Volume CXCI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Legal Verses Lawful, Marijuana Versus Cannabis

Hello every One and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, and what a Fabulous Friday in Deed!!! Thank King or Queen You for being here, it is a Great Pleasure to have You in My House. It is also My Wish for You to know how Sincere and Genuine My Sentiment (Sent ‘I’ Mind) is because You really are in a House right now, wherever You are. This is the True House of God, this is where We Truly Live all the Time!!! We are always in some Way in Our Mind and My Words are an Invite a Sean into My House. By accepting, You have done the Great Hounour of extending Me an Invite a Sean into Yours.

And it is a Fabulous Friday in Deed because it is a Master Magician of unprecedented Pro-Por-Sean’s (Por=for), that You have invited into Your House this Fabulous Friday Evening. I Mage in today’s Title Will get considerable a ’10’s Sean because both Cannabis and Law are of interest to Man (of either kind/sex). It’s only the Intro and click bait for the most Mystical Magic I Will be tall King about.

The first thing I Wish to say is that the reason I anticipate the Title Will be of particular interest is because the stigma surrounding Cannabis is so Great when it is in fact a most Magical Gift. God did not put things on this earth that Man was not meant to Play with. It is believed the Buddha involved Cannabis in their practice, though I’ve never bothered to research because I don’t really care whether they did or not, I know only of the benefits it bestows upon Me.

God does not ever make Me feel guilty about any of the choices I Wish to make – I feel guilty about some of the choices I make. Cannabis is most certainly not one of them and neither are cigarettes for those who might be thing King it might be (I do smoke cigarettes, also). I do not feel guilty about choices I consciously make, ever. Part of what makes Me both a Spiritual Man and a Master Mage-i-Sean, is that I am always listening to My Heart. Trust Me, it knows everything and it is the Source of the world’s most Powerful Magic. Guilt is about Living in the Past, Magic is about Living now and making conscious choices now.

But because Cannabis has such a terrible social stigma with so many People in Canada, still, I was thing King that this Free Lance Friday would be a Fabulous time for Me to be tall King about some of its benefits. Did You know that it is the only known ‘drug’ that has the potential to stimulate brain cell regeneration and growth? Otherwise, brain cells don’t generally regenerate, it’s more about preserving the stock One already has (hence why using drugs that kill brain cells is bad). Keep in Mind, I’m a Master Magician not a doctor, so this isn’t medical advice and should not be perceived as such. I am not tall King about what is right for the One reading this, I am only tall King about the benefits Cannabis bestows upon Me.

Today, if it were not for Cannabis, I would still have been wondering what I might be Writing about for My Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, My most Favourite day of the week for Writing because I allow My Self to be as Creative with My Words as I Wish. It’s basically the day of the week that I personally dedicate to Casting My most Powerful Magic into the world without restraint. The world would not believe Me if I were to tell You just how Magical the Words You’re reading Truly are and how they Will one day impact (I’m Pact/Oath) Our world. (And just wait until I have a few more Painting completed to pump up the Volume of the Frequency even further).

I was war King a very long day helping a Friend in need and was rewarded by the Universe with a half-quarter ounce of Cannabis. I was not even as King of the Universe for it, and it would be impossible for Me to Truly explain to You My relay-Sean Ship with God, though I can continue to try.

Only God knows how True and Good My Heart really is. Every One else could perceive all of this to be an Act – I am a Gemini, after all; the ‘Twins’, ‘two face’. What People don’t understand is that My ‘Twin’ is God. No body else could ever possibly understand because Our relay Sean ship with God is deeply personal. God Will be tall King to each of Us equally all of the time in a unique and Wonder Full Way. That relation ship is more Sacred and intimate than the most memorable on Man’s earth. What I can tell You, is that if God did not approve of Cannabis use in My Universe, God would not be Presenting it to Me and as King of Me to accept. God does not ‘taunt’ Me with Gifts I should not receive, or put a smile on My Friend’s face when I choose to accept. God is Happy when I make People smile.

