Volume CXCIV: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; The Truman Show, Part IV

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Tuesday Edition of the Good News Journal and Our continuation of My Spiritual Interpret-a-Sean of ‘The Truman Show’. Thank King or Queen You for being here.

In last week’s Edition, We had just posed the moral Quest-Ion regarding the theme of the Truman Show. Truman was an otherwise ‘unwanted’ child and the first child in history to be adopted by a corporation (not True, technically all children are adopted by the Crown which is operating as a corporation in commerce – but Giving that spoiler alert away would defeat the True Purpose and Deeper (like the ocean) meaning of the film).

The Producer of the Show has just re-introduced an Actor Playing Truman’s dad in the Show to distract him from his desire to leave. Truman was beginning to believe his entire Life had been Staged, and lost his father as a young boy in a boating accident who he believed to still be alive. By returning the Actor to the Show, the hope was that Truman’s determination to leave the Set would be abandoned, or at the very least temporarily delayed.

This film interpret-a-Sean is coming at the perfect time because I am tall King about ‘the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, a Man’ as Part of a new series I’m war King on and this film is an excellent visual representation of the Ideas I am tall King about. I am suggesting that everything is in fact Part of a Trust relation Ship, and that those who Created the Original public Trust, did it with Great intention. The same sentiments are echoed by the Producer when he agrees to do an interview about re-introducing Truman’s dad to the Show.

The interviewer introduces the Producer as the ‘Conceiver and Creator’ of The Truman Show. Truman is an immaculate conception because the Show does not have a mother, and the ‘real’ mother of the Man is irrelevant and not Part of Truman’s concept-Ion. This is very much like the mother not being privy to the Trust she’s Creating when she Signs the birth registration Record at the hospital Presented by the Docker (doctor). They also use mother’s maiden name on the form, so she is presumed to be out of wed-lock and Giving birth to a fatherless son (bastard).

What I’m most trying to draw People’s attention to, is that the concept of the immaculate conception is Present in virtually every film if One knows what to look for. So is the Idea of water with respect to commerce, emotion, re-birth, renewal and nurturing. The Producer’s Idea and Intent-Ion for Truman was Good – he believed he could provide a better Life for Truman than he would ever have had the opportunity to otherwise enjoy in foster homes. It’s a fair and reasonable argument.

It is Truman’s [other, Real] Love interest that calls into the Show to confront the Producer and challenge his morals and ethics. He says a few profoundly Significant Words that may help You to comprehend why I chose to cover this film and why it is so important to Our own Story.

Silvia tells the Producer that what he is doing is making a mockery of a Man’s Life, and Keeping him in prison cell he doesn’t know exists. The Producer handles the Quest-Ion and Silvia’s obvious rage confidently, and with little remorse or regret. He tells Silvia,

“He can leave at anytime. If his was more than just a vague ambition. If he was absolutely determined to discover the Truth, there is no Way We could prevent it… Truman prefers his cell.”

Producer, ‘The Truman Show”

That is a very clear if not painful metaphor for Our current world because not One individual was ever compelled to use a birth certificate to identify their Life. The Producer provides Us with another clue as to why that might be.

“We accept the Reality We are Presented.”

Producer/Truman’s God, The Truman Show

There are also a few other Significant details about the Producer and the Cast and Crew. Two of the door Men guarding the studio have shirts which read “LOVE HIM, PROTECT HIM”. I point this out again because it lends to the Idea that the concept and Intent-Ion was Good. Often a mother or father can be overprotective or under-protective of their child for fear of making their child too dependent and weak, or too independent, isolated and cold. There is a fine line between nurture and nature, and My belief is that the Producer of the Show is much like the ‘powers that be’ in Man’s world – they don’t believe any Man can be tricked except those who choose to be tricked. They essentially believe exactly the same concept the Producer was tall King about – those who are Truly determined to know the Truth and are not just exploring some ‘vague ambition’ are Destined to know it. Truth is not hidden, it is in plain sight but only for those with eyes to see the citizen ships sailing obliviously upon the commercial admiralty waters, never touching the banks of the earth, only passing through ports of entry into a new body of water.

The Producer also names the Set he Created for Truman ‘Sea Haven’. I can tell You for sure that name is not a coincidence and refers to the temporal Heaven of commercial wealth, CAPITALISM. It’s heavenly enough for some, but without a firm Found-a-Sean on solid ground, the ships are always subject to stormy waters and being capsized, especially if no One is there to bail out the ship.

Haven means heaven, so it is a reflection of the Producer’s intent to Create Heaven on Earth for Truman, the symbolism of the ship and water is foreshadowing the inevitable collapse. All ships must be fully restored regularly or they Will no longer be sea worthy and Will eventually sink. (Just like a living Man would if they cannot get to shore.)

Finally, one of the other most Significant points of relevance in Our interview with the Producer, is the amount of wealth the Show has produced. The assets of the Truman Show product-Sean are estimated to be worth ‘the wealth of a small country’.

Is this foreshadowing that the wealth of a Man is equal to that of a small country? Of course it is! Every film is foreshadowing Our daily Life, programming Our Actions on the world Stage in some Way, providing Us with Direct-Sean.

It is also foreshadowing the fact that Truman Will have the primary interest in the Estate, and that once Truman finds his Way, he Will never have to worry about money ever again.

My Intent-Ion is for You to get the most out of these most important public Notices because that is what they are. They must disclose Truth to the individuals and they have done so, this is one of the Ways the Truth is Presented to Us in plain sight. The Truman Show is a perfect metaphor for Our Life and Our Story (collectively).

And where are We in the film now? Well, after Our revealing interview with the Producer, We discover that Truman has escaped!!! He fools the camera crew and sneaks out without any One noticing. They finally find him on a new Ship. We don’t know where Truman got this ship, but it represents re-birth (re-berthing a Ship), and Truman is facing his fear of water and Showing Us his determination to know the Truth at any cost.

We were never Given any Identification, that was the ‘miss-taken’ identity. We were Given a Ship to sail (sale) the seas of commercial admiralty without Our Sacred body ever having to touch the water!!! Unfortunately, Our Ship was wrecked like the Ship Truman lost with his father and is no longer sea-worthy. The captain of the Ship is responsible for repairing the ship and returning the vessel to the owner. The owner of the Ship is liable to the captain for any costs to repair the vessel, and any harm that was done to the captain or crew on the voyage. Who owns the citizen ship?

He who holds the Title also accepts liability.

Love and Blessings,

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