Volume CXCIV: The Magical Motive A Sean Edition; The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, a Man – Part III, Full Faith and Credit

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You so much for being here, I am Truly Thrilled to have You in My House. I hope many People Will enjoy this little series I am war King on because I am sharing some very important information regarding the global economy. Many People Wish to tell tall tales and Stories of financial collapse and ruin, but when People Truly comprehend what money is and how it functions in Our society (as opposed to how We believe it functions in society), One Will see how foolish those fears are in Reality. I am also tall King about Trusts which is something many People know little about, something every One already has, and something every One should consider Creating to protect their assets. In fact, I would say it is the most important thing One should consider even before a Will.

The first important point to Truly grasp, is that money is not wealth. It does not matter how much of it One has. It Will never be wealth. It is not like a debt, it is a debt. It’s like having the amount One has outstanding on their credit card bill in a form they can touch and feel, nothing more. It’s only Real Value, is that it is legal tender and can be legally ex-changed for items of Real Value (like food, gas, gold or silver). ‘Ex’ means to cancel or cross out, ‘change’ means to transform one thing into another thing – to exchange fictional Value for something of Real Value.

Although these examples of Trusts may look very simple and basic, that is precisely the Idea because Trusts can be very simple, very complicated, and every imaginable measure of complicity between the two extremes. Understanding the basic mechanics of a Trust Will help One to consider how One might Wish to set up a Trust (or several) and how complicated it needs to be. I would even suggest that the reason they can get so complicated is because the basic mechanics are so simple and lucid, there is virtually no limitation on the types of Trusts One can Create.

I also believe one of the reasons We don’t hear a lot of Common Men (of either sex) tall King about Trusts is because generally One Creates a Trust to protect Valuable assets, and most of Us are probably thing King We don’t have enough Valuable assets to bother setting up a Trust to protect in the first place (especially if it means hiring a lawyer or financial advisor and paying those fees to get it all set up).

But the point to tall King about Trusts as Part of this series is because We all have the right of Self determination, right to administrate the natural, inherent Value of Our Life, We all have full administrative rights over the Value of Our Life and what We Wish to do with it. It is the most fundamental of all Man’s rights, and it is invaluable. So it should be listed as an asset of One’s Estate and placed in a Trust!

I also mentioned that every One already has a Trust, most People just don’t know it. Every single individual who’s birth was registered with the state has an estate with their name on it, the Title of the Story of One’s Life is listed as an unlimited commercial asset of a Cestui Que Vie public Trust. The birth certificate is actually a Claim of Right to that Estate when One comes of age (minor to Manor) on their Name day. Do People think they Call the birthday a ‘Name’ day on Game of Thrones by coincidence or happenstance? The greatest Gift One is Given is their name, it is the Title of their Life’s Story, and it is in a foreign Trust.

One is not supposed to be walking around using a birth certificate to acquire identification showing they are a minor with an inheritance to an estate they are still too young to Claim, they are supposed to return that certificate in exchange for exclusive Title to the name that was Gifted One by God in the first place, so it can be listed as an asset of One’s Trust [in God]. That is what the Genuine Article Live Birth Record is, a version of the Cestui Que Vie, Showing that the Man Holds exclusive Title to her/his name.

Now, the Canadian government carefully and skillfully dodged admitting that the Live Birth Record is used as a financial instrument and or is redeemable for wealth, and technically she was correct because they set everything up so perfectly. There is legitimately no claim upon any living Man on this earth anywhere because the entire legal system deals exclusively with Titles. Didn’t Christ say to accept not Titles? Yeah, I believe if He did, this is what he was tall King about.

It is the individual’s Life that Gives Value to that Title, and it is the individual’s attention (interest) that Title was Created to attract – it’s not yelling One’s name in ALL CAPITAL letters for no reason!!! It should read ‘ATTENTION, DECEPTION’ with ‘this is a modern day voodoo doll, use with extreme caution’ Writ underneath. But at no time was any One ever compelled to use one.

However, because We were not Given full disclosure of these things I am telling You, none of it is legally binding, it’s all just FRAUD and deception. As soon as that fraud and deception is pointed out, One is entitled to full restoration and remedy for any harm done – that’s where the obligations begin war King to the Sovereign’s advantage.

If One takes a closer look at each of the examples of Trusts above, One can see how the Principles of the Original, Natural Trust are mimicked by the Commercial Trust of today. Very briefly, the Pope provides the Rule of Law and Ten Commandments as the Trust instrument. The Queen is appointed as Trustee and ‘Defender of the Faith’ (Faith of course always represents Christ), and the Common Wealth countries are just a reflection of the Queen’s authority Reigning down on the federal governments, which then Create the codes, statutes and Acts designed to protect the Trust. We are all considered sinners for participating in commerce in the first place because that is a violation of the 10th Commandment. So the Gates of Heaven are closed until the children of God grow up and Act like Men of God (of either kind/sex).

I’ll continue with some of these Ideas tomorrow, but do We see how it all leads back to an obligation and a Duty of Care for ‘lost Souls’?

Love and Blessings,

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