Volume CXCVIII: The Lucky Wednesday Edition; My Story, Year V, Scene I, Act I

Hello every One and welcome to the Lucky Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is always a great Pleasure to have You. Today does feel Tremendously Lucky because I completed the first official Act of the year. It occurred to Me that the Acts are really the only reason for the necessity of a date because the date provides the timeline for My Story. Each Act is a new Deed that builds upon the original Found a Sean (Cestui Que Vie). Each Scene sets the location (stage) and Characters relative to the Script and the Actors perform according to the Act. Directors tell the State Actors how to perform their Part in Universal Pictures greatest Product-Sean.

I’ve always known My time in this world is temporary so I’ve always somewhat Visualized My Self to be a Character in a Story. Like any Story it Will have a beginning, middle, and end. The only Quest-Ion is what Will My Life Story be about? What do I Wish for the Story of My Life to say? The subject Matter of the Story and its impact on the reader is more important than any of the Characters. Why? Because a Good Story is a Legend and a Legend Will Live long after the Man is dead and gone.

I was busy over the Holy Days and took some time to further define My Express Trust and to Officially ‘Christen’ My Trust with a name. Sean von Dehn and all variate Sean’s of the Style and Spelling of My name have been placed in Trust, clearly defined, and designated as principle beneficiary of the Trust. My Mum, Brother and Sister have been listed as co-beneficiaries, and for now, My Brother is listed as the successor Trustee in the event of My death. My House is Officially in Order and it is impossible to diminish the status of Sean von Dehn in any Way because that ‘person‘ is subject to the Situs (jurisdiction) of the Trust.

When I Created My Cestui Que Vie five years ago, I mentioned that it had a Truly transformational effect on Me. It might sound strange, but I felt dramatically different after Writing it and My microcosm did transform in Magical Ways that I Will not even get into here. It is perhaps akin to what One might experience if One is Truly ‘born again’ in the Christian tradition. It was very different from My Spiritual awakening some ten years or so before and nowhere near as memorable or transformational as that, but it was equally powerful in a more tangible and meaningful Way. It is as if the essence of what I had experienced some ten years previous had been made manifest in Man’s Macrocosm, and it was absolutely the most transformational experience I’ve had since My awakening.

I feel as if what I have put together over the Christ-Mass Holy Days is even more powerful. I know I Will never Create a document as Magical and Powerful as My Cestui Que Vie ever again which can make adding to it somewhat risky. In fact, I can easily relate to My insecurities as an Artist with My paintings, being too afraid to ruin what I’ve already Created to attempt improving on the work any further.

Yet when I completed the Declaration of Trust I was war King on over the Holy Days, I felt very much the same Way as I did when I Created My Cestui Que Vie. I don’t really know how to explain these things because I suppose it’s just intuition, but I know that what I Created over Christ-Mass has amplified the Magic of My Cestui Que Vie at least tenfold.

Does it make more sense now? It is impossible to confuse Sean von Dehn for anything but the beneficiary of a Trust managed by its Executor, King Sean. The ‘Official’ positions of a Trust are determined by the Settlor or Grantor and the Trust Instrument (the Declaration of Trust) relative to the duties and obligations associated with a particular position of office. If I Wish to designate the Title of King to the executor of the Trust, then Sean becomes King of the Trust instrument which is effectively the corpus (body) of the Trust (People).

The point to this long, drawn out Story for today is to let You know that I felt powerful Magic was released into the Universe when I dropped this package in the Post today. Then I remembered it is ‘Lucky’ Wednesday and reflected on the Idea that there are no coincidences. I could feel the release of all the Magic that was put into these documents over the Holy Days, and I am ‘in Deed’ very pleased with the new ‘Declaration of Trust’ I have Created for the Estate and its future beneficiaries.

Having said that, the ‘Declaration of Trust’ is the only document I Created over Christ-Mass that I have not shared with You yet! Even worse, You Will have to wait at least one more day because I have to photograph all the Pages as I did for the rest of the Letter that was sent with the Declaration, though My phone is out of juice and charging at the moment. I Will get that Posted tomorrow for You for the Thursday ‘Thing King’ Edition seeing as it is all about building upon the Found a Sean of God’s Kingdom. 😉

The Declaration is worth waiting for, I am legitimately thing King it may be one of My best Writings. One of the other things I’m going to be war King on very soon and sharing with You here is My new Book! I AM going to Write a Book on ‘The Real Common Law’, and I Will be sharing it here when I do, though I haven’t decided if I am going to Write it as a continuous Page or as new category using subcategories for chapters and such (more likely). I’m also war King on an audio version of My Book ‘A Prophecy for Peace’, and I have got that under Way already.

I’ve also been staying on top of a few other ‘smaller’ details. I followed up with Mary Simon but really just to mock her incompetence. I can’t take any of these clowns seriously anymore, though I Will be updating the Public Notices Page with that tomorrow. I also sent a ‘private’ email to Noah that I’m really only keeping private because it’s not an ‘official’ email My Wish was to let him know that I do not Wish to see him go to jail but if that happens to be an unfortunate consequence to taking him to Court over this Matter, so be it. I also let him know that is not My Wish and if he responds to Me reasonably I Will not be so interested in pursuing criminal charges. I find it somewhat concerning he has not responded to My Notice yet, though only for his sake, not mine. If he believes he’s done nothing wrong and has nothing to hide, then there is no reason not to respond, and We do know for sure that he’s sitting on a serious amount of cash that rightfully belongs to Me, My Brother and My Sister. There is absolutely no reason he should not respond promptly to advise as to how We can get Our Hands on it if he is protecting the interests of the beneficiaries (which is his obligation as an executor of the Trust in the recovery of My father’s debt). I shared the first email and Will have the ‘von Dehn Family Manor Roll’ updated with the full story tomorrow.

Finally, the last of today’s news is that not only did I Write My old high school responsible for stealing a short Story I Writ, I followed up with them today and I AM going to share that email with You today, too.

The worst thing for Me is having far too many things on the go to be able to tell You about them all in a single Post! Like I said, I was busy over the Holy Days, even if a part of it was just strategizing for the coming year. But here We are, and there is powerful Magic war King in the Macrocosm already!!!

Thanks so much for being here, Happy Lucky Wednesday!!!

Love and Blessings,

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