Volume CXC: The Thursday Thing King Edition; Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary – Simon Says

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today is a Thoroughly Thrilling ‘Thing King’ Edition because I have been war King on a new strategy to accomplish My goals and although they are still not complete, I am very excited to be Able to share some of them with You.

If You are wondering about today’s Title, I am making reference to My most recent Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability that was sent to the Office of the Secretary of [Canada’s] Attorney General, Mary Simon. What ‘Simon’ says is quite contrary to what her position of Office demands in Deed. I have to admit, I was pretty proud of My Title today, I am thing King that was pretty clever, no? Even if it’s not as great as I am thing King it is, the Spirit of it is spot on.

What I mean by that, is that Word Play and interesting Titles are as much a Part of this Public A-Sean as anything else. Let’s face it, every nation develops its own dialect over time. In Canada there are probably at least a hundred different regional accents and related slang that make the local lingo distinctly different. I remember the first time I heard a British Columbia ‘native’ (born and raised there) say the Word ‘pants’ and I had no Idea what they were tall King about because they pronounced the Word as if it should be Spelled ‘paunts’, or maybe ‘ponts’. In Ontario, ‘pants’ is like ‘ants’ with a ‘p’ in front. In fact, in Ottawa One can walk across a bridge and find every One on the other side speaking French (and vice-versa, of course) and be in an entirely different culture. The point is, I am a Sovereign Nation, just like You, and it makes sense that My nation Will have its national language of preference and a unique dialect, and I am also thing King it is reasonably fair to say that People comprehend the Ideas I’m attempting to convey.

So I feel like it is a Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition because it really isn’t easy being King. I do have Fun with it simply because it is True and factual for all of Us, but it is also a tremendous responsibility. I really wasn’t thing King that I would find so many incompetent government representatives, nor did I realistically believe there would be any hesitation on the part of the Canadian government to Honour their obligations to Me when I advised them that I have revoked My Trust (or presumed and perceived Trust) in Canada’s government and placed My Trust in God. I didn’t even Wish to tell them what those obligations are because I am curious to see whom (Officer of which Ministry) within Canada’s government is responsible for fulfilling those obligations and officially dissolving the Trust. But almost five years later, We still haven’t found any One within Canada’s government who seems to have any clue. I was thing King they were stalling or Playing dumb, but I don’t believe it’s an Act.

They are no more competent than children playing House. In fact, I would suggest the children playing House are more competent than Trudeau ‘playing’ Prime Minister for Canada’s House of Commons. What Special training did Trudeau get that provided him with the competence to lead a nation? Being a drama teacher? Really? That taught him how Canada borrows money from foreign lenders at interest? That taught him ethics? Apparently not; he’s had more ethics violations than all other prime ministers in Canada’s history combined. And the People aren’t thing King that Trudeau and the rest of his treasonous troops are laughing all the Way to the bank as they watch their Pfizer stocks skyrocket because they’ve now compelled thirty seven million People to take them under threat of ostracization from society and any opportunity to provide for themselves (by forcing those who choose not to get vaccinated out of their job and denying any covid relief subsidy if they are fired for failing to vaccinate!).

“In no case Shall a People be deprived of its own means of subsistence.”

U.N. Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Part I, Article 1(2)

The Canadian government are passing so many unlawful Acts, it is dis-Graceful; and Mary Simon is doing nothing about it. She’s the boss as far as the Canadian government is concerned for those that may not be familiar with Canadian politics. She’s the ‘big cheese’, top of the Totem Pole – and that comment is to Honour the fact that Mary Simon is indigenous because My Wish is to see her rise to the occasion and Honour her position of Office. She can remove Trudeau tomorrow and suspend parliament until We get honourable People in office not pandering to big pharma and the WHO. And just so You know, that is very much an Act of Treason – it is what the Law of Treason was designed to protect the People from, so it’s no Wonder that those passing the bills would redefine the definition to suit Trudeau’s purposes. When a foreign, unelected body seeks to usurp the government of a Sovereign Nation by manipulating its public policy, economy, or anything else that serves private interests rather than the best interests of Canada’s People – that is the real meaning of treason, however One Wishes to define it. And it is happening all over the world, We are at the point of no return.

