Volume CXCIV: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, a Man – Part VII, The Coin of the Realm and the Golden Dawn

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. The Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition feels like the perfect Way to end My little mini-series on ‘The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory, a Man’ because it ties in beautifully with today’s Title and why I sometimes call this the ‘Son’ Day Edition. It also feels like a fitting Way to finish out the week.

Again, it may not be the most beautiful piece of Art One has laid eyes on but My Wish was to demonstrate how

“Ideas are bulletproof.”

V, V for Vendetta

The Lust Card was the central Folk Us of Our Tarot read a couple of years ago now. I was tall King about how the Lust Card represents Man’s matrix, the system of commercial admiralty law, the underworld. I suggested that the ‘whore of Babylon’ (the woman riding the beast) is cradling an embryo, and the supporting cards Showed the Queen of Disks (representing the Queen of Man’s commercial admiralty system) overlooking a desolate dessert landscape, and the Princess of Disks planting a seed into fertile soil. I suggested that the destruction of the forest by fire makes Way for fertile soil and new Life. It may also be Note worthy to mention that the central Folk Us of the next series of cards in Our read which represents the natural course of events Presented Us with the Tower card, which represents the destruction of old Ideas and dogmas.

An ‘Immaculate Conception’ is a Perfect Idea. Of course, when One hears the two Words together, One Will immediately associate them with Christ which simply demonstrates just how perfect the concept actually is. Once again, consider the Word ‘con/cept’. A con is a trick, and ‘cept’ is a Latin verb meaning ‘to take’. Every concept is a trick taken, a manifestation of Man in some Way.

Were We not all encouraged to ‘accept’ a birth certificate? Have We not all accepted that today’s date is December 12th, 2021? When was Christ said to have died? Was that officially day 0 of today’s Gregorian calendar? Or was it the day He ascended to sit on the right side of God after rising from the dead? (I’m not sure on that one.) Was it not the Romans that did this to Christ? Is it not the Roman Catholic Church that is arguably the most powerful political influence in the world today? And is it not True that We are still using systems of government, law, and entertainment in very much the same Way the Romans were in most countries of the world?

The point is, this Idea of Christ and the Immaculate Conception has been around for at least two thousand years if We believe the Bible to be True and today’s date in relation to it to be correct. Romans set up the civil systems of Law We use today but it was Master Magicians that set up the banking system. In the Lord of the Rings, there is one ring that binds all the others to maintain control over the powers of the other rings. It is a metaphor for world powers, and the one power that oversees and controls them all – money (mon=one, ey= eye).

Ironically, it is not a system of slavery, nor was it ever set up to be such a thing. This is why the primary, underlying governing principal of any contract, is that there must be no deceit or fraud, no coercion or intimidation, all contracts must be entered into freely with full disclosure and consent, or they are not lawfully binding.

The moment Man’s kind real eyes their True Value, the Game is over. Consider how much the countries of the world are in debt to central banks right now. Is One really thing King they would lend all that money if they were not expecting to get a return on the investment one day? Are We thing King the world banks don’t care about getting paid? Of course not. But the governments can’t do it because it’s the People’s credit they are using to get the loan. We are the Ones who have Promised to pay it back. All We have to do is know Our worth and keep Our Word.

Every One on earth is worth more money than the world could ever print. That is the wealth of the Golden Dawn, the Coin of the Realm is We the People.

The perfect Idea was that Magically, every One whos birth is registered with a birth date is Cast into that Story’s timeline as a Titled Character. Every One Will hear the Story and even if they don’t, they are subconsciously Playing a Part in that timeline anyway so long as We agree the year is 2021 today. Christian believers all over the world are expecting Christ to return, and non believers are wondering on some level whether or not He Will. The Idea is war King in the subconscious Mind of Man whether We have even heard of Christ personally or not because the Idea Will also be programmed into countless generations of believers by Way of Our DNA.

The greatest Magical Secret of all, is that all Books are Magic, and all are Self fulfilling Prophecy’s.

The Gift God Gave the Grantor of the Cestui Que Vie public Trust in Man’s Macrocosm (the Roman Catholic Church) was the Story of Jesus Christ. The entire economic system is banking on Christ’s return because it is the only Way to pay back the world’s debt. If the People don’t real eyes their worth and reclaim control of their governments, the debt Will never get paid.

We are the wealth of the Golden Dawn, and Son Day couldn’t be a more appropriate day to break the Good News.

Love and Blessings,

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