Volume CXCII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Legal Verses Lawful, Marijuana Versus Cannabis, Part IV

Hello every One, and welcome the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, My most Favourite day for Writing. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today I Will be wrapping up My ‘Legal Verses Lawful, Marijuana Versus Cannabis’ series while Wielding My Words with My most Wish Full Magic to pre-Serve the Free Lance Friday trade is Sean. 😉

Yesterday We were tall King a little about My inheritance, My bio-Logical father’s Estate, and it Will be a Wonder-Full Way to wrap up the week and this little mini-series, which was also inspired to distill some of the social stigma surrounding Cannabis use.

It was a couple of puffs of some Cannabis that put a prompt end to this Blogger’s Writers Block for the last Free Lance Friday Edition, and inspired Me to start this series because I was considering how silly it was the stuff was ever illegal. It also seemed silly because when My Mum first learnt I smoke Cannabis, she wasn’t worried about My Judgement, she was worried that I might get arrested for it. I was probably around eighteen at the time, and I distinctly remember saying to her, “oh Mum, don’t worry about that, the stuff Will be legal one day, just Give it time.'”

So that’s an example of My Word Manifesting I hadn’t considered in a while, and We learnt last week that Cannabis was never illegal, Marijuana was. Marijuana was never legalized, either, Cannabis was. I’m not exactly sure how it Will be classified now, but My guess is a ‘controlled substance’, and all it really means is that something that was always legal and lawful, is now ‘legally’ controlled (allegedly by the consent of the People by Way of legislative Acts of State Actors).

At any rate, the very next thing I considered after a quick chuckle to My Self about the Cannabis Versus Marijuana situation, was how the legal fiction uses these tactics to trick People into Giving up their Lawful, inherent rights. I started thing King about the Canadian National Bank, their fraud and threat of extorsion. I was thing King about how I should update the House of von Dehn Manor Roll with My most recent emails to the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office, and the Notices served upon the real Estate agent for Civil and Criminal Liability for Fraud and unlawful listing My inheritance (My father’s Real Estate) on the market.

I was wondering if I had shared these details with My audience before, and I know I did mention that I placed the Real Estate agent on Notice and reported that the next day the listing had been removed from the MLS system, almost as if it never existed. I was of the presumption the Notice had kept the wolves at bay a little while longer, and I was tall King about that, too, but the Cannabis has inspired to Me to share with You the Sacred Secret of My most Magical Gift – My Words Magically Manifest.

So I did not have enough time to be tall King with You about My father’s Estate last Free Lance Friday, but I was thing King I should list the Official assets of House von Dehn in ‘Real’ Value? There is a reason I have been placing the Word ‘Real’ in italics.

My Wish and determination was to secure the True, Real Value of the Estate in ounces of Gold. My father’s property and estate has Real, True Value. The fictional Value is the Canadian dollar Value and one of the many reasons the debt owed by comparison is meaningless, it’s fiction. It’s a de-facto currency for a de-facto legal system, and it’s Value is relative. The Value of the Estate (and any ‘Real’ property) Will only increase relative to Canada’s dollar.

Consider those Words for a moment and how they may apply if One can Show they are a Holder in due Course of a Cestui Que Vie Trust. How might this apply to One’s rightful heir to their [earthly] father’s Estate?

Well, the other most Powerful tenet to Mastering Magic is knowing there are no coincidences. Before I had a chance to tell You how much My inheritance was worth in ‘Real’ Value (Gold and Silver), I received an email from My Brother telling Me that the property was in fact unlawfully sold for $425,000.00 CA, amounting to 180.7603 ounces of Gold at the exchange rate on the day this information was made known to Me.

I Will be tall King about this more for sure, though this Will wrap up this series. To touch on a couple of points regarding the legal verses Lawful theme before I Sign off, they cannot legally or Lawfully sell a property when there is an outstanding Claim against it on the Public Record. The reason it appeared as though it was removed from the MLS, is because they were legally required to remove it from the public market as soon as they had knowledge of the claim, or the Mortgage Listing System would be liable for allowing it to remain on the public market.

My Brother doesn’t seem too concerned about this, either. I still can’t find any public sales history regarding the property, but apparently My Brother can. My Brother is also a Real Estate agent himself, so he has access to Records the public cannot see. He has assured Me that the property sold, and assures Me it closed at $425k, or 180.7603 ounces of Gold in Real Value.

The final connection to today’s theme, is that from what I can gather, the law firm and the Canadian National Bank know they committed a serious crime and only managed to get away with it because they sold the property privately. Now, I could be very wrong about this of course, but I believe this was all done entirely in the private and without any oversight from the state.

The Good News regarding all of that (if something like this ever happens to You and You’re feeling a little angst about it, this is a Good time to pay attention) is that I now know the True Value of My inheritance. My Brother seems to be thing King collecting his share Will be as easy as as King for it at the Court, but I’m not so sure it Will be that easy, though I am also hoping I am wrong.

AND the draft number for this Post is 21373, and You would really have to know Me to understand how Magical that is!!! I Will be going after Noah and his criminal cabal for the full 180+ ounces of Gold, plus considerably more for gross negligence to his legal obligations as power of attorney over the estate to keep all beneficiaries informed, and to ensure the (real) Value of the Estate is preserved for the other beneficiaries. By exchanging the Estate for debt, they effectively squandered 100% of the Real Value of the Estate for it’s beneficiaries. I also need to account for the fraud, extorsion, undue mental and psychological duress, et cetera.

I Will be tall King about some of My Ideas concerning that Matter and how I Will deal with it upcoming Posts.

Thanks so much for being here!!!

Love and Blessings,

Today’s feature photo was to Show People My preferred parchment of choice and Writing tools for Wielding My most Magical weapons, sharper than knives.

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