Volume CXCVI: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Christ Mass Day Special; The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, 5 Year Anniversary Celebrate Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition and My Christ Mass day Special. Thank King or Queen You for being here to celebrate the Holy days with Me. I Express Christ Mass day the Way that I do because I believe the Purpose of the day was to Create awareness of Christ for the Masses. The Idea and Intent behind doing so (regardless how commercial and shallow the Holy Days can sometimes seem), is the Power of collective conscience, whether We consciously comprehend it or not. 8 billion People Imagining a thing might happen Will inevitably make it so, it is only a Matter of Time.

I was once something of a Grinch around Christ Mass time because it didn’t ever seem like much of a Spiritual celebration. I may not consider My Self a Christian and could probably count the number of times I’ve been to church on two hands, yet one of the reasons I had gone to church for the first time was to learn about this Christ character.

I can only Imagine how difficult I must have been as a child for My parents at times because I didn’t buy the Santa story at all and was offended they were expecting Me to believe such nonsense. So they conceded on the Promise that I never tell My brother or sister and I was as King of them to never lie to Me again. I was very Good at keeping those Promises, too. Naturally, one of the next Quest-Ions would be ‘then what are We making such a big deal about?’. Time to go to church.

What can I tell You except that I remember My dad did not Wish to go, and if I didn’t like it I would never have to go again, either. I did learn the story of Christ in a little, comic-like booklet. Thankfully, I don’t remember crying, but I remember being horrified to read what was done to Him. I couldn’t believe I was allowed to hear such a story so young, I was horrified to the level of shock. But I don’t remember saying anything about it at all in front of the class (it was Sunday school type thing). I remember thing King the world was a scary place for a Man like Christ, and I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be an example or warning. It’s a bit of a confusing message for a child.

As a Special surprise, I’m going to tell You a story about Christ You’ve probably never heard. I can’t take credit for the information, if You Wish to learn more Google the name ‘Bart Ehrman’. The story is taken from one of many gospels that have been translated and were rejected by the Church in official versions of the Bible (in a seminar Bart does about the accuracy of the King James Bible). Bart is pointing out that he’s not afraid to be tall King about controversial topics and doesn’t have any bias or prejudice in his research with respect to trying to preserve the pristine, perfect Image of Christ and tells the following story.

One of the gospels apparently documents the missing years of Christ (or perhaps several), and one in particular discusses Christ’s early childhood where he was in fact a Holy terror. He would Wish People dead if they opposed Him in any Way (and they would drop dead instantly of course) and was sent to the region’s most qualified Spiritual Master to try to get His temper and Powers under control. When Christ tells the teacher the kinds of things he’s done and tells him how sinful his behaviour is… Well he drops dead, too.

Fortunately, in typical Christ fashion, Christ comes to his own realizations at an early age and discovers he can also bring People back to Life, so he heals everybody he made sick and brings all the dead back to Life. I am paraphrasing and perhaps even embellishing on the story a little and it’s worth Noting that it’s not in the Bible because for one reason or another, it was not considered a reliable account. But it does make for Good entertainment and an alternative perspective on the Hero of today’s memorial.

This is only one of roughly fifteen pages of My Declaration of Trust. The Purpose of the above is to Show how the public Trust really works. A Friend of mine was able to determine the source of the wealth very quickly by looking at the above Visual Expression of the public Trust, knowing the triangle represents the wealth of the Trust. The government has obligations to the beneficiaries (citizens) who have placed their Trust in government. This is an example where it is clear that there is a Trust relationship, the only Quest-Ion is the governing Trust instrument (that which defines the terms and conditions of the Trust). For citizens, the Trust instrument is the Charter of their Nation’s People.

In the above example, the main point the diagram hopes to communicate, is that when a government is issuing credit or promissory notes to its People, it is no longer a lawful government. That may not seem clear on its face but when One considers what it is that allows for the credit to be issued by the banks to the government, they Will very quickly Real Eyes that the People really are in control. A bond can only be issued if there exists an obligation. The government does not receive any wealth from the bank, they receive credit. Credit is an ‘I owe You’. How did the government get the credit? They showed the bank they have obligations to Canada’s People they have been Trusted to fulfill. The investment is expected to increase the wealth of the People, so the bank is interested in repayment.

Now if it was one obligation and one loan, it would be very simple to explain how it all works, so let Me Give You an example. A Man Acting as Trustee to an Estate has secured an ounce of gold on the name day (birthday) of each of his two grandchildren as per the obligations of the Family Trust, and has just learnt there is a third on the Way. The Trustee does not have any cash on Hand but the vendor is accepting promissory notes, so he goes to the bank and requests a loan for the Trust. The Estate Shows there are two ounces of Gold on the Trust ledger already and agrees to Issue sufficient credit to the Trust account to purchase an ounce of Gold. The bank Will also charge a one time interest fee for Issuing the loan (taking an interest in the Trust’s obligations) of ten percent. The Trust has agreed to repay the loan in less than thirty days and Signs the agreement.