So this really is it, People. There is no ‘turning back’ for the Canadian government, Trudeau, Ford, Theresa Tam and many others – they are ‘all in’ now! They are done, and they Will probably spend the rest of their lives in jail when these crimes catch up with them and all the Truth comes out. But right now We really are at a critical point because they are going to do everything they can to keep this fraudulent pandemic going so they can impose more ’emergency measures’ so they can attempt to justify violating more inherent rights otherwise protected by the Civil laws of their own fiction. Wait until they subpoena the bank accounts of Canada’s MP’s and their financial profiles, stock interests, that sort of thing. You don’t think Trudeau and his buddies have Pfizer stocks? How much are You thing King those Will be worth now?

But this is why it’s such a Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition because I’m never going to Give up, My Ideas Will only get better. And I don’t believe the timing of My beautiful new war King Art Studio is a coincidence, either because I am very motivated to paint for the first time in a long time! My original Plan was to paint all of the People in Canada’s government that make Canada’s system of government so perfect. I was becoming a little less motivated as I began to discover how corrupt they all are, and how much contempt and arrogance they demonstrate in their position of Office to their obligations. But at the rate I Wish to paint, I’m going to need a lot more subjects, so I’m going to continue with My original Plan.

Every member of Canada’s government I have Writ a Letter to regarding My inherent rights and their legal obligation to provide for them, Will also have a portrait (for-traits) of their Character painted with a copy of the Letter(s) in the back of the canvas.

In many cases, it Will be a collection of Canada’s criminal cabal and Trudeau’s treasonous troops, but there are inevitably going to be Hero’s along the Way as well. Perhaps Mary Simon Will be the first.

See, Trudeau chose Mary Simon because he figured it would look Good to appoint an aboriginal Governor General to Show that he ‘cares’ about indigenous rights – and then he stood her up and vacationed in Tofino on the opening day of the reconciliation ceremony for indigenous People. That wasn’t a mistake, People, that was a test. He wanted to see if Mary Simon was as soft and complacent as he figured she was – and she proved that she is. He humiliated her, and she put up with it. Scolding him when he finally did Show up while he smirks and listens is not ‘asserting’ her authority. He thinks she’s a fool and an idiot and he figures no One Will ever Quest-Ion Mary Simon or point out how she’s being played by Trudeau because they (mainstream media) Will characterize such criticisms as ‘indigenous intolerant’.

So no One can Quest-Ion Mary Simon’s competence in the position because they Will be Characterized as ‘indigenous intolerant’ or something similar. Trudeau believes she’s too soft and incompetent to be a threat to his dominance and totalitarian agenda, and he doesn’t take indigenous People seriously anyway, so he doesn’t have to worry about any moral dilemma he might be faced with if he were appointing a competent ally to his treason in her stead (like the previous GG, Payette who wisely removed herself from office). He also doesn’t care whether or not she might be implicated in his treason, he considers her ‘disposable’.

I haven’t Officially placed Mary Simon on Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability, but I did Write the Secretary of the Office of the Governor General today and was as King where I should send My Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability because I do not Wish for her to claim she did not receive it.

What I’m really Thrilled about though, is that I’m inspired to Paint and I have a lot more Characters to be adding to My Art Exhibit-Sean, which is an extension of “The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean” (My Official not for profit political Venture).

One of two things are going to happen. I Will either have plenty more portraits to paint, or We Will find a Hero who Honours their Oath of Office and fulfills their obligations to Canada’s People very soon. I am confident that not all People within the Canadian government and law enforcement are corrupt, it is only a Matter of time before these criminals Will be held accountable for their crimes.

I’m also Thrilled that despite the very serious nature of these Posts, I am able to use things like Word Play and paintings to make this all a little less dreary to read about – or at least that is My hope and why We call this the Good News Journal.

Finally, I did receive some response to My last Letter from some Friends on Facebook who were as King of Me if they can use My Letters and Notices as a general template if other People Wish to follow Suit. I consider this the dressing of Characters on the world stage, getting into in Uni-Form.

The future belongs to the People, Lords and Ladies, government are on their Way out. I Give You My Word (actually, that 1,800 Words now, so thank King or Queen You for Your precious time and attention).

Love and Blessings,

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