Volume CXCVIII: The Super Natural Sunday Review; Trudeau – Canada’s Fearless Fascist

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural Sunday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Today is also the first quarter of the first Moon of the New Year which feels like a serendipitous Way to finish the first week. Today’s Title is a Tribute to Canada’s State Actors, their treasonous Acts against Canada’s People and their determination to turn a constitutional democratic Monarchy into a fascist Trudeau dictatorship.

I honestly can’t even stand looking at Trudeau. One has to admit, he is the perfect puppet – an absolutely empty vessel. His brain Will be an entirely blank canvas primed for the most daring and abstract projection of his inadequacies and incompetence onto Canada’s People through his mainstream media propaganda machine, and their talking parrot mouthpieces. I’m also pretty sure he sold his soul long before he became a state actor. He won favour with the Canadian People by propagandizing a boxing match against a Man he paid to lose so that (presumably) People would be thing King he’s both tough and pretty. He’s no hero but he is pretty pathetically laughable.

Honestly, maybe it sounds shallow, and maybe this is straight out of Fight Club, but I would Love to fight Justin Trudeau. Truth be told, I am very capable of defending My Self, but I can’t consciously cause harm to a Man. I have some kind of ‘incredible hulk’ ability that causes Me to black out completely until I’ve either compromised My adversary, or they are running away from Me. If I didn’t black out, I’d be useless and defenseless because I’m too concerned about the harm I could do, it’s like a defense mechanism. However, I believe Justin Trudeau would be the exception to that rule. I believe I could not only hit Justin Trudeau, I am thing King I would thoroughly enjoy a bare knuckle cage match with him, winner take all. I’m also Writing this because I legitimately believe he is such a narcissist and egomaniac that if he were to ever read this, I’m am thing King his ego might be massive enough he may not be able to refuse taking Me up on the offer. Justin Trudeau is a professionally trained boxer, I had a year of martial arts training when I was roughly thirteen years old, and I am thing King We are actually the same age (or within a year)!! Can’t You picture Joe Rogan announcing it as the headline event (actually, it would probably be more of a preview except I am thing King there would be a lot of pressure on Me to pummel the Man, so it might make for a a main event for that reason alone). Sadly, fighting him would please Me more than painting him right now, so what does that tell One about his leadership, all jokes and jests aside (though I am dead serious, I would fight him in a heartbeat if he agreed to the challenge).

Oh, did I just get carried away fantasizing about fighting Justin Trudeau? My most sincere apologies, that was an unintentional but delightful daydream…

Generally, I like to review the events of the week on Sunday, both to Keep Me on point and to let the rest of the world know what I’m up to. How much of a difference can One Man make? I really don’t know but the world is still tall King about this Christ Character who lived some two thousand years ago, so I’m thing King it is worth exploring My limit-a-Sean’s.

I also forgot to tell My audience about one of the emails I sent to Canada’s Justice Council this week. When I say that I am sick and tired of these useless, wallflower-willed judicial review board members, I am not joking. These arrogant, self-serving, pompous asses receive ridiculous wages and have been Trusted with arguably the most important duty of any state actor in a functional constitutional democratic Monarchy. These are the very People Canadians Trust to protect, and to provide compensation for trespasses upon the [inherent/Charter/treaty] rights of Canada’s People. It is not one of their top priorities, it is their chief duty and responsibility – no other provisions are afforded to ANY judge or justice on Canada’s bench should they fail to observe those provisions and obligations.

This particular Man, Josee Gautier has been informed that the city of Ottawa has privately petitioned a judge outside of the court process and responds to say that the justices and judges appointed to the bench are granted ‘considerable presumption of unbias’ – apparently, even in the face of stark facts to the contrary. So I advised hoser Josee that if he fails to investigate, he is also a conspirator to the judge’s crime. I didn’t mention that he should also be removed from the Judicial Council because it’s blatantly obvious he is incapable of impartiality. If he can’t recognize how bias and prejudice his review is, then he is clearly senile, not of sound Mind, and should be removed for more obvious reasons.

These People have become fat and lazy because We have allowed them to become fat and lazy. We allow belligerent, negligent responses to complaints to silence Us which just emboldens the bully on the bench. Canada’s People need to remember that the higher the salary, the higher the duty and obligation and the more dire the consequences for breach of Public Trust. If the judges and justices in Canada don’t do their job, that’s what causes Canada to fall into fascism, not the legislation by government. So long as Canada’s Governor General does her job (don’t hold Your breath) and Canada’s court judges Honour their Oath to the Crown, nobody has anything to worry about because mandated medical procedures Will NEVER be lawful – EVER. Only in Man’s legal fiction which has become a fantasy too surreal for the People to suspend disbelief any longer.

Lots more to come this week Ladies and Lords, Queens and Kings, including a new series for My Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and I might start on the Netflix series, ‘The Crown’!!! Just a consideration, but a strong one.

Love and Blessings,

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