Volume CXCIII: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, a Man, Part II – Promises, Pro Misses

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me because You are God’s Sun. Regardless which kind of Man One is, We are all heirs (Airs) to God’s Kingdom when We ascend from Spiritual infancy. We are treated as children in the Real world by State Actors because We are considered to be Spiritual infants who have no Idea how much Our Life is worth. Man is God’s most magnificent Creation, We are said to have been Created in His Image; what do You ‘I Mage’ in God looks like?

Natural Public Trust [in God]

There are always three main Parts to a Trust that determine the Roles of the Characters involved in the Trust and Direct how State Actors Will perform. The benefit to a well Writ Script for this Play, is that the Trust Instrument (Uni-Verse/One Song We all Sing) Will Produce a Good Show. In a Play, the producer is the Grantor of the Trust. The producer provides the funding (which represents Energy/Will/Spirit) and the Body of work (script/Land/body/Man). The Director is making sure that the producer’s Trust in the Script is Honoured by hiring the right Actors and ensuring they are True to the Script and produce the right Characters the producer had in Mind to bring her Vision to Life.

In the situation of a Play, the producer has made an investment in a Script (set of Rules to be followed) and is the Grantor of the funds and the Settlor of the body of work. She ‘Trusts’ that the Director Will hire all the right Cast and Crew for the Trust relation Ship to be successful, so the Cast and Crew are all co-Trustees. If the Show is successful and the Grantor’s Script and Vision comes to Life, then the Show is a benefit to Man’s kind because it has provided some entertainment for those who were not involved in its production. Happy, entertained People is also a reward for the Producer, Director, Cast and Crew, because that was the Intent of its Creator – to spread a message that Will be well received.

Those are how the mechanics of a Trust relation Ship work. In a commercial world, the only difference is that in the above example, People Will pay to see the Show, and if enough People pay to see the Show, then the producer recovers his investment and the Cast and Crew get paid according to the terms of the Trust established.

I used the example to Show that all parties are receiving a benefit from the Trust, and My intent was to Show how a Trust relation Ship works without attaching a financial Value to it. The wealth of a Trust does not have to be money (in fact, it never is, money is worthless). The wealth of the Trust is determined by its potential benefit to man’s kind. This also demonstrates how Valuable the Interest of a Man Truly is, because if no body comes to see the Show, it is not only the beneficiaries who suffer. In fact, the beneficiaries suffer the least because they don’t have to pay any Mind to the Energy that was lost. At the end of the day, all wealth is Energy in one form or another, and a Man’s interest is the most Value-Able, trade-Able asset Man has.

I’m including the example again for easy reference because this is what I was war King on yesterday and didn’t get drafted in time.

It IS a perfect template for every type of Trust relation Ship Man may enter into. If One can grasp the concepts in the above diagram and understand how those mechanics operate within a Trust, One Will be well on their Way to comprehending the True Value of their Real Estate (the body of Man). This is exactly how the public Trust is set up for State Actors, and the State Actors in this scenario are the Trustees on the right. Like Our previous scenario, some (most, if not all) State Actors Will also be beneficiaries, and all beneficiaries become Trustees when they reach the age of majority, are no longer a ‘minor’, and Claim their House (Manor). In the above scenario, the ‘House’ represents being in charge of the Estates Value (Gift of Life), as a Trustee (Trusted re-Presentation (in His likeness) of God’s Will) for the other beneficiaries (and Self). Only the One in charge of the House can Issue Orders and Charges. All Orders and charges Will be followed by a Character called Bill – that’s Bill’s job on the world stage.

The economy of every Nation on earth works according to the template I have provided for You today. In Our current world, all State Actors are Trusted to Keep God’s Laws. God made the Real Laws, so God’s Laws can never be ignored, his Trust cannot be breached without [severe] penalty (penal code). People Trust government to legislate Rules for commerce and infrastructure to serve the People and protect Our God Given rights. Inherent Rights are the Supreme Law of the Land, Air and Water (LAW); that is what [Rule of LAW] stands for.

What they’ve done is the six and nine trick. The public Trust is war King exactly as it should be war King, but People are not Acting as they should relative to their position of Trust. The beneficiaries are not holding their Trustees to account, and allowing codes, statutes and Acts to trespass upon their God Given rights. The public Trust set up by government is a Trust within a Trust which is governed by the [Script of] codes, statutes and acts, rather than the Rule of Law they were initially designed to protect! Because We have agreed that these fictitious laws are necessary to protect the Real Laws of God, We are charged for violating the Trust relation Ship whenever a code, statute or Act is violated. When We accept to be judged by these codes, statutes and Acts, the accepted charge becomes a thing of Value because it has captivated Our Interest. Just like in the example of the Play, Our attention to the Show is of Value to those directing the product-Sean.

Every One who is responsible for bringing false charges against another Man gets paid the moment the Man who is charged pays attention. That attention is worth money and because You don’t know it, they can use it to Create all kinds of money pay lawyers, judges, attorneys and police to charge You more. And all at the beneficiaries ex-pense (taking wealth from the beneficiary rather than protecting the assets of the Trust). But if no body knows their Value, it is easy to steal lunch money One didn’t even know they had and left abandoned on a [Judge’s] bench.

That’s roughly how the criminal system makes money (because this also pays for jail and all that other ‘Good’ stuff), but I haven’t told You how they use it for their benefit at Your ex-Pence when One is not a criminal.

What they do, is they acknowledge how many Lives they have to care for by Registering names of People in a Vital Statistics Record. Each of those Lives ‘legally’ Holds a Value of infinite dollars, unlimited [Faith and] credit. They Show these Trust assets to creditors (world banks) who provide funding to fulfill their (government’s) Fiduciary obligations to Care for those People! That’s the only reason the government can borrow a single red cent – because We have told them they can to fulfill their obligations to ensure everything We need to Establish God’s Kingdom on Earth is provided.

In the Play example, government Wishes to sell Us their Script and their Trust. But We all had Trust in God before government determined to interfere, and that Trust relationship is recognized in every country and Court of the world.

The reason banks don’t Give anything of Real wealth is because We are the only Ones who can pay the debt back. Some of Us do this in small measure by sending a statement off to revenue Canada or the IRS with receipts for ‘expenses’. Why is One thing King that government can take receipts of stuff already paid for and Magically turn it into money that gets One a rebate on their taxes? Because they can’t make You pay for anything because it was never an obligation of God. One just has to raise the bar with respect to what One requires for their Living expenses…

I am thing King that is a Good introduct-Sean. I Will be sending some bills to Revenue Canada very shortly, as King of them to discharge for Value and credit the account.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – Here’s an example of a Gift that Will be worth nothing to most, yet is priceless for My Mum because only I can Gift it. 😉 That’s Your power (and this is Me singing along to Chasing Cars, one of My Mum’s favourite songs to hear Me Sing).

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