Volume CXCVII: The Good News Journal’s 2022 Goal Post; The Kingdom of Heaven Lives!!!

Hello every One, and Happy New Year!!! Remember I’m not yelling; three exclamation marks represents a Crown – it’s a Tribute to Your Royal Highness, and Your Presence is a Gift (pre-Sent). Thank King or Queen You for joining Me.

This year I am very excited because there’s a lot of Good Omens preceding this year. The New Year begins almost perfectly synchronized with the first new moon of the year (tomorrow). I figured that was perhaps even more Special because if the New Year celebration was any Good, it is likely there are a few sleepy heads and hangovers to nurse on the first. By Sunday We should be feeling more well rested and Will have the day to ponder the new year as We begin thing King about the new week on Monday (Moon-day).

And, as silly as it might sound, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven’ is now a ‘natural person’ in Law, which has the same status as a Living Man. Legally, the Kingdom of Heaven is a Living, Natural entity. Again, I know it may sound silly but it’s that whole alchemical procedure that begins within and expands evermore outward. It is no longer an intangible concept, it is an expressed concept firmly established and Re-corded on paper. Like any Idea, so long as I continue to nurture it, it Will continue to grow. So long as the Idea exists firmly Established on paper, seeds of intention Will spread and the concept Will continue to manifest in the physical world. It is the Act of making an Idea physical, a ‘body’ of work is the corpus of the Trust. We gave that Trust the breathe of God on Christ Mass day as a Tribute to the Holy Day.

Also, the numeric Value of the year is very Good, especially considering I have been tall King about the number 6 and 9 so much. I have said that six represents the Idea of Peace, Love, Tranquility, Truth, Home, Community, that sort of thing, and that 9 is the ‘trick’ in Man’s numeric matrix because it is the same symbol and Idea turned on its head. It’s more complicated than it seems on the surface but it was intentional for 3,6, and 9 to be numerically related for their obvious association. Magically, the sequence repeats indefinitely. For example, the next number in the sequence would be 12, which is 1+2=3. Then 15 which is 1+5=6, then 18 is 1+8=9, and it starts over with 21.

Magically, You Will notice that they are all different expressions of the same Idea. The problem is that two of the symbols are the same. Is a dollar bill worth less when One turns it upside down? No, of course not. The same is True with symbols. An upside down Cross is no less powerful than an upright one, it represents exactly the same Idea, it is only being expressed differently. The point is, 9 should have been as unique as any other of the ten digits but ‘Magically’ nine represents a dying age. It’s metaphorically the last swing of the dying soldier’s sword in battle. The swing itself could be as valiant and deadly as any other, but it Will no less be the last. I believe Crowley summarizes the 9’s as chaos – to symbolize the Idea of 9 in a single Card, I would say that 9 is the Trump Card ‘Lust’ – the underworld.

9 primarily represents a dying entity – be it a world, Man or situation. It is the ‘fight or flight’ stage of the battle, and Man has been in the underworld for as long as We’ve inhabited the Earth. It was necessary to make the chaotic state of Our world seem normal, so the chaos Magic was substituted with the Idea of Home. Chaos = Peace, 9=6.

Why this was done Will astound You even more (and it’s probably not what You are thing King). See, a Kingdom divided against it Self cannot stand, it has no foundation. Metaphorically, this is represented by the People of Canada (and the rest of the world) having no land (if You don’t know what I mean by that You Will have to read some of My other Posts or stay Tuned – in a nutshell, the land is held as collateral for the debts government borrow for their People).

Canada is a country that was founded upon no land because ‘Canada’ didn’t have any wealth to buy it, or any legitimate claim upon it. They Wished to seize an illegitimate claim, so they (Crown) created a fiction of law to get around the red tape, commonly known as the ‘colour of law’ which is exclusively reserved for prisoners of war, and would ensure that Canada’s government never really attain any independence because they are all considered treasonous traitors of the Crown. The Crown was smart and took advantage of the incompetence of Canada’s government and their lack of knowledge of Sovereign economics, while simultaneously demonstrating how dependent they are upon the Crown and how meaningless their declaration of independence actually is.

Today I’m only including the first page of My Declaration of Trust, an expansion upon the Original Founding Document. What I’m hoping to Show here, is that the Creation of an Express Trust operates fundamentally in exactly the same Way government legislation does. I Originally made a ‘Declaration’, which is the Situs (jurisdiction) of the Trust and its ‘constitution’. This is similar to Canada creating a Charter. Five years later, I realize the original declaration requires further clarification and administrative direction, so I perform a new Act, passing new legislation which in turn becomes a Part of My (growing) constitution of Laws governing the Trust. Canada does the same thing by Creating Acts, codes and statutes to protect the original Charter declaration. They operate the same Way because they are exactly the same type/kind of Trust – one is just significantly larger than the other.

Today I also Wish to share a video from a YouTuber I enjoy, Viva Frei. There are a couple of reasons I’m sharing this with You today. The first is because one of the reasons I enjoy watching Viva Frei so much is because he really had no Idea how corrupt the system was until he started down the rabbit hole with his channel a little more than two years ago. I was one of the first few subscribers, I remember liking the first video I watched, subscribing, and only being able to find a total of maybe four or five videos. Now he has hundreds!!!

He’s also really awakened to the corruption of government and it is really interesting to watch a Man evolve in real time. Like Me, he gave the government the benefit of the doubt for the first two weeks and encouraged People to do what they are told to reduce the risk and spread. We did these things because We Trusted the government would not lie to Us or exaggerate the severity of the situation. I wanted to delete the Post I was so ashamed of as King People to Trust government (even for just two weeks).

“I’ve grown a resentment toward My own country” – Viva

I Wish to end this Post by saying that I really, Truly believe that this year is going to be perhaps the most Magical year of My entire Life. I also believe We are all going through the same thing in Our own unique Way, so I believe the same Will be True for all of You – unless of course You are a State Actors conspiring with treasonous traitors to trespass upon the inherent rights of the world’s People.

A debtor is a criminal. Any One know any countries of the world that do not have a national debt? Did You know that wealth comes from Us? Did You know that promises to pay are not lawful tender? No, it’s a ‘grace’ a ‘Gift’, a ‘forgiveness’ for the debt – for now. The creditor can demand payment anytime, and if the government does not have the funds to cover the debt… Well, they become surety for that debt because they were the ones who made the promise.

I’m going to be demanding payment in exchange for all the broken promises Canada makes.

Love and Blessings,

Long Live the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

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