to just leave Me and My hobbies alone, ask as few questions as possible, and smile and nod if it doesn’t make sense).

I’m very grateful to be here, very grateful to be ‘back to work’ (I felt like I was forced to take an unwanted vacation), and ultimately most grateful for Your continued support in My absence. I probably did need the break – but not being able to do things (war King on things) I am passionate about doesn’t allow Me to relax, it just makes Me feel anxious about getting back to work, so it didn’t really feel like a break despite how much I love My new war King space.

I was also worried I might miss an important email from the Court or in response to the Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability sent to Ottawa’s public health officer. But I suppose that’s a big chunk of the Good News, too because I was able to log on periodically with My phone while I was out and about to check emails and nothing!!! It’s becoming almost eerie. Is Ottawa’s Public Health Officer so incompetent and negligent in her duties that she does not know she has a legal duty and obligation to respond to a Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability? I’m telling You, the city of Ottawa looks more and more incompetent (or corrupt) every single day. We are going with incompetence because I legitimately believe it is closer to the Truth than Willful criminal negligence, but at this point this ‘officials’ are [state] acting like five year old children who don’t know how to Play the game. And I don’t mean ‘don’t know how to Play nice, or fair’, I mean, no Idea how to Play the game at all!

So tomorrow I get back to the tedious task of following up with these delinquent, incompetent imposters posing as agents of the Canadian government and representatives of the Sovereign Canadian People.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – We’ve decided that $1,000,000.00 a day is what We Will charge Dr. Vera Etches for every day healthy, unvaccinated People are libelously accused of being a risk to public health and safety, and are discriminated against for any reason by members of their community as a result of Dr. Vera Etches unlawful vaccine mandate, and or denied access to any business or public service. That Will be $1,000,000.00 for every day the vaccine mandates remain in effect from the time Vera Etches was first served Notice for her criminal and civil liability, and $1,000.000.00 for every business or public service One is denied access to. The lady imposing as a doctor and public health officer, Vera Etches Will be Given Notice of Default Judgment awarded against her to morrow for what appears to be an estimated 36 counts of attempted manslaughter in the city of Ottawa based on current, scientific, statistical data reported to VAERS by the CDC.

Love and Blessings,

Post, Post-Script – I’ll be back like V – with a Vengeance for Justice, no more ‘just is’. 😉

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