Volume CXCVII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Fauci, Fraud, and Conspiracy to Kick Off a New Year

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is a Pleasure to be celebrating this very Special New Year’s with You. To kick things off, We do have a Fabulous conspiracy involving Fauci that is not a theory but now factually exposed. I’m going to start today’s Edition with that because it does a fine job of setting the mood for the rest of the evening.

It’s a Good little Show. Fauci is caught exchanging emails about Willfully defaming scientists who are proposing alternative (and safer) response measures to the Covid ‘so-called’ pandemic, and the Great Barrington Declaration specifically that was apparently making some headway [with government]. Fauci was asked to ‘shut them down’. I’m paraphrasing from memory so please watch.

This is a pretty big deal and I’m only going to summarize the significance of it coming out on the second to last day of the year because the real Focus of this Post was to Wish You all a Fabulous New Year. Symbolically, I feel like this is a Sign the world might be ready to remove the old and start with something new. Fauci being a fossil is not just a convenient coincidence, it’s a metaphor for the Macrocosm. The old Man is insane and unfit to determine anything related to public health and has just demonstrated he is more morally and ethically bankrupt than Canada’s treasonous Trudeau government (though they do make the top five).

Bill and Melinda Gates to hell Foundation are still at the top of the world’s list of People that most desperately need to be removed from the Earth (or at the very least placed somewhere there exists no possibility to do further harm to any of Man’s kind).

The W.H.O. has to take second place because they were not elected by any country of the world’s People, they are an entirely independent corporation financed by billionaires with nefarious interests led by an ex dictator (Teddy Tedros). I don’t even care if I’m Spelling the Magic of his name wrong because to Spell it correctly is a curse upon the world I do not Wish to re-produce by Casting with My own Spelling. It’s close enough for God to know who I mean, and God’s the One that ultimately takes care of everything, We just need to be as King.

So We’ll place Fauci and China together for third place. Frankly, I am thing King We Will find out soon enough that all those on My top ten list are in actuality tied for first. My belief is they are all conspiring together for one grand Plan. And although their Acts were Part of the Great Work, it is not the final Act, and they are not high enough up on the pyramid to know how the next few Scenes Will Play out.

The Fabulous Free Lance Friday ‘Secret’ today that I Wish to reveal to You as a Gift for the New Year, is that although I have no conclusive proof and have no Idea who these individuals, My Intuition is very strong on this one. I believe the People who are thing King they are running the Show right now are as incompetent as the members of Canada’s government I have Writ letters to. That’s also the greatest justification for My belief – those Idiots would never be smart enough to actually orchestrate something like this! They’re puppets who receive a certain degree of privilege in society for their sacrifices as State Actors – but they are disposable, nothing more than supporting Characters in the Universal Product-Sean.

Still not done, but getting there. My goal is to finish this portrait (por=for, for-traits) tonight or tomorrow to celebrate the first day of the New Year.

I’ve Officially been on vacation since the 18th of December. I didn’t even real eyes how much I needed the vacation until I Gifted My Self with one. Ironically, I was exceedingly productive.

I spent a great deal of time studying Trust law and putting together a more clearly defined Declaration of the Trust I Expressed five years ago this Christ-mass. I also discovered a great deal of information to confirm Ideas and Principles I’ve had regarding the Common Law and Our inherent rights.

The Good News I Wish to share with You this Fabulous Friday, is that when I Created My Cestui Que Vie, although it is a Claim of Right upon God’s Kingdom (the Temple of Man; Mind, Body, Soul) and effectively provides the Foundation for God’s Kingdom on Earth, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’ it Self had not yet been Officially Established [on Earth].

As of Christ-Mass day of this year, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ is Officially a legal entity. What’s even better? Because an Express Trust can only be Writ by the Will of Man, it is considered a ‘natural person’ in Law. What does that mean? It means it is legally recognized as a Living, legal entity. Legally, the Kingdom of Heaven is now a Living thing!

So I was thing King that I should preview the New Year with this Good News and let You know I have lots of exciting new information and documents to share with You that I have been war King on over the Holy Days in addition to My Art.

For the New Year and Officially beginning tomorrow, I Will be making every possible effort to Post daily for as long as possible. I’m going to try to break all previous records, though the big goal Will be 300 consecutive days. That’s the total number of Blog Posts I Published this year (not including this one). It also works out to an average of more than five days out of a week, so I’m pretty pleased with the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Trust assets over the last year. All these Deeds add to the Value of the Kingdom’s Treasury and secure its Legacy.

Oh, and the last thing I Wished to say, is that I am also going to celebrate My New Year on the same day as the rest of the world (rather than Christ-mass day, it’s True anniversary). It may sound a little silly but this is another example of what might be called ‘incidental’ Magic.

I was on vacation but war King on a lot of detailed projects and improving upon the Trust I had Created five years previous. Although the Trust Declaration was completed on Christ Mass day, the first Act of the Trust was not yet drafted. I spent the week after Christ Mass war King on My first Letter that (combined with the more clearly defined Declaration of Trust) Will be Writ in hopes of finally collapsing the Public Trust, or at the very least take over full administrative capacity of the commercial account Created in My name.

I also don’t really care how they ‘Spell’ the Magic of My name anymore because their Magic Will have no jurisdiction over the Situs of the Trust instrument. So it doesn’t Matter how they choose to Spell ‘Sean von Dehn’, that name is now listed as an artificial person with a beneficial interest in the Public Trust. King Sean is now a ‘real’ Man because it’s his relative default position to God as the Grantor of the Trust invested in Me to take care of My body of Land, the ‘I’ Land of Sean.

The Magical Significance, is that I’ve been war King all week, beginning on Christ Mass. Tomorrow, I Will be ready to celebrate the New Kingdom I have Created and I the symbolism could not be lost on Me. God Created the Earth in six days and rested on the seventh. I ‘Officially’ Established the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth last Saturday, but have been war King hard to develop upon that Found a Sean.

So every year, My House Will celebrate Christ-Mass by Honouring God’s Kingdom for a full week before beginning the New Year.

What does this mean? This year is going to be a really, really Good One! It’s the first year that the Kingdom of Heaven legally exists as a Living entity. I am thing King that’s pretty cool and can’t be anything less than a Good Omen.

Love, Blessings, and may every Wish You make for the New Year come True!!!

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