Volume CXCIV: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; The Kingdom the Power and the Glory, a Man, Part IV – The I Land of Will

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Wednesday’s are Lucky because Man is Magic and We decided they should be. This has been True in My microcosm for a long time, though the ‘Lucky’ is so commonly expected now, that it is difficult to determine why the day is Lucky. Today felt Lucky for many reasons because I have so much to be thank Full for and My Intent was to Write a Blog Post every day now that I have no legitimate excuse not to Write daily (unless I Gift My Self with one). Well, the first goal was thirty days and this Lucky Wednesday happens to be the thirtieth day, so I felt that was a pretty Lucky Way to start of today’s Post.

I’m also feeling a little Lucky because I am enjoying this little series I’m doing on ‘The Kingdom, the Power, the Glory, a Man’ to Show the Common Man her or his Real Value. I’m also enjoying the little diagrams I’m providing to help explain some of these concepts more Visually – this name of this Domain (do-main, main thing I’m doing, Deeds) is vonDehnVisuals, after all.

Near the beginning of this series I mentioned that the body of a Man is a body of land, legally recognized as a Sovereign nation. The moment We ‘Register’ Our Sovereign nation with another Nation, We are pledging fealty to that Nation and surrendering Our own Sovereignty. This is what happens when People register the birth of their child, and it is essentially the legal and commercial foundation of citizen Ship in every country. We are all presumed to be Sovereign naturally, and elect to be governed. It is also presumed that Man Will not Sign any contract unless they are legally and lawfully competent (like a King or Queen would be) and fully comprehend the terms and conditions One is agreeing to. If a King endorses a contract that he doesn’t understand, who is responsible for the deception? Any real King would look like a fool if he Signed anything he didn’t understand, right? That would more or less prove the King is not worthy of the Title, right? That’s pretty much the underlying premise of the entire system, and I feel it’s only fair to provide that as a prelude disclaimer – otherwise, it does tend to look like Willful deception and constructive fraud which may stand to make a few People angry. In the end, We all have only Our Self to blame for how We Play Our Part on the world’s Stage in the final Act.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Given to each of Us by God, and it is a three Part Kingdom to re-Present the Body, Mind, and Spirit of Man. Each Part of that name serves a legal and lawful function in today’s world. The body of Man is the Sovereign Nation each of Us were Given by God, and it is the first Part of the name because it provides the solid foundation for a House. Each of Us are Given a House by God, and it is known by Our last name and is carried by the Father all the Way back to the first of his House. This is why House represents the Mind of Man, because it is the Capitol of the Nation, the King-Dome on the Land. The last name would always have a flag or banner in much the same Way corporations use logos today. The flag would identify the House of the Sovereign, and determine their reputation in the community (again, much the same Way corporate logos do today).

Ironically, the entire economic system that now trespasses upon countless un a lien able inherent rights, every single one was initially intended to protect Us from Our Self!!!

Yup, God Handed Satan the reigns for a time and was as King of Satan to take care of God’s children until they learn how to behave. Were We not told that both Heaven and hell are before Us now for those with eyes to see? Did I not say that the Commercial Admiralty system is Babylon, that We are in the underworld now? The whore of Babylon is capitalism; selling essential Goods for a profit at the buyer’s expense. Merchant relations were designed to be mutually beneficial or considered fraudulent and invalid. Today, We have corporations stealing Real wealth from the People and Giving them debt in return. People need to eat, and a grocery store capitalizes on that basic need of Man to extort as much wealth as possible for their own benefit at the consumer’s expense. Money was initially designed to distribute economic resources fairly, not to be used as a tool by corporations for extorsion and profiteering. They have simply legalized the extorsion of a country’s natural resources at the expense of the People and for the benefit of corporations.

Owner Ship is not allowed. One cannot claim owner Ship of anything because We are temporal beings. The ‘powers that be’ have understood these concepts forever. As much as it may seem as though capitalism is out of control, most People don’t actually own anything at all – it’s just fiction. The Crown owns everything (or some would argue the Roman Catholic Church, which is True but the Crown is Trusted to Protect it, and it is Christ that the Crown represents, not the Queen. Her Majesty’s Role is Defender of the Faith (Trustee).

We are custodians of the earth, that is all. The only thing We can Create is a legendary Story to tell Our tale and pass it down to future generate-Sean’s who Will take over for Us and continue to steward the world in Our place.

“Thou Will not covet!!!” 10th Commandment

Capitalism is mastery of Coveting from One’s neighbour.

The point is, they already know how silly Man Will feel collectively when We do all grow up, so they have not even allowed for Our Real calling under God to exist as a legal entity.

In fact, so that We can be more like Christ in the Bible, We were Given a Ship so that We can ‘walk on water’, sail (sale) the Seas of commercial admiralty without ever actually participating in this extorsion racket at all. The Pope has saved all Our souls by not allowing the middle name (Spirit, Will of Man) to Sign for the false I [am] doll, first and last names are generally the only ones commonly used.

Please look at the diagram to see if it helps to explain how it was all set up for Us. Imagine that the birth certificate is an actual boat with a perfectly Good House on it, left behind by One’s father. One is about to settle (settlor of the Trust) new land. Unfortunately, before One makes it to dry land, the ship wrecks on the shore. The Man then makes her Way to dry land, but leaves the boat and the House behind. The docker has to tug the boat to shore and dock it in a port. The ‘captain’ of the ship has abandoned, so he’s liable for the damages of the ship wreck and salvaging fees. When We claim ‘to be’ the certificated person, We are claiming to be the shipwreck and are in debt to the owner of the Ship for damages. We haven’t taken accountability for that yet, so We are in debt. Once We accept accountability (and the debt for repairs), We are entitled (inheritance of the House Given by father) to the Real Estate property and can discharge the debt for ship repairs against the Real Value of the House.

The bottom picture Shows how it works once One has corrected their status and reclaimed the House. The House is now on the land and the ship is fully repaired for entering into the stormiest of Commercial Admiralty waters without being overwhelmed.

I Will be using this diagram and expanding on these Ideas further for the Thursday Edition tomorrow because I haven’t even started tall King about what happens when the Man puts his or her foot down and realizes how shallow the water is, and that they can stand up quite confidently on the water bank. 😉

Love and Blessings,

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