Volume CXC: Sars-CoV2 Spike Protein Attacks Nucleus, Inhibits DNA Repair

Hi every One. Canada’s elected officials are all guilty of medical fraud and crimes against humanity for claiming that vaccines that have not been fully tested are perfectly safe, so I’m going to start sharing the REAL scientific data concerning these vaccines as evidence of how damaging these vaccines are to overall health continues to emerge.

A recent study from the U.S. National Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health has determined that the spike protein of Sars-CoV2 attacks the nucleus of cells and impairs DNA repair. I’m not a scientist, so I’m not going to get into the specifics, I’m simply going to share the actual study from the U.S. Library of Medicine and National Institute of Health with You here so You can read the study Your Self.

Canada’s government, take Notice, as You are fully liable for all harm done to all Canada’s People who were misled by Your propaganda campaign suggesting these vaccines are ‘perfectly safe’. I’ll Will share and publish more studies as they emerge to demonstrate the inefficacy of the viruses the Canadian government (and virtually every other government of the world) are falsely claiming Will stop the spread of covid.

This is medical fraud of unprecedented proportions being perpetrated by governments all over the world. These fascist frauds are nothing more than spokesmen for big pharma, the unelected and untrustworthy World Health Organization (run by a previous dictator who was appointed head of the W.H.O. by another communist dictator, Xi Jinping), and the Bill and Melinda Gates to Hell Foundation, (who are also well known for their eugenics advocacy and Wish to see the global population reduced by roughly one third – Bill Gates stated on TedX talk that he believes vaccines are the best ‘opportunity’ for reducing the global population).

Everyone holding a position of office within Canada’s government better start standing up against these treasonous traitors, or be prepared to spend the rest of their lives in Guantanamo Bay as conspirators to the fraud for crimes against humanity, and experimenting with medical procedures on an uninformed populace coerced into vaccination under threat of harm and ostracization from society.

Consider this an International Public Notice to all governments of the world.

Love and Blessings to all of the world’s People putting up with these treasonous tyrants.

Here is YouTube video breaking down the scientific data in layman terms:

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