This is where some People get lost. The bank is now able to take this agreement and place it on their account ledger as a secured interest deposit (Gold in Trust assets), and an equal ‘value’ in credit is issued to the Trust account. Now the Trustee goes out and purchases an ounce of gold with the credit issued by the bank. Trustee deposits the ounce of Gold into Estate Treasury for the beneficiaries. Trustee returns to the bank, returns the remainder credit, and Gives the bank the receipt for the ounce of Gold he purchased for the Trust, Showing he fulfilled the obligation. Bank accepts the receipt as payment (no longer a promise to pay, it is now fulfilled) and deposits it to their ledger. Now there is only the Matter of the outstanding interest to the bank, and the promise to pay Given to the gold vendor. Right now, the Estate is up an ounce of Gold, every One else just has paper.

This is also why One does not Wish to borrow from banks unless it is necessary, though it is no Issue for the Trust in Good standing. The Trustee Will receive a bill for the balance of the remainder interest, and the Trustee can now accept the bill for Value – the bank provided a service, after all. The Trust purchases the bill (which is only debt and they are only as King Me for a promise to pay in exchange for their debt, not to Give them anything of actual Value) at face value. It has no determinable Value because it is relative to real wealth and continually changing, it is effectively worth less as time goes on. A sliver of gold can discharge any debt, so when the Trust accepts the bill and agrees it has real Value, the Trust could place it on their account Treasury as an asset worth the ‘cash’ Value of the bill. It doesn’t make any sense to do that because it Will depreciate the same Way a dollar bill Will, so it’s best to Give it back to the One most interested in its Value. The bank knows they didn’t incur any risk at all in this transaction because they never gave anything of real value in the first place.

The guy getting ripped off is the gold vendor. All the vendor got was a bunch of promissory notes in exchange for an ounce of real gold! So how does that work? Well, Truth be told, it’s unlawful to purchase things with debt. So when the Trustee went back to the bank and gave the receipt for the purchase of Gold… It’s not supposed to go on the bank ledger as a deposit, it’s supposed to go to the vendor who sold the Trustee the gold! Then, what the vendor has is a bill showing a dollar amount which is backed by an ounce of Gold. The dollar Value doesn’t Matter at all, the receipt is redeemable for the Gold.

If You are wondering how any of that makes sense, consider what it is the vendor might do with the receipt. The Trustee only promised to pay, he is not a legitimate holder of any new wealth. There was no timeline set, either, so the vendor could be as King of the Trustee to Honour the payment any time. The receipt is a claim of right, the ‘deed’ to the property. This is the fiat currency paradox, People.

The other reason Our little scenario doesn’t really work is because even the gold vendor in Our above scenario Will have purchased his stall and gold with the same [broken] promises. The real hope was to demonstrate how accepting a bill for Value and returning it to the vendor actually works. If the vendor now goes after the Trustee for the gold, the Trustee can (lawfully) tell the vendor he sold the debt (receipt, promise to pay in exchange for gold) of Title to the Real Estate (gold) to the bank. Now the vendor goes to the bank and if the bank has the receipt on their ledger as an asset, they are guilty of fraud because they have the title but not the property and Will be liable to the vendor.

The main reason most of this is so tough to figure out is because its never been lawful to purchase property with debt, but its been legal for so long People don’t know what lawful commerce is anymore! There is a reason business savvy People keep all their receipts meticulously. In reality, Man Gives Value to all debt, and all wealth by Way of her interest (for those who are thing King ‘Man’ refers to only One of Your kind). So a debt that a Man accepts for Value changes from a dollar of fiat currency, into a dollar of ‘Real’ wealth. The first is identified by a single line ‘$’, a real dollar has two lines.

My biggest reason for being excited today is to Wish You an amazing Christ Mass consciousness day and let You know there is lots of exciting stuff coming in the new year. Today’s Post includes just a couple of pages of a Declaration of Trust that Will Officially be in effect as of today in Celebrate Sean of Five years since the Establishment of God’s Kingdom on Earth.

The name of the Trust has also been Officially decided and hereby Declared to be, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ (an Express Trust Organization).

I was thing King about just ‘Sean von Dehn’s Cestui Que Vie Trust’ but it’s at least as long or longer and one of the main Purposes of the Trust is to clearly separate My Self as a Living Man from the commercial fiction. The Intent-Ion, is that the Trust Will be My new legal entity. An Express Trust is considered a Natural person (in contrast to an artificial person) by default, as its Foundational Principles lie in equity, and equity compels performance.

I Hope and Trust You Will all be having a Wonder Full Christ Mass Consciousness celebrate-Sean with Me. Remember, it’s not fantasy or fiction, the Kingdom of Heaven was Established on Earth five years ago today, and the walls of the King’s Keep grow stronger every day.

Love and Blessings, Happy Holy Days!!!

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