Volume CXCIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; The Kingdom, The Power and the Glory, a Man

Hello every One, and welcome to the Lucky Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, welcome to House von Dehn, Kingdom of God. Yes, today feels very Lucky because I am beginning My Series on the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory of God’s Kingdom today, a Man. It is something I have Wished to be tall King about for some time, though the delay Will be well worth the wait as I have learned considerably more since the first time I considered the Idea.

I’m not sure what kind of sense People can make of My little Note Book. A Note is a sound in music and Plays a Part in the Universal symphony. It is also a bill of exchange. Pictured above are some Notes I made while thing King about how to better explain Trusts; My Cestui Que Vie Trust in God, the public Trust of the citizen, and Trust Law in general. Believe it or not, Trust Law is the Highest Form of Law.

Philosophically speaking, how ‘Valuable’ is the piece of paper pictured above?

“One Man’s trash is another Man’s Treasure…”

Proverb, unknown, perhaps the Bible?..

What if it were discovered that the piece of paper the Writing is on is in a notebook that contains the meaning of Life, the Philosopher’s Stone, or some ancient Writings by One of the world’s great philosophers? Would the paper be worth a little more if that was known to be True? What Gives a thing Value?

The ‘Lucky’ Part of My Wednesday today is that this introduce-Sean is the result of an event I was thing King about concerning some of My own intellectual property rights. It occurred to Me how relevant the Story I Wish to tell is tied into the mini-series I Wish to Write on ‘The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, a Man’.

One of the things that changed in My microcosm and Man’s macrocosm as a result of Claiming Dominion over My name and [the Product of My] Energy, is that the info panel about ‘Sean von Dehn’ on Google no longer described Me as a Canadian author – it just said ‘author’, with a photo of My Book pictured beside it. My name on My Book was also changed from ‘SEAN VON DEHN’ in the lower bottom corner, to ‘Sean von Dehn’, just above the Title. Now, the same search result only Shows ‘My Story’ as the number one search result. None of these things are coincidence.

I’ve been thing King how to help the Common Man (of either kind/sex) comprehend their True, Real Value, because the concept of paying for things with My thumbprint seems so alien to most People… How can that be possible? And they accept it? How can that be legal?

Well, not only am I going to explain how and why that works (especially at a Court House), I’m going to tell You some Good Stories about My own Life along the Way. A Court House is an Office for a bank. I may be getting a little a Head of My Self, but I Wish for You to be Keeping this in Mind with relation to how all Letters are a ‘Dressed’ to People, how I express My a ‘Dress’ in particular, and why all the different Parts of an a-Dress are Writ in such a particular Order.

With respect to trying to help the Common Man comprehend their Truly unlimited commercial Value, I was thing King about what other items of Real Value I can List in the House von Dehn [family] Trust aside from [a portion of] the unlimited commercial Value of My Life ex-Pressed with a thumb-Print Seal unique to My House (Coin of the Realm).

The first thought that crossed My Mind was My Portraits. How much are each of them worth? Who gets to decide? How many do I have? How many more Will I Create? Are those wood supports worth more or less than they were when I acquired them? How long Will they last? Does it retain its Original Value?

I considered how many Portraits I have now, and decided I Will list them on the King’s Treasury list as Valuable Capitol assets. Capital assets are defined as [Dominion over] a piece (Peace) of Significant property. We each Hold Dominion over every thing We Create, and only I can determine how Valuable and Significant My Portraits are in relation to what I Wish to accomplish in the world, so they Will be added to the King’s Ledger as I get them completed, which I figured Will further encourage Me to continue war King on My ‘Kingdom of Heaven Found-a-Sean’ Art Exhibit-Sean, and realized even the Title is technically Significant Capital I should list in My Treasury (it’s technically an entire not for profit business Plan). Are My Portraits not My Treasures, do they not sound like the kind of thing a King would list in the family Treasury as a Valuable asset of the Estate?

I began to consider how much other intellectual property I have out there in the Universe that I have never laid Claim to or Recorded as assets. It is entirely possible that the best short Story I ever Writ is currently in the Hands of the Canadian government in some filing cabinet somewhere. I really need to be as King for it back because You Will see just how relevant it is, especially with respect to the things I am tall King about now and would never have known when I was twenty-one.

The Story is Titled, ‘A Fish Out of Water’, and it was stolen from Me by an English teacher of an Ontario Academic Credit course (basically a first year university credit available in high school). Her name was Miss Cadman, and I was the only student in the class to not have My paper returned. We had been tasked with Writing a short Story to Give a ‘fable, or myth-like’ explanation of a popular cliche (a list of example cliché’s was Handed out, and ‘a fish out of water’ was one of them). We were also told We could Write any ‘Style’ or genre.

As per usual, I put off Writing My Story until roughly midnight the night before the paper was due. This seems like a crazy, senseless strategy to some People, and I Will not even say that I’m not Willfully procrastinating when I do this, but the project and deadline of things that are important to Me Will always be on My Mind to some measure. The closer the deadline gets, the faster the wheels begin to turn. I can come up with several Ideas and improve on them before it is absolutely necessary to pick an Idea and get started.

I had picked the Title the first day We received the paper and had considered several Ideas for Stories I could tell and remember none of the other contenders. But there were three Characters to My Story; Angie the Angelfish, Sandy the Seahorse, and Ollie the Octopus. The Story was about Angie’s insatiable desire to Live on Land, despite how dangerous her Friend Sandy the Seahorse had told her it was.

