Volume CXCIII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; The Truman Show, Part III

Hello every One, and welcome to Part III of the Tuesday Tell a Vision Product Sean of My Spiritual Interpret a Sean of The Truman Show. Thank King or Queen You for being here, it is an Honour to have You in My House.

Every Spiritual Interpret a Sean Series I Write, I Write because it is profoundly related to Our Real Life world. In many Ways, One could argue that all films mimic Our reality in some Way, but these interpret-a-Sean’s are specifically related to Man’s system of commerce and the legal fiction. The Truman Show is perhaps all too obviously centered around Will-I-am Shake-Spear’s (Words are Weapons) all too familiar quote, ‘All the world’s a Stage…’. The Truman Show is today’s reality tell a Vision program on steroids.

We are also looking at the Spiritual connection and meaning in the film. Every Hero has a weakness, Truman’s is a deathly fear of water. In all Spiritual Interpret-a-Sean’s I do, water always represents Our current (like currency/current-sea) commercial and legal fiction, otherwise known as commercial Admiralty Law, or the Law of the Sea. Water also re-Presents the Idea of cleansing, Nurturing, Nature, Mother, and the Divine Feminine. All of these concepts consistently overlap (like gentle waves on a sandy beach) in Our subconscious Mind whether We are consciously aware of it or not… That’s pretty much the big ‘Secret’ behind Word Magic. These concepts work much like a hypnotists watch for the unconscious observer lulled into a trance One cannot wake (like from a ship) up from.

Spiritually, water also represents the rebirth of a Character, and Truman was ‘purified and re-born’ by a rainstorm the producers used to chase him off a beach. The Love of his Life represents the Divine feminine and started Truman’s journey on his Quest by telling him to come find her. There is always a Princess for the Hero to save, even in films where the Hero is feminine. It is also not a coincidence that it is Truman’s fear of water (Divine Feminine) he Will have to over come to accomplish his Quest. Perhaps the most Powerful thing I can tell You about the importance of the Princess in any Good Story, is the same Idea We see echoed in the Tarot. The Princess represents Hopes and Dreams for Our Hero, and the possibility that there is more to Life than what the Director of his Stage Producer has Cast (like a Magic Spell, or to catch a fish) for him – Truman has bigger fish to fry… Do We see/sea how all these Words are tied together?

Truman is no longer ‘satisfied’ with the Role the Casting Director had in Mind for him to Play and has decided to try to leave his perfectly controlled little Life. This is a Significant detail, too, because it mimics the Idea We saw in Fight Club when Our nameless Hero loses everything he ‘identifies’ with, and We saw the same Idea with Neo when he chooses to take the Red pill in the Matrix.

I’ve also suggested that most (if not all) Good stories are metaphors for the Story of Christ, so We are looking for some consistent themes. A virgin birth (a bastard Son in the legal world, a Miracle in the Spiritual world because there must be a father, so God is presumed to be the Father). In Truman’s case, the director of the production is Truman’s [false] God because he has Created Truman and the world he lives in. The Real Truman is legally purchased so that he Will unwittingly Live his entire Life in a fictional reality and be entirely deprived of any disclosure that his Life was exclusively for the entertainment of others.

That is the most important Significance of My decision to do a ditty on the Truman Show because it is a perfect metaphor for Our world, the only difference, is that most of Us Will know Our biological parents. Other than that, Our world is just a bigger stage for exactly the same kind of production with probably still more than 99% percent of the world not having a clue they have been Living for some One else’s entertainment and benefit without any disclosure or consideration.

If Truman never met the Love of his Life, he may never have been motivated enough to Wish to leave and spent his entire Life Living in ignorance. If some One were to do this to Your Life, would You be angry?

What I find perhaps the most compelling aspect of the Truman Show, is that We don’t seem to have any problems enjoying the film and laughing at Our Hero’s plight. We spend very little time thing King about how cruel and unfair it would be to do this to some One. Or is it?

If Truman had never met this other girl, would he have remained just satisfied enough to never be motivated to leave? If he remained oblivious for his entire Life but enjoyed his Life, is it still cruel and unkind? The concept is Presented as an alternative to a Life in foster homes where children do not have access to a lot of the finer things in Life, the director had enough money to ‘take care of Truman’ better than the foster homes would have been able to provide. Is it a morally ethical thing to do, or not?

I’m not going to postulate an answer to that Quest-Ion, I just Wish to be Gifting You with something to be thing King about as We are war King Our Way through the rest of the Show.

Next week, We Will pick up with a bit of a more detailed breakdown of how Truman is Cast into the Show, and how immensely popular Truman is with the People of the world, and how Truman gradually wakes up the world to win them over as his determination to no longer Live a Life as a Character in some One else’s Story begins to inspire others to look deeper into their Self.

I’m sure You see the relevance to the overall theme of this Blog. 😉

Thanks so much for being here. A series on ‘The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, a Man’ is coming up later in the week, and I Will also be Writing another short Story relating Man’s Matrix and the commercial admiralty fiction to some Vampire themes. Yes, some very, scary stuff!!! (You probably have to be in Your mid to late forties, have exposure to Canadian television programming, and be familiar with a Show called SCTV to get that reference, so don’t worry if You didn’t because You’re not missing anything Significant).

Love and Blessings,

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