Volume CXCI: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; The Truman Show

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and My Spiritual Interpret-A-Sean of ‘The Truman Show’. I am excited to get into this and almost didn’t get this Post Published in time because this review Will go considerably faster than Our last Interpret-A-Sean of V for Vendetta because there is far less moment to moment symbolism than in Our last Show. Alright, let’s get into it.

The opening scene begins with the director of the Truman Show describing the nature of the program and why it is so unique compared to all other productions.

“While the world he inhabits is somewhat counterfeit, there is nothing fake about Truman himself… It’s a Life

Director, Truman Show

I used bold type to emphasize just a couple of Words from the opening monologue. First, the Word inhabitant is the Word One uses to describe a Common Law home, or the place where One primarily resides. Resides is in italics because that is the Word the legal fiction uses to establish a corporate place of business. Residents are corporate entities, inhabitants refer to a natural, Common Law dwelling. Keep in Mind that every detail in every film is intentional, these are technically ‘Common Law’ Notices that also happen to be entertaining. You are being educated any time You sit down to watch any film or television program, and that is why they are called programs, because they are programming the hard drive of Your Mind.

The second Word, ‘Life’, is equally relevant because they could just as easily have said that Truman is a ‘person’ – but they didn’t. He’s not a person, he’s a Living Man, and his legal status is clearly established at the commencement of the film.

A Character who Plays Truman’s best Friend in the film also makes the following comment regarding the set.

“Nothing You see is fake, it’s merely controlled.”

Truman’s best Friend, Marlon

Again, the bold type is to point out Words of importance because the Truman Show is a perfect metaphor for each of Our lives. Nothing about Our world is fake, either – it is merely controlled. They call it ‘de-facto’ currency and de-facto Courts, but they are still real, they are simply to control corporate entities.

We get to skip a lot of time before scenes of significance as I make notes watching the film. This Will only be My second time watching this film (it is very rare for Me to watch anything more than once unless I find it to be of particular educational Value), and My memory is not as Good as I was thing King with respect to how the film starts. I know Truman was born on set and I thought that was how the film started, though that is not the case. The first Significant scene is the first day We witness Truman heading off to work. As he steps out of his house, a staging light crashes to the ground and Truman decides to investigate.

He picks up the light from the set and We see the Word ‘Sirius’ Writ on the side of the light. Is ‘Sirius’ a famous stage set lighting company? To the best of My knowledge, it’s not. So what is the Significance of ‘Sirius’ Writ on the side of the light?

Well, Sirius is the brightest Star in the sky from earth. Beside the Word ‘Sirius’ We can also make out the first of two other Words that follow, ‘Canis’. If One looks up Sirius to find out more about that Star, One Will find that in addition to it being the brightest Star in the sky, it is also Called Canis Majoris in Latin, and means, ‘Scorching or Glowing’. This is (although perhaps subconscious) foreshadowing of Our main Character and the plot of the film (which is always introduced within the first few minutes). We have been told that Truman is the Star of the Show who Glows with scorching Light.

This event causes Truman to Quest-Ion his world a little more, though as he gets in his car, the radio dj reports that a plane flying over the town lost some parts, providing an explanation before Truman has a chance to be suspicious, though it gently begins his awakening to reality.

We also learn that (as with every Story), Our Hero has a weakness. We learn that Truman is deathly afraid of water and cannot take a ferry to close an insurance deal. Truman lost his father in a boating accident, and We get a sense that Truman feels responsible for the loss of his father (because Truman encouraged his father to continue as a storm was approaching), and has been deathly afraid of water ever since.

There are some minor ‘oddities’ that Truman begins to notice that press him to continue questioning his perceived reality. He is late for the ferry but it doesn’t leave the dock – it appears every One is waiting for him. He’s stopped by two men on his Way to work for no apparent reason, though We (the audience) know it’s because the men have been asked to keep the camera on an advertisement. This is never specifically stated, but Truman’s life is littered with moments of his Friends and wife promoting various products which We recognize to be advertising various brands. Truman just finds it weird and strangely out of place.

The next major event that causes Truman to Quest-Ion his reality is when he runs into his father who is now playing a homeless Man. We presume that Truman was not meant to recognize his father and when he does, his father is quickly dragged away and onto a bus with virtually every other stage prop interfering with Truman’s efforts to stay with the Man.

After the dramatic scene Truman is left standing in the middle of the street bewildered, and a Sign behind him reads, ‘Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno’.

One might guess that the Latin Words translate to mean, ‘All for One, and One for all’. I found this particularly interesting simply because the Words are in Latin. I have a belief that We subconsciously comprehend more Words than We realize, as most western languages were derived from Latin, so even if Our conscious Mind does not comprehend, I believe those Words are infused to Our DNA. I believe that’s why Latin is used so much in Law, and why We saw examples of it in the Matrix (temet nosce – know thy Self) and other films I haven’t reviewed, like John Wick (fortis fortuna adiuvat – fortune favours the brave).

Well, that’s eleven hundred Words already and My second Post for today, making this Two’s-day True to its name, so We’re going to call that a wrap for now. In the next Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition We Will get into Our Hero’s Love interest, his wife (yes, they are two different characters), and his best Friend a little more. We’ll also discuss the relevance of Truman’s name, though I feel that’s pretty obvious and perhaps why I glazed over it today and jumped right into the film.

Hope You are having a Terrific Tuesday and enjoying these Interpret-A-Sean’s.

Love and Blessings,

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