I am also going to be listing that Story in the King’s Treasury under ‘Accounts Receivable’. I am very interested in recovering that property. So interested, I’m not sure I can put a price on it because I don’t quite remember how Good it was, the symbolism of it all only occurred to Me now – and We know I don’t believe in coincidences.

The Story was not returned to Me because Miss Cadman decided she Wished to defame My Character by suggesting the Story was ‘too Good for this grade’. She said she Will not grade it or return it to Me until I provide her with more examples of My work, as she believes it was plagiarized.

Can You Imagine My horror? Long Story short, I threatened to sue the school board for theft of My intellectual property and defamation of Character, though I would have had no Idea how to follow through on either one of those threats at the time. I also told them they would not receive another paper from Me of any kind until they prove they are not going to try to steal My intellectual property!!!

They basically bribed Me. My guidance counsellor was as King of Me to please forgive and forget the teacher and My paper, and to accept another Gift in stead – My entire educational portfolio/transcript (a True copy, not the original). He also suggested that the real reason I was angry wasn’t because the teacher had accused Me of plagiarizing the paper, but because I know if she’s making that accusation she has nothing to teach Me and is wasting My time. He said he found it hard to believe I’m truly offended by the accusation because he doesn’t believe I Value the opinion of teachers enough to care what they are thing King of Me anyway. I swear he was more like a psychologist than a guidance counsellor, and he was absolutely correct. You can Imagine how much that Revelation (Revel, eh Sean/Reveal a Sean) might have hit ‘Home’ at the age of twenty-one.

He was as King of Me why I was wasting My time in school, why do I care if I get that paper back? He told Me that the papers in My Hand would get Me into any University I may Wish to go, and nothing Will stop Me from achieving anything I put My Mind to.

Again, looking back One can see how I (Play-fully) call this a bribe because I was far too young to comprehend what was really being said, and My ego was far more Impress-Ion-Able than it is today. I was threatening to sue two teachers for incompetence in their profession. Looking back, it’s now obvious to Me that the guidance counsellor did try to retrieve My Story and demand the teacher return it to Me and she was standing her ground, refusing to Hand it over – he had to try to come up with some kind of solution to avoid a potential law suit (that would never actually have happened, it was a total bluff but I was a pretty accomplished drama student, too and I was putting on My best Show for sure). This was the compromise he came up with, along with the ‘wooing’ speech to send a young Man out into the world feeling confident (which I did). At least, that’s My hypothesis looking back on the situation now, though I did have another teacher later in Life tell Me that what My guidance counsellor did is exceedingly rare and something he could lose his job for if it – unless of course it was pre-approved and suggested by the school board.

I’m twice as long as usual, and this series Will be several Parts because that Story is a Story I Wish to have a Record of for the House von Dehn Manor Roll. All I really do remember about Writing that Story, is that it was Fun, Virtually effortless, and loaded with alliteration. I Wish to have the Original, Hand Writ Version of that Story, ‘A Fish out of Water’, and I Will Publish it on My Blog when I recover it.

Until then, I’m also going to try to re-Write the Story as best as I can remember! If I did it in the wee hours of the morning before it was due the first time, I Will limit My Self to the same deadline, too. We received the assignment on Monday, and it was due at the beginning of class on Friday. I’ve been thing King about re-telling this Story since Monday, so I’m Giving My Self until Friday midnight to get it done.

I’m going to close this first edition of ‘The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, a Man’ by stressing the Significance of the Value of One’s Creations. I’m not sure how Good that Story is, maybe I’ll be very disappointed. On the other Hand, I know the Significance of the Story I tell to the Story I’m telling You now. Where does Angie the Angelfish ultimately Wish to be in My Story? Just on the shore of the beach, the sandy Banks of the water.

A Man is a body of Land, and that body of Land is surrounded by commercial admiralty waters. The body of Man is both a Nation under God, and a Bank on the Current Sea (currency) of commercial admiralty waters. The Kingdom of God is the Body of Man, and every body of Man is already recognized as a Sovereign Nation and Bank in today’s Post-all system.

There is much more to be tall King about as I expand on this Idea, but how Valuable that Story is can only be determined by Me because it is My Creation, I Hold the Supreme Claim of Right upon it as its Creator. I also Hold the primary Interest in the property because I am interested in getting it back, it is important to Me, My Story, and the his-Story of House von Dehn.

The Good News is, what I am telling You about the Real Value of Our inherent Estate is so True, I am thing King it Will be reasonably easy for Me to prove.

Whoever is responsible for Creating the mail system, commercial system, and legal systems We know today, have always known how much Your Life and Creations are worth – regardless where You are from, what gender You identify or don’t identify with.

Unless the English teacher was really corrupt and stole My Story, it Will still be in My Records somewhere. They Keep everything. They are like parents who keep Gifts We later Wish they would throw out or at least hide away somewhere. ‘They’ know how Valuable all of those things are, how they Will one day become historical Records that Will increase in Value simply because they are old, a collection or Records that tell the Story of Man’s evolution from the waters of commercial admiralty onto the banks of God’s Kingdom, Power and Glory, a Man.

More to come on this soon Ladies and Lords, along with an example of My first In-Voice to Ouid and David Rogers.

Love and Blessings,

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