Volume CXCVIII: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Canada First Law Enforcement Hero, Corporal Richard Mehner

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition which Will be True to it’s name as this particular Post is just to pay Tribute to those in Canada who swore an Oath to protect the inherent rights of Canada’s People and are choosing to Honour that Oath in the face of tyrannical, treasonous traitors of the Trudeau government. Please read Honourable Lord Richard’s letter of resignation for refusing to allow the government to dictate what drugs the Man must place in his body. Richard Mehner, You are a Canadian Hero!!! You are the example all law enforcement officers should follow. I know it’s not easy, and I know it is a huge sacrifice for You, but One day We Will all look back on these times, and at least if Canada becomes a fascist dictatorship, We Will be the Ones who can say We did not sit idly by and let it happen.

It is a LONG letter, but well worth the read – every Word. This SHOULD be a wake up call for other law enforcement officers, especially the Ottawa police service as the entire organization is liable for treason if they fail to uphold their oath of office. These oaths You are required to swear are not for fun – they are legally and lawfully binding and violating that oath is a breach of Trust absolving any officer of any liability typically protected by their position of office, as abdicating Your oath is effectively abdicating Your office and immunity protections.

Consider this both a tribute to an officer of impeccable Character and moral integrity, and a public Notice to every other law enforcement service in Canada that are aiding and abetting the treasonous Acts of their government – You Will be considered conspirators to their treason if You are on the wrong side of the law.

Enjoy the rest of Your day, more to come later this evening, this is BREAKING Good News Journal update for this Terrific Two’s Day!!!

Love and Blessings,

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