Volume CXCVIII: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; War King Magic – A Pre View of My Art Exhibit Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the second Post of this Two’s Day Edition, making the Title True to its name once again. I do not have a new film interpret a Sean to Present to You this week, but We do have lots of Good things to be tall King about. Corporal Richard Mehner has recently been forced to abandon his Post as an RCMP officer because he Will not get vaccinated. He sent a courageous Letter about how unlawful and illegal the vaccine mandates are, and Promised he Will see the individuals responsible these crimes against Canada’s People in a Court sometime in the future. That was worth a Post of its very own, this second Post is in celebrate-Sean of preparing a few other things in My Microcosm that I am now able to share with You. As always, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is Wonder-Full to have You in My House.

First and foremost, I Wish to start with the Art Exhibit-Sean; ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’. If You are thing King that is the same name as My ‘new’ Trust, You are also correct. The Art Exhibit-Sean had been named ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ long before I had even considered officially ‘naming’ My Trust. The name, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ was something I Wished to make sure to list as property of My Estate. By naming the Trust it Self ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’, everything I Create is property of the Trust and under that name by default anyway.

Now this is just a pre-View, these are only the first three of the Official Exhibit-Sean. The central painting is nowhere near done, Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II are done ‘for now’. They are probably done and definitely mostly done, though Artists are finnicky and I might decide they are not done if I look at them long enough. The Prince of Wands is only there because that’s where it Will be relative to the rest of the pieces in the Exhibit-Sean. I’m also doing this to get a sense of how they Will look when I finally get the whole collection completed, and this is also the wall surrounding My studio – it both inspires Me to paint and makes Me feel more comfortable with the work I’ve done. Often a painting is ‘done’ because I don’t really know what to do with it anymore and don’t Wish to risk making it worse! In fact, Truth be told that’s almost always the case. The more comfortable I get around My own work, the more critical I allow My Self to be, and the more inclined I am to put it back in the easel and Trust My Self to try something else. I also genuinely feel like I’m getting better, however slowly. A Friend (neighbour) was as King to see some of My paintings and she was able to immediately identify every single one without Me having to tell her who they were! (Well, she didn’t know who Lloyd Longfield was but I wouldn’t expect most People to know that Actor unless they live in Guelph where he is staged.)

There are four more paintings completely done in the collection, and the Prince of Wands and the mayor are war King Product-Sean’s. You have to admit, it is kind of a cool ‘coincidence’ that I Love Word Play so much and just ‘happen’ to be Gifted with the name ‘Sean’. Product-Sean and production actually mean the same thing in My Microcosm!!! And as the producer and director of My Product-Sean’s, I have decided that I am the One who Will determine their Value, and I praise all My Gifts by celebrate-Sean with You here.

Something else I Wish to be tall King about that is somewhat comical, is that I have said that My thumbprint is sufficient coin for My realm and many People are thing King that’s funny and perhaps even ridiculous. I’m reasonable and logical enough to know that’s probably what most People Will be thing King, and I also know that ignorance and belief are mostly meaningless and have zero effect on the Truth of a Matter. But My knowledge of this Truth is so great that I am legitimately concerned about sending any more documents to Canada’s government authored by My own Hand because the People I’m Gifting these letters to clearly have no Idea how much they are worth. I cannot even reasonably guestimate how much My Cestui Que Vie would be worth in Canadian dollars, though I anticipate it Will be sufficiently more than Canada’s current deficit. So how much might a Hand Writ, ten page Letter to Canada’s Acting Registrar General be worth as a His-Story Call document? There is a reason government must maintain a Record of everything they receive, it is all Part of the Great Work, every piece is worth tremendous Value as a his-Story Call document.

This is also why I could not share My Express Trust with You before now because I did not Wish to share it here until I share the first Act of the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Trust – a Letter to the Ontario Works Administrator.

That is My Letter to Ontario Works. The following is a Letter of consent to communicate between the necessary government Ministries.

All of the materials I’m sharing with You here, are [pictures of] what are known as ‘genuine articles’ – they are the original, Hand Writ documents. I don’t really have any need for these documents, either. They are not intended for Me, they are only Significant to My Kingdom with respect to the Act I am performing, what I am as King of government to do with these Gifts of Present-Ments (Ment=Mind). I didn’t make copies and this is not something I would typically recommend, so let Me explain why.

As mentioned, I don’t really Wish to retain these records for My own his-Story Call Record, the re-Act-Ion is what I am expecting in return for the Gift of My Presentment. If I were to ‘Treasure’ anything, it Will be My own Product-Sean’s, meaning that I Will only be interested in Keeping the genuine article, and if I were to make a copy, I would be sending the [true] copy, not the genuine article. However, to be ‘proper’ documents both legally and lawfully, they must be Genuine Articles, the true copy is technically a forgery and fraud if it is not clearly advertised to be a ‘true copy’, and a ‘true copy’ is not legally binding because technically any One could make a true copy if they had access to the original. For consent to be lawful, it must be the actual Hand of the Man Signing the Hand Writ document. Basically, I would have to Keep the True copies and I’m not ‘interested’ enough in the true copies to invest the time and energy into printing them. At the same time, I know the Value of the documents I’m sending, so I am sharing them here on the public record as insurance on the trust I am investing in sending the documents. Keep in Mind, Ontario Works disposed of copies of Records I had sent them previously, and I have their Signature on the Genuine Article (which I still have). So I have every reason to be concerned that the Value of the Gift may be compromised or undervalued.

There was no reply from Noah regarding his most recent Notice of Criminal and Civil Liability served to him yesterday, and although I Will be adding these Notices to that Matter on the Public Notices board, I’m still not entirely sure how I’m going to deal with that Man. If I’m compelled to take him to Court because he chooses to ignore the Notices I Will send him, he may well be the first Man to go to jail. If You Wish to know the Truth, it’s probably the main reason I’ve been procrastinating. But if he Wishes to Act like a child, he Will get a proverbial spanking.

I also have another Notice that is more or less just mocking Mary Simon for her incompetence as a governor general and conspiring with the treasonous Trudeau. Really, as far as I’m concerned, she should be charged for One count of manslaughter for every Man (of either sex) that dies as a result of the vaccine for allowing the Canadian government to legislate mandates that cause harm to Canada’s People when there is no pandemic. The entire thing is a fraud, and Mary Simon appears to be on board the pirate’s ship.

It’s been a big day already, I’ll share My Letter to Mary Simon with You for the Lucky Wednesday Edition.

Love and Blessings,

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