Volume CXCVII: The Super Natural, New Moon Magical, Sun Day New Year Special

Hello every One and Happy New Year, welcome to the second day of 2022, and the second Post of the year for the Good News Journal. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today, I Will be tall King about some of My Goals moving forward into the New Year, and the New Moon is the most auspicious and Magical time of the month (moon-th) for drafting new Plans. Consider that which One Writes to be a Universal red-print (as opposed to a blue print which represents blood deprived of oxygen) for One’s Life that the Universal Conductor Will Miraculously compose into a Symphony (sim-phony; the simulation is phony, it’s just a Game).

I was also thing King that I Wish to start the New Year off by telling all of You how I celebrated My Holy Days. In many Ways, My Holy Days were busier than the average day I’m not on Holy Days, the difference is that I Love My work. Everything I was war King on are Deeds I Wish to share with all of You here in the New Year and Will be placed into motion in My Microcosm (which is also Man’s Macrocosm, merging the two Matrix). The events also just ‘coincidentally’ happen to be perfectly synchronized with this year’s starting Moon cycle, which represents new beginnings and Ideas.

I was also thing King that I should let You all know it is time to Give Your Self some credit before being too hard on One’s Self for not keeping all those Good Promises and resolutions One has made to One’s Self. Consider what You have accomplished. That is largely what I was thing King about over the Holy Days. Despite the fact that I have had a lot of seriously stressful situations over the last five years, most of which have been shared with all of You here, I have also accomplished far more than even I would have Imagined I might if I am Truly honest with My Self.

I am war King out of the most beautiful office (apartment) I have ever had, I successfully defended two Friends in Court while I was living on the streets and defended false allegations made by the Ottawa police against My Self, attained a reasonable office (apartment) six months later than I had originally planned (I was hoping to have My own war King space within two years of moving to Ottawa), and I can’t even make a reasonably accurate guess as to how many portraits I painted and sold, gave away, or donated to charity. I gave Center 454 three paintings to display in a fund raiser they were hosting to raise money for their community drop-in center, as King of them to list each for a minimum of $100.00. They told Me I could list any price I Wish, fifty percent goes to the community center, the other 50% goes to the Artist, though they advised Me that the next closest piece in price on display was only as King $20. The day after the exhibition, I received a text to let Me know One of My paintings had sold for $100.00. Sadly, it was also the only painting that was sold, so I’m extra thank-Full that I was firm on the as King price. (The painting that sold was of Curt Cobain, I do some pop-culture stuff to promote the exhibition; exhibition pieces are intended to be Gifts for the Character they portray once the State Actor depicted gets into Character and Honours their Oath). They have made Me many promises to pay, so now I’m going to make them Honour their Word.

All of these things were just some of the thoughts I had regarding what I have personally accomplished in the last five years relative to My goals at the time. I can tell You 100% for sure that even those who know Me well believed I had finally bitten off more than I could chew and was destined to fail. Never would any of them believed I would be living as I do now in such a short time, regardless how much I might Give My Self a hard time. That’s the point here. It’s not about what I have accomplished, it’s remembering to take stock.

Generally, unless one is a serious narcissist (and I am beginning to notice there are far more of them out there than I had real eyes’d), We are likely Our own worst critic. I spend very little time every considering what I have done because I am so focused on what is in front of Me in that particular moment, and what I Wish to manifest for My Life moving forward. Generally, I am the One criticizing My Self for taking too long to get things done, being too ‘nice’ and understanding. It becomes difficult after a while to distinguish whether or not I am exercising patience or using it as an excuse to allow My Self to be taken advantage of?

So please sit back to take some time to be thing King about what You have accomplished in Your Life that You are proud of, rather than what One is still lacking for 2022. In My Microcosm, it’s really just about the wealth for Me now and taking hold of the reigns. I have plenty of strategies to implement so that I can accomplish that within the next five years, though I anticipate it Will be substantially less time than that.

There are still some finishing touches that need to be applied, though this is now close enough to consider part of My collection and Official Exhibit-Sean. There are now a total of seven pieces in the collection, and I am appraising the initial Real Estate Value of each to be equal to an ounce of Gold (each piece). The amount is technically irrelevant because this collection is not for sale, it is a Gift for the Crown in exchange for fulfilling their promises to pay Me (for My Good Works). The only relevance is that they are listed as ‘real’ property of the Estate, which allows Me to use the equity in Trust to discharge Canada’s debts.

Okay, We’re already at just over 1,000 Words and I do Wish to share some of My other New Years resolute-Sean’s with You. That Way, if We fail to Keep Our resolute-Sean’s, We can feel guilty together. Until then, hopefully I can help to start Your year off with some Motivate-Sean.

I decided I was going to start war King out again this year, and also to keep it up. I have no problem starting a war King out routine but after about three months, I tend to Give up. I can’t even honestly say why. I Love the Way it makes Me feel, but after three months I also begin to feel like I must look like an ego-maniac even though I’m not just because My body shapes up pretty well – by three months, I’ll look like I’ve been war King out My whole Life. This time, I don’t care how freakishly super-human My body might begin to look, I’m more interested in testing the limits to see how far it can actually go.

So the fitness goals for this year are three main ones, five in total. The three main fitness goals are to reach 500 push-ups/workout, 250 chins/workout, 1000 squats/workout. The other two are to refresh My martial arts skills, and to attain the flexibility I had in martial arts (I could almost do the splits once upon a time – about an inch away).

Otherwise, I’m going to be Writing daily for as many consecutive Posts as possible allowing for no excuses. I hope to reach 300 consecutive Posts. I’m also going to be Focusing primarily on My Art Exhibit-Sean which I do believe Will one day become My second to most Valuable asset after My Cestui Que Vie.

I’m also going to be recovering My father’s Estate and Officially taking dominion over My father’s Land. I Will be making Special announcements of Canada’s new ‘most Wanted’ list, and My Art Exhibit-Sean Will be used for the mug shots.

I’ve also got a ton of information to share with You in the New Year. I learned a great deal over the last month, many things I was not even thing King existed in the physical Universe to be known (principles as opposed to facts), so I’ll be sharing all of that with You along with how that information Will be used in My Microcosm specifically in the next chapter of My Story.

I’m going to share My full Declaration of Trust with You so You can see exactly what I have been war King on, and I have even Created a new calendar for My Kingdom because I Wish to Keep track of the Moon cycles. There should be thirteen moon cycles to a lunar year, so We Will see how close the solar calendar is to the lunar calendar, too.

Kingdom of Heaven Calendar, Year 5

Can You tell I’m excited about the New Year?! Oh, and just One of the things I discovered recently is that I have often said that I believe the financial system was set up to trap treasonous traitors of the Crown by Way of the colonist’s greed, arrogance, and ignorance. Instead of going to war with this new company called Canada that Wished to take advantage of the profits of trading routes for themselves, they decided (Crown) to recognize the colonists illegitimate Claim to the land and trading routes of that region by Signing an Act that recognizes the unlawful claim and concedes to Give Canada usury privileges of the land in stead, while reserving the right of Claim for a ‘proper’ (Christian) representative of the Crown. Summary? They (Canada) have literally been Trusted to care for the land because they don’t have any legitimate claim to it until a rightful claimant (of the Crown) Shows up. Keep in Mind, the Crown = Christ/Queen interchangeably.

The Company known as Canada is quite literally an enemy of the Crown and an imposter on Crown land forever in debt to Her Majesty for their crimes of treason. This is not a belief anymore, it is a fact and one I Will be proving to You over the coming weeks and months in the New Year.

All My Love and Blessings, may all Your Wildest Imagine-Nations be Real-eyes’d.

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