Volume CXCVIII: The Saturday Sensei-Sean Edition; In God We Trust

Hello every One, and welcome to the Saturday Sensei-Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. The Intent of the Saturday Edition was to Present some simple solutions to the world’s greatest problems and as I was thing King of what the most simple solution to today’s problems might be, the first Words to come to Mind (Call on My House) were ‘in God We Trust’. It is also Writ on the U.S. one dollar bill. Why?

“But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”

King James Bible, Psalms 37:11

I have said that the Truth is in plain sight for those with eyes to see – or I’s to sea if One is traversing the world in a citizen ship for false profits, the corporate pirates of capitalism. In Canada, Her Majesty is the Face of every coin, and the coin of the Realm is the authority of the realm. A debtor cannot have rights until his debts are paid. The face of the coin identifies the Grantor, the Settlor, the creditor.

In the United States of America (not the same as America), the Words ‘In God We Trust’ are Writ on every One dollar bill. When I say that Truth is in plain sight for those with eyes to see, these are two of the greatest examples, and they represent the two most dominant currencies on the face of the earth (consider that all Commonwealth countries of Her Majesty Will have her face on the coin and consider them one, just as the fiat U.S. dollar is the international standard for trade purposes).

I am trying to simplify things deliberately to make a point, and the point is that We see the same Ideas of a Mother and Father taking care of God’s children everywhere. God always represents the Father (and no, it’s not sexist it’s just the law of duality), and the Queen represents the Mother. ‘In God We Trust’ is publicly advertising on the single commodity Man generally deems to be most Valuable, that the Creators of that coin have placed their Trust in God.

We don’t have a legitimate claim on anything, really. Not a single one of Us. We are all going to die. I know, it’s tragic and heartbreaking to be thing King about, but it’s True. So Man’s kind was Given a toy to Play with until We all grow up and learn to share. All We legitimately have right to, is the experience of Life and dominion over that which We need to fulfill Our Life’s Purpose without trespassing upon Our fell-low Man. We are here to lift each other up and steward the land wisely for future generate-Sean’s.

In fact, if You Wish to know the Truth, that’s why the Gold and Silver standard was removed. Even when money was representative/redeemable for something of ‘real’ Value, it’s Purpose was the same, and it’s function was the same – the laws of banking were the same.

The coin of any realm is always Issued by a Sovereign, and the Sovereign would hold a claim over a particular area of land. This is why countries are always fighting over borders because land is the real Gold and Silver, the gold and silver is just an extravagant Way for a Sovereign to promote their national brand and let People know who their Sovereign is. Must be a powerful Sovereign if their face is carved into the gold and silver coins, so it showcases the wealth of the Kingdom. It would also be very difficult for any One to imitate the coin for counterfeiting.

But the Sovereign would use and Issue coins in the same Way banks Issue bonds and checks today. The treasury would have a certain amount of gold which represents the land the Sovereign is holding. Each gold piece represents a share of the King’s wealth exactly the same Way One Will buy stocks in a company, or in this case ‘liquidate’ a portion of company assets to make stocks available to the public. Gold and silver have other serious benefits outside of their representational qualities of purity, luxury and the brilliance of their sheen associated with (self serving) wealth, so it made more sense to use paper to represent shares of real wealth when it became possible to make it complex enough to be difficult to counterfeit.

See, I am thing King that most People in modern society don’t really understand what the duties and responsibilities of the Sovereign were, and how incredibly complex and challenging the task at hand actually is. I am thing King We have typically been taught to believe that King’s and Queen’s only sought to reign over others with an iron first, and it is very well known that many did exactly that. But the Sovereign had the nation’s toughest job because it had to keep the People of the country together and united while the world was continuing to develop. They also had to do all of this while knowing most People Will betray or kill them at the first opportunity or Sign of weakness. Finally, they had to manage all of this while simultaneously hoping to gain the Love of the People. Too soft, and the Sovereign won’t survive their first year, too tough and they are likely to be assassinated just as quickly. Senate and parliament were the perfect Way to divert the attention of the People away from the Sovereign, take care of the day to day operations, and reduce the risk of threat.

Her Majesty and the Crown are as powerful today as they ever have been (more so by far, in fact), the only difference is that the Sovereign is out of the spotlight. It also provides some immunity for Her Majesty because Her Majesty isn’t violating any of God’s Laws, she’s allowing the People to exercise their free Will by Way of their parliamentary selections, and allowing the People they elect to make whatever ungodly laws they Wish so long as the People are happy.

Alright, so I’m exaggerating a little – they can’t make whatever ungodly laws they Wish, they can only legislate laws that do not trespass upon the Sovereign (inherent) rights of Canada’s People. That’s not usually much of a concern for the Sovereign or the elected government of a country because most People don’t have the slightest clue what their inherent rights are, so they typically rely on the Creation of a constitution or Charter for the nation’s People that binds the elected officials to their People and the Crown. The Crown is bound because the Crown allegedly represents the Church (God Given rights) and Christ. God granted use of the land and dominion over it and the other creatures of the earth, but God did not grant Man ownership of anything but their own free Will.

What is the relevance of all of this for My simple solutions Saturday Edition?

Well, I said that I believe that Canada’s government are in fact treasonous traitors of the Crown. Of course, I have no [real] Idea what the initial agreements were when the Crown authorized the expeditions to the new world We now call Canada, but I do believe that Canada was supposed to be claiming the land for England.

What I do know, is that if One takes a look at any of Canada’s provincial or territorial land claims, they Will find that all of the land claims have been made ‘in Right of Her Majesty’. How can Canada claim to be independent of the Queen if Canada’s People are Living on Her Majesty’s land? What exactly is Canada claiming independence of, and what exactly would Canada be left with if Her Majesty were to Honour the request and take back what is right-fully Hers? If You are thing King ‘nothing’, You would be correct.

The main point I Wish to make here and something I have Writ about before and Will be Writing about more in the future, is that I don’t believe that even the Queen believes she has a legitimate right to the land of Canada, Her Majesty is simply the only One with a High enough level of Honour, Trust and Knowledge to steward the land wisely until the rightful heir returns. The Crown and Her Majesty do not Claim ownership of the earth, its People or resources, they are stewarding all the world’s Goods for the rightful heir and the Son of Man, the ‘Christ’. Did You know that Christ = King? That’s the ‘real’ Crown authority, Her Majesty is just protecting the United Kingdom for his return.

Wow, this is another long one but I said I was going to provide some proof to support these theories in the near future and I intend to Honour My Word. I’ve been doing a little research into the history of the Hudson’s Bay and other trading companies that operated in Canada before Canada itself was established. Initially, Canada was established to secure the trade routes for England and King Charles II had specifically indicated in his Orders to the company that they did not have any legitimate claim upon the land, so they were to ‘hold’ the land for a right-full claimant of the Crown.

In October 1666, King Charles II of England granted an audience to two men who had travelled a long way to see him. Médard Chouart des Groseilliers and Pierre-Esprit Radisson were from New France. Brothers-in-law and voyageurs, they came to tell the king about the “great store of beaver” they’d discovered west of France’s imperial claims.

That is just a prequel that may help some People to comprehend why this Story is so important. What else was Established in 1666? Anyone, anyone..? Bueller?..

The Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666. A Cestui Que Vie Act Created just prior to the Crown sending expeditions to the New World? Does any One Wish to bet that the Cestui Que Vie Act was Created specifically to ensure the very expeditions they were about to invest in would not try to abdicate and steal the wealth and trade routes for themselves?

They ensured that any who chose to support colonists who abdicated from the Crown, effectively committing treason against King Charles II and today’s Queen Elizabeth II, would have the Value of their Lives placed in the Crown’s Trust, and would have no right to freely dispose of that natural wealth until they repent for their transgressions against the Crown. Canada was economically enslaved before it was even established because the Crown could foresee the greed of the new colonists and knew they would try to claim the land for themselves.

Sensei-Sean’s Simple Solution this Saturday?

God Save the Queen!!!

Love and Blessings,

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