Volume CXCVIII: The Magical Monday Motive A Sean Edition; A Magical Monday for Mocking Morons

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today’s Title is fairly obvious and Will be True to its name, I have yet another video from YouTuber Viva Frei to start things off, then I Will share some of My own Magical mockery of morons in My microcosm.

‘Moron’ – Masterclass 101

Proudly and correctly described as ‘A masterclass in political cowardice and intellectual dishonestly, courtesy of Justin Trudeau’, the video points out how Words can be used as weapons to deceive People. It could just as correctly be called ‘a masterclass in propaganda, 101’, because this is exactly what propaganda journalism is.

I hope You Will watch the video but in a nutshell, what the government is doing is as King of People to remember the lives of those lost in a tragic plane accident, when in fact today’s date is the anniversary of a plane being intentionally shot down, effectively murdering all the passengers on board.

The Trudeau government is using a very powerful propaganda tactic that involves foresight and intention. Propaganda is most effective when Truth is mixed with a lie. There was a tragic aviation event two years ago today, but the event was no accident, it was an unprovoked, criminal attack on a civilian airliner that was shot down leaving no surviving passengers. This is what People are tall King about when they refer to ‘1984 double-speak’. Because it is partially True, the government then uses the attention to prey on the emotions of the People remembering the event, and expresses sympathy for the lives lost by the “accident“, while downplaying the criminal act. The intent, is to make a deplorable criminal act be remembered as nothing more than an unfortunate accident, undermining the Value of the lives of the People lost to this sociopathic, deplorable act of Man.

Again, I’m going to encourage You to watch the video because I feel Viva does a very Good job of breaking down the Word definitions and how they are being used improperly to convey a very different message than what One may at first recognize if One is not paying attention. These tactics are most effective when We are unable to see them. If We do not recognize what is being done, Our Mind cannot correct the narrative and that’s precisely how propaganda becomes a program which has the potential to infect One’s entire operating system. Keep that third eye wide open and let it be a beacon in the darkness to warn others of the stormy waters and rocky shores that might other-wise CAPSIZE One’s ship.

I know I’ve also shared a few of Viva’s YouTube videos already this year and I’m letting You know that I feel something of a moral obligation to do so. I have too much respect for the Man to ever call him naïve, but a few years ago he was considerably less critical of the government, and Trusted they were at least acting in the best interests of Canadians despite how incompetently they might be doing so.

To quote a line from a song by My favourite personal band and musician of all time, Gord Downie,

“Every One’s got their breaking point, for Me it’s spiders – for You, it’s Me, thugs in perpetuity.”

Thugs, The Tragically Hip

The ‘thugs in perpetuity’ part is irrelevant but too poetically perfect to omit. Good Sir Gordon Downie was in Deed a Master Word-smith. Oh, and although I do not believe it had any significant relevance to Gordon Downie being Given the Honour of the Order of Canada, I felt it was worth mentioning that I did send a letter to Her Majesty as King if she would consider ‘knighting’ Gord Downie for his contribution to Canada and the Crown’s musical culture. I heard he was receiving the Order of Canada (the modern day equivalent of being knighted) roughly three months later, though I’m sure it was probably in the works at least a year ahead of time. I just thought I would share that because You know I don’t believe in coincidences and it felt like My request was answered. And no, I did not receive a reply or I would have published it here. I’m telling the Story to share the Magic of that letter, even though the letter it Self likely had nothing to do with the result. It is a reflection of a more Universal Truth,

“Keep on as King and You Will receive”,

Matthew 7:7

I also said I had some Magical mockery of My own to share with You today and I do. I sent a second Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability to Noah S. Potechin and his legal assistant, Larraine Burton.

Of all the things going on in My microcosm, this is the greatest nuisance of all My priorities. Otherwise, it’s difficult to say what My number one priority is because the crimes being perpetrated by Canada’s government against Canada’s People are far more important to Me overall, yet I can’t do much more than report their crimes and publish them on this international court of record.

The other reason it’s a nuisance for Me is because I really don’t Wish to destroy Noah’s career because I legitimately feel sorry for him. I’m sure he believes he’s in the right, though the facts against him are very clear. Sometimes I’m not sure if People are suffering from denial or if they are Truly oblivious (city of Ottawa lawyers come to Mind in particular). Noah’s entire defense can be reduced to a single point – ‘does the Ontario Mortgage Act have the force of law to trespass upon a legally protected, inherent right?’.

The answer to that Quest-Ion is equally simple – it’s a resounding ‘NO’. That means that everything else Noah has done since then is both criminal and harmful to the Real Estate property Trusted to his care, including the fact that if he can’t successfully prove that the Mortgage Act of Ontario has the force of law to legally trespass upon an inherent right, then he also had no business acting as power of attorney over the estate in ANY capacity. The fact My father died without a Will only means that Canada doesn’t have a Writ of invitation to interfere with the private affairs of the von Dehn House and Estate (which is why the state would love for Me to file an application, because doing so consents to their jurisdiction over the Matter).

Alright, We’re over 1000 Words already so that’s all the Magical mocking of morons I have for You today (also something of a tribute to Viva who said that ‘morons deserve to be mocked’ in reference to the Trudeau government and Quebec premier).

But I’m not looking forward to dealing with My father’s estate because suing People really isn’t fun, even when You know You Will win. In fact, for Me it almost makes it worse because the only thing I am really thing King about is how badly Noah Will lose. The irony is, I know if the shoe was on the other foot, he wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about Me – that’s evident by the harm he’s already done.

I legitimately feel like I’m being a bully – like I’m about to step into a ring with a Man I not only know I can crush, but who is helpless to defend himself against Me. If that proves to be a Good legal metaphor for My situation, how glorious is One thing King that Victory Will be? That was the real reason I was so ‘angry’ to find out the property was listed on the market because I knew if it sold, it was a line that could not be uncrossed. I can for Give ignorance, but I can’t let a Man steal My rightful inheritance from Me, nor does God Wish for Me to allow for such deceptive deeds.

Before I go, I Will let You know that I am considering several possibilities for dealing with Noah, including criminal prosecution. One of the more ‘Creative’ Ideas I have come up with, is filing My Claim against Noah in My father’s name, Acting as Trustee of Joachim Heinrick von Dehn Estate and Holder in due course.

That Will certainly Give an entirely new meaning to the expression ‘raising the dead’.

Love and Blessings,

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