Volume CXCIX: The Sensei-Sean All Saturn-Day Special; Satanism and the War Ship of Lucifer

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Sensei-Sean all Saturn Day Special about Satanism and the war ship of Lucifer, thank King or Queen You for joining Me in My House, it is always a Pleasure to have You.

As a disclaimer to today’s Special Present-a-Sean on Satanism, I Wish to let You know in advance that some of the information I Will be sharing with You in this series Will be deeply disturbing for some readers, though the Purpose of this Post and potential new mini-series, is to dis-Spell some of the myths surrounding Satanism and expose some of the Truths so that the average individual can at least have an alternative perspective to what most People tall King about this Will say. It is neither for the Purpose of fearmongering or justifying Satanism. That is something I Wish to be perfectly clear about before beginning this Post, and it is something My audience should keep firmly in Mind. The other thing I Wish to let You know before I get started, is that regardless how disturbing One may find some of the information, God does win in the end – and the Satanists know it as absolutely as I do.

Hopefully, that prequel Will start this series off on a more ‘Playful’ Note in the Universal sim-phony, and I’m going to build on that momentum with a video otherwise unrelated to this Post with the exception of exposing how some of the Satanists are Truly beginning to find themselves in the hell they Created for their Self. I hope You enjoy, We have have the fabulous, fallible Fauci front and center Presented by Our favourite cutting edge journalist du jure with a twist, JP.

Personally, I’d still list the Bill and Melinda Gates to Hell as today’s ‘#1’ public enemy, but I may have to concede to being biased on this point because the Bill and Melinda Gates to Hell lethal injection technology would never have been approved without first bribing People like Fauci who make those genocidal dreams a reality by making sure they gain approval for public consumption.

Making a deadly, biological weapon that was carefully crafted for maximum spread, enhanced with gain of function technology in a lab to increase its lethality, and then getting it approved for public distribution is not an easy thing for the average, non-Satanist to do. But when the Man who Wishes to see the global population reduced by ‘about 1/3’ and believes that vaccines are the ‘best opportunity’ to achieve that result (Bill Gates TEDx talk on vaccines) also happens to be one of the wealthiest debtors (sinners) on the planet, the most criminal, sinister, and deplorable acts can Magically be made legal, almost as if some sinister (sin is ‘ter’, ter=three in Latin) Spell was Cast.

That’s why We need fraud’s like Fauci to carry out the nefarious acts of the super rich who do not Wish to otherwise get their hands dirty – so much better for Bill if the world continues to believe he’s a philanthropist and not a eugenics advocate who is thing King the average individual is a vile, useless eater and breeder too stupid to be thing King for their Self. It’s not in Bill’s best interest for You to know