And the worst Part about My long day, was that I was tired by time I got home. I have resolved to commit to a Blog Post a day, partially to Pay Tribute to God for Gifting Me with the perfect Office for Minding his Trust, and partially because I did not Wish to let a long day be an excuse for not Keeping My commitment and skipping a day – especially My most Favourite day of the week for Writing.

But after having only two puffs of a joint I rolled from the Cannabis I had been Gifted by God, I was thing King about how many wonderful things I have to share with You and had to put it out and run back inside to get started on this Post so I would not forget to at least tell You some of the things I Will be tall King with You about over the next weeks and months. I went from having Virtual Writers Blog with respect to interesting things to be tall King about, to have so many things to cover it would be impossible for Me to share them all with You in a single Post.

That’s really just the intro! We haven’t even started tall King about today’s Title, ‘Legal verses Lawful, Marijuana Versus Cannabis’. But We’re tall King about getting rid of the bad social Stigma, right? Well, there are no government approved marijuana shops, marijuana was never legalized because it was never illegal; it was Word Magic.

Cannabis was legalized in Canada (not marijuana), and more likely because its use is so popular, beneficial, and socially in demand, that too many People were beginning to real eyes the hoax that was being Played by exactly that Word Magic. Not even the government has the Power to declare any plant on God’s green earth unlawful. So the government Creates a different Word from how the Plant is properly named in nature and Magically Spelled in Latin, so that it can legally legislate a law that makes a thing called marijuana illegal.

See what they did there? Don’t look back now, don’t hold them accountable for all the years they fooled You. They tricked Us into Calling Cannabis marijuana and We never rebut that argument. We never came to the defense of the plant and that was not its God Given name. Government has no authority over God’s Creations, only their own. They could never lawfully make Cannabis illegal, they had to change the name from the its True, Latin, Lawful name!!! Technically, marijuana doesn’t even exist as a real thing, it is completely fictional.

It’s like somebody telling You that a bird is a hat, and if You agree when they Show You a bird and Say it’s a hat… Well, You must be crazy and stupid, right? The ‘marijuana’ user don’t even know what it is in his Hand (or what he’s smoking, for that Matter)!!!

People, this really is just a teaser. I’ll probably make this a four parter or more because We’re already at 1,300 Words and People who don’t smoke Cannabis generally can’t handle more than 1,500 Words at a time (that was a joke, I’m being facetious and subtly adding a pro Cannabis plug it just applies to People in general, though it may also prove to be True – I’ve never dug deeper in My research on that particular point to know either Way).

But do You see how Magical language is and how it can be used against Us if We do not understand the Power of Our Words? I would be Willing to bet that in addition to the social pressure and the obvious tax benefit to legalizing marijauna, the most important political pressure was really coming from People who were catching onto some of the Magical tricks being Played by Court Magistrates. A few People ‘beat’ marijuana charges by insisting they have no Idea what marijuana is, they were smoking Cannabis, and the black magic of the black robed magician realizes the cursive language has been broken, the spell in no longer war King!!! The black robe runs from the Court, not sure what to do, and the People begin to see the little Man behind the Curtain, and Dorothy is getting ready to click her heels three times and head on back to Kansas.

(There Will most definitely be a Part II)

Love and Blessings,

Post Script for #WordPress – Thank King You (or Queen You) for changing the default typing font, I was just about to complain about the last change You made, but what You’ve got going on now is beautiful and worth it if the previous tiny, crammed default font and spacing was necessary to make some kind of update (I’ve noticed other improvements, too that I like). I Love this default font, it is Your best so far, and it helped to make this Friday a little more Fabulous, too!!! 😉

Post, Post Script: This Post would also not be possible without God’s Gift of Cannabis. Even if I had Published a Post today, it would not have been anywhere near as enter [My House] taining as it was, I can assuredly guarantee You that.


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