Volume CXCVI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; An Express-Ion of Trust in God

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition where I am always thing King about new Ways to move forward in Man’s Macrocosm. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Recently I was tall King about how there is only ever really One Plan, though there are potentially many different Ways to move forward with One’s Plan. Today I Will be tall King more about that because the Grand Plan for every One is to Live Our Greatest Life, regardless whether or not One believes in God. If One cannot believe in God, I would suggest believing in the Gift of Life and knowing You are Destined for Great-ness.

I was wondering how I could more accurately Articulate this Idea and it occurred to Me that a battle against a kingdom is a great example. The goal Will always be to conquer the castle, though there Will be countless Ways a commander could go about doing so. This is what I mean when I say there is no time for plan ‘b’ because it Will only distract from Plan A. In Our kingdom scenario, conquering the castle is Plan A and the attack strategy is not a diversion from the original plan, and it isn’t a new plan – it’s a development upon the Foundation of the original plan. Even failing in battle would not necessarily mean that One has abandoned Plan A, it may only mean the troops need to regroup and come up with a new strategy. Plan A, the original plan to conquer the kingdom Will Live for as long as it remains the main goal. The moment the desire to conquer the castle is lost, that is the moment ‘Plan B’ begins (with a new Plan A).

I have always Trusted in God, even before I had any real comprehension of what God might be – I Trusted in the Universe. I later discovered they are pretty much One and the same. Perhaps not so ironically, if One has not made an Expression (Ex-Press-Ion, removing Energy (ion) from the body (ex) by Way of an Act (press)) of that Trust, it is presumed One’s Trust [in God] has been miss-placed. It is sitting (Situs) in the wrong jurisdiction, the treasury of a foreign kingdom.

Do You see what I am doing in the above document? If not, let Me explain. One Way or another God is responsible for My being here, and I was Gifted with a Mind, a Body, and a Soul (I prefer Spirit but same Idea). By Way of Self evident circumstance, these Gifts were placed in My Trust. God Wishes for Me to use these Gifts responsibly – to use My Spirit to discern right from wrong, to use My Mind to make judicial determinations, and to use My Body to perform the Acts of My Will on the world’s stage. So God’s Trust in Me was Established from the beginning, when He first conceived of My being here.

In Order for My Trust in God to be recognized on earth, I first need to claim the Gifts God gave Me (because the energy of My Life is currently (like electricity) being used as surety for Canada’s debts to fiduciary obligations). The Cestui Que Vie accomplishes two things at once. It Declares Supreme Claim of Right over My Mind, Body, and Soul, by Way of Title (name), and the Writ of Cestui Que Vie itself re-Invests the ‘Real’ property (My Mind, Body and Soul) into the Trust Estate by Way of its Expression. It is a Trust Expressed, an Express Trust. So My Life and the name or Title of My Life, ‘Sean Stephen von Dehn’, was officially placed in God’s Trust on December 25th of 2016, which is why I have said that the Cestui Que Vie is a Trust.

Because (until now) it has remained a single document, the terms and conditions of the Trust could be considered vague and ambiguous, rendering it invalid. However, the nature of an Express Trust does have its roots Founded in the earliest of Common Law Principles, which indicate that no further explanations or direction are required, as the Trust can be further defined and affirmed by Actions of the parties to the Trust. An Express Trust does not even require a Foundation in Writing (to be legally and lawfully binding), it can be expressed orally or by the Act of a party.

I also Wished to share today’s document because I am having a lot of Fun further defining My Trust Declaration, and I Wish to share some things with You in hopes of helping to connect some of the Words We use to their Real meanings in Law. When We hear the Words ‘Property Deed’ very few People Will be thing King of an Act, and even less Will be thing King of a Man (of either sex/kind).

Why is it Called a deed? Because it refers to a property right. A right to property cannot be acquired without a Claim. A Claim requires an Act by the Will of a Man, so a Claim (if successful and uncontested) becomes a ‘Deed’ because it tells the Story of how the Man acquired the land.

“You Will know Him by His Deeds.”

I’m going to be war King on My Express Trust Declaration over the Holy Days and I did say I would be war King on something very Special for the New Year, right? Well, Truth is, I wouldn’t even have been able to spoil My own surprise if I’d Wished to tell You what that might be when I first made the announcement. One of the reasons I was taking a bit of a Holy Day was to determine exactly what it is I Will be war King on in the New Year and how I Will celebrate this Christ-Mass consciousness and the five year anniversary of God’s Kingdom on Earth. Now I can tell You that I Will not be doing much of anything, but My Trust in God Will be causing some serious turbulence on the seas of commercial admiralty waters!!!

Alright, before I go, I Wish to be as King of You what I should I should name the new legal entity I am war King on. There are three potential war King Titles, please share Your thoughts. I Will announce as soon as I make up My Mind (and do not make any Promise or guarantee I Will use the most popular vote, though I Will share the results).

Love and Blessings,

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