Volume CXCIX: The Terrific Tuesday Edition; The Coin of the Realm, a United Kingdom

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Tuesday Edition of the Good News Journal and thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a pleasure to have You in My House. The Terrific Part of this Tuesday Edition is that I’m going to be tall King about the ‘Coin of the Realm’, which is the Seal of the Sovereign. The Sovereign is the source of wealth of every nation – and that I can assure You is a fact.

Today’s Post is also going to be especially short so that I can get this published in time to keep up My goal to publish daily, and I really do have a plethora of stuff to share with You that I Will Post tomorrow for ‘Lucky’ Wednesday. I’ve become acquainted with a new Friend in My community that feels pretty much exactly the same Way I do about the mandated vaccines, masks, and incompetent elected officials, so I got started on this Post considerably later than I had initially intended and have even more information to share with You than I already had in Mind.

So today, to Keep things relatively simple and make a very clear point that I believe Will be easy for People to comprehend, I am going to once again Show You not just how a person (using the Word deliberately here because this applies to every One regardless of status) discharges a debt, but why One is able to and how it is war King in Man’s Matrix.

Let’s start by looking at today’s feature photo.

Bill of Exchange

I Showed this once before but I only had ‘My account’ to Show You. I mentioned that when I set up Hydro, We discussed the name on the account, and I explained that My name must be expressed in upper and lower case letters like its proper English Spelling (style in Law). The individual explained they are not using the name to identify ‘Me’, it is the name of the account they are setting up. Hydro is a utility which is a natural resource, so it has real wealth and is issuing credit when they provide the resource.

The bill is Showing how much real Value was Issued to the [named] account. Hydro is a Holder of Real property and this is the Key to understand here. I don’t have any clue what the estimated potential commercial ‘Value’ of their generators might be worth per year, but it Will be considerable because it provides energy for the entire city of Ottawa. Electric power is considered an essential resource, so there is also a ‘Trust’ relationship because they are Trusted to be able to fulfill Ottawa’s power needs.

I’m sharing again for ease of reference because I Wish for You to look at the two bills presented below issued to two separate customers for the same commercial address. Now consider what a check might look like if One chose to pay that Way.

What criteria are on the check? The check Will show the name of the account from which the check is being drawn, the address of the financial institution the money Will be drawn from, and the account to be credited or withdrawn from.

You Will notice the account number is different. One account number is for My landlord’s account, the other is for the one created in My name. Notice the numbers on the bottom of the bill look exactly like the numbers on a check? That’s because that’s what it is. The longest number on the bottom right is the account number which one can verify by matching the numbers with the account number in the description. The middle number on the bottom of the check identifies the financial institution – notice the number is the exact same on both checks? The financial institution is the physical address, that is why they are the same!!!

Every Post Office is also a financial institution. The five digit number just to the right of the date is the transit number which identifies the check uniquely to prevent fraud. There is a second page which includes a copy of the bill does not have the transit number to deposit to the account. So when I sent the check back to Hyrdo with My thumbprint on it, they can now place that on their ‘Estate’ ledger (a real property interest is always an estate) as no longer promising to pay, they have Honoured the obligation by backing the Canadian dollar with something of real Value. These become ‘real’ property assets of the Hydro company worth their dollar Value. At the end of the year, Hydro sends in their ‘bills’ and receives credit for fulfilling the obligation to provide hydro to Canada’s People.

The physical address has the obligation for hydro and it is a commercial account (financial institution – that’s what postal codes are all about, they are like a serial number for addresses). I am ‘authorizing’ the bill by approving the Value of energy released by Showing that there is a need for the service.

And this information isn’t coming from nowhere, either. I have a background in both collections and sales and worked in the verification department for both where I would often set up automated payments. I was the one who would tell People where to look for the numbers and what they mean. I always need three – financial institution, account number, and transit number.

The fact is, a check doesn’t have account numbers, transit numbers and an institution number if it isn’t a check or financial instrument – it’s really that simple. The ‘trick’ is knowing the difference between the genuine article and the true copy (which Will not have a transit number).

I hope that helps to explain how it works, regardless whether or not they accept it by default, it is OUR duty to eductate these clowns and let them know how a Sovereign economy works and re-minding them We are the Coin of the Realm that Gives a thing Value.

Love and Blessings,

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