Volume CXCIX: The Thursday Thing King Edition; We Don’t Need No Educate-Sean, Just a Little Inspire a Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Thursday Thing King Edition of the Good News Journal and thank King or Queen You for being here. I really am so thank full to have You and so happy to be here. I know the world is crazy right now but I really do Wish to Give You a more positive perspective and I am thing King that Will become much easier to do very soon. I am seeing things unfolding in the world that I believe are very Promising. Remember, the Golden Dawn emerges after the coldest and darkest of nights.

That metaphor feels especially appropriate right now in the geographical region Commonly known as Canada. The high was a balmy -4 degrees Celsius, the temperature Will be dropping below the -20’s a few times over the next few nights, and today was the warmest day in the forecast for the next week. I am not a fan of winter, I detest the cold.

A war King progress Product-Sean

Does this look like some One who enjoys cold weather?! This is technically My ‘animus’, My alter ego, My ‘dark’ side. It’s My ‘identifier’ in the Thoth Tarot. This is also the next Portrait in the wings (for traits of My Character) in My Exhibit-Sean. Sitting at the canvas for a couple hours a day is going to be part of My daily war King schedule, so I may as well tell You the Story of how this Card became My identifier in the Thoth Tarot, and why I believe the system of Magic used in the deck is absolutely sublime. They are Truly Magic.

By following the advice and guidance of Crowley him Self for the uninitiated beginner, I separated all of the Princes and Knights of the Court cards from the deck and carefully reviewed them all exclusively relative to the Art and how they made Me feel. The Prince of Wands spoke to Me, so the Truth is, I picked it.

Now, it is important to know that for My own private study I would perform a different type of read called ‘The Opening of the Key’. I wasn’t really sure if I had picked the right Card because I was also somewhat keenly aware of the fact that I was picking the Card I found most appealing. Does this Card represent My ego (how I perceive and or Wish to perceive My Self), or My True Self, the Spiritual Me with a Higher Purpose than the material earth?

In the Opening of the Key, the first operation of Magic is to cut the deck three times and into four piles. Each of the four piles represents Fire, Water, Air and Earth respectively from left to right. I always shuffle the deck five times while as King of the Universe to Show Me exactly what I need to see to aid Me in My earthly Quest. I was as King if I picked the right Card to best represent My Character in each of the four elements, beginning with Fire (Spirit/God). I believed if I had picked the right Card, it would appear somewhere in the Fire pile. If I did not find the Card in the Fire pile, I would presume I had picked the wrong Card.

After splitting the deck into the four piles, each of the top Cards is turned over. The Fire pile revealed the Prince of Wands. I thought that was a pretty cool ‘coincidence’ (even though I know there are none, anywhere in the pile would have been sufficient, on top is even better). So I decided to see what Card the Tarot suggests best represents My Character in the element of water. I shuffle the Cards five times between each spread, and the first Card I turn over on the water pile is the Prince of Wands. Now I’m thing King that’s really cool and maybe I’ve got a knack for this thing they call Magic. So I decide I may as well continue for the last two piles. I know it probably sounds unbelievable, but twice more it was on top of each of the two remaining piles. I was officially convinced the Magic in the Cards are no joke because that is exactly how the Universe works for Me – it just takes a little more time in the Macrocosm.

You can see why it would be impossible for Me to ever presume the Cards would not Show Me exactly what it is I need to see. I hadn’t even read the characteristics of the Prince of Wands yet (or not in any real depth if I had) because this was quite literally how I began My studies in Tarot. I wasn’t interested in getting attached to characteristics of an imaginary tarot character that might not even be ‘Magically’ correct, so I was determined to know for sure before I really tried to gain deeper understanding of the Character itself.

The funny or perhaps slightly ironic thing about that Story is that not only is it somewhat astounding and True (78 cards in the deck, I couldn’t begin to calculate the odds), is that it is My ego that likes the Card!!! If I could ultimately be the best Me I can be, I would be the Prince of Wands in his most favourable Character. Even the flaws of the Prince of Wands are deadly accurate.

This is also very telling in its own right because I am always tall King about Living a Purpose Full Life and being the Hero of Our own Story which kind of sounds like a really boisterous, egotistical sort of Mind set. But there were all kinds of Spiritual Hero’s and this is a reflection of the six is nine Idea.

Ego is often perceived to be bad, but itself is nothing to be afraid of, it is simply how One perceives One’s Self to be, and One cannot exist in the world perceiving One’s Self to be nothing (though there are still plenty of Buddhists meditating somewhere hoping to prove Me wrong). We are the Living Expression of God, so it is only natural that We Will not only be Hero’s but Super-Hero’s destined to be the Star of the Show.

“All of Man’s kind is both the Emperor and the Star.”

Crowley, Prince of Wands, Paraphrasing

Wow, 1000 Words already! Okay, the other Good News I Wish to share with You today is a little more comic relief. It’s a Notice of Claim sent to the administration office of a high school I attended that basically stole a short story I Writ. I don’t know – maybe it won’t be very funny to the average individual who doesn’t know Me because tone doesn’t translate well in Writing. It’s funny to Me because I remember how ridiculous the situation was at the time and thing King they were Acting like children all those years ago – now I realize how accurate I was by how reluctant they are to respond to Me. I really just Wish to have the Story back and hope it is in Good condition. The fact they haven’t responded yet, tells Me they are terrified and that’s the part I find hilarious.

Today’s Post is also a Good prelude for tomorrow’s Free Lance Friday Edition because I Plan to do a feature Present a Sean on Lucifer and Satan to try to explain to the world what that is all about. It has everything to do with the animus and Our Spiritual evolution and not at all what most of the conspiracy theorists are thing King it is. The only reason I Will not start that new feature tomorrow, Will be if I have too much other information to share (it is Friday and more Notices Will be going out tomorrow) and decide that Saturday might be more appropriate to start a series on Satan (Saturday is named after the planet Saturn which represents ‘Satan’).

Love and Blessings,

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