Volume CXCVI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; State Actors are Stealing the Stage (A Universal Product-Sean’s Update)

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining House von Dehn. There are some real theatrics taking place on the world Stage, so I was thing King that for this Lucky Wednesday I Will share some of these Magical moments with You, along with some YouTube videos for entertainment purposes. I hope You are all having a fabulous start to the Holy Day season, despite the pandemic of insanity currently taking place on the waters of the abyss (Witch is Babylon).

I suppose the Luckiest moment of My Wednesday, was a vendor in a store I saw today. She was in wonderful Spirits and was tall King with the lady in queue before Me. When the lady was as King of the vendor what her plans were for the Holy Days, the lady behind the counter looked over at Me for a moment before responding. I’m One of very few People who does not wear a mask, and it seemed to embolden the vendor.

“Well, My mother is 94 years old and she lives in Quebec. I’m thing King about going to Quebec to visit My mother.”

Of course, that would sound like a perfectly natural thing for One to do but it is currently ‘illegal’ to cross provincial borders to visit family because of ‘covid’ restrictions. If People haven’t noticed that this is the longest We’ve ever dealt with a virus and the first time We’ve used these types of draconian measures to manage them, proving experientially that these policies don’t work, then they are probably not fit to dress themselves in the morning, either.

So the other Lucky element to My Wednesday is that for Me, it does feel somewhat Magical when I real eyes that I am not the only One who is thing King that the whole covid charade has gone on for way too long, and believing People can’t possibly be buying this nonsense anymore. Although I know full well that many People are still buying into the whole fear mongering, omicron variant nonsense, more and more People are beginning to see that the Emperor’s clothes are sheer at best, and it’s more likely he’s not wearing anything at all. The People are too polite to tell the Emperor that he is fully exposed and should probably be more concerned with protecting the Crown jewels.

Now really would be the ideal time for those in Canada’s government and the governments of most other countries of the world to begin apologizing for how they’ve mishandled what has proven to be a virtually harmless virus (99.98% survival rate), and concede that the masks, social distancing, vaccines and lockdowns, have proven to be virtually ineffective in any kind of meaningful Way (relative to irrevocable collateral damage by same).

I am also thing King this Will be the first time I’ve shared a video by JP. If You’ve never heard of JP, he might be a bit of an acquired taste. The first video some One shared with Me made Me laugh a few times but overall it was just too silly for Me to take seriously. Since then, I’ve heard JP speak on a few subjects a little more seriously and I really appreciate how he’s using his craft to help Create awareness. In fact, that’s the other reason for sharing these videos with You today because they are all a reflection of the Good News, Ways that People are being the change they dream to see in the world by being that change to the best of their ability in their own, personal microcosm. Each of the videos are distinctly different, each individual making an impact in their own, unique Way. I happened to find this particular video by JP especially fitting because it sums up how I feel about the whole covid thing so well. I hope You enjoy…

If that’s not quite Your cup of tea or cocoa, I hope You Will check out what Ron Johnson has to say because he’s doing a lot of independent work to get answers in addition to what is officially on the scientific record. He is also speaking specifically about precisely what is on the scientific record, what science does have to say about covid, other viruses, and how government’s all over the world have mismanaged the crisis with gross negligence. Every government of the world is not only hopelessly in debt to world banks, they Will soon be hopelessly bankrupt as consequence of their liability for the harm they’ve done to Canada’s People.

Finally, if You have a longer attention span, I hope You Will check out the Robert Barnes and Viva Frei ‘Vlawg’ Live stream from this week. Content wise, it is something of a cross between the first two videos – not as satirical and facetious as the first video, but nowhere near as serious as the second, though it contains serious segments sprinkled with a little light humour. I find it a very enjoyable and informative show to watch, especially if One is interested in Law.

In My Microcosm, I’m still officially on Holy Day. All it really means is that I have no obligation to Post until the New Year. It’s Purpose, however, it to allow Me to both regroup and celebrate what I’ve already accomplished. In that regard, the Good News is that I’ve been studious in My time off, and have read the Weiss Concise Trustee handbook twice now and am war King on a comprehensive Trust Declaration.

Without any intent to ‘ingratiate’ My Self, what I am finding most surprising is that virtually everything I have believed to be a Principle in Law is a Principle in Law. All I’ve really been doing is uncovering the material evidence to verify and validate those beliefs. The reason I say that I mention this without intent to ingratiate My Self is because it does not Matter what One believes to be True if One does not have incontrovertible proof of it. It doesn’t Matter how ‘correct’ One may be on a particular Matter if One doesn’t know One to be correct because such assertions Will fall under scrutiny. Now I know and can confirm and assert Ideas I previously held as opinions and beliefs (many of which I could still defend with [moral] arguments (logic and reason) without the material evidence).

Just so that I’m not leaving You hanging, One such example is My belief that One may not be compelled to contract with any One, including a bank. Most People Will agree with the first part of My statement, then make excuses and exceptions to justify the second part. Some Will simply say something like, ‘Well, I guess One doesn’t have to but they wouldn’t have any access to money, so they would starve unless they abandon society and go live in a cave or something.”

That, of course, would be coercion – if One Wishes to be Gracious and Generous and perceives the comforts of living in society to be a privilege and luxury available only to owners of bank accounts and not a basic, inherent right. If One knows it is an inherent, natural right, then it may also be perceived as a threat of extorsion, holding the public resources hostage if One does not agree to allow a third-party intervenor to oversee One’s personal finances.

I won’t get into it today because it Will take some time to explain, but I can confirm that One does not require a bank account to exist and thrive in the world. The artificial person created by the state absolutely requires One, but that’s not really any of My business. (That’s Your clue and cliff-hanger.)

Love and Blessings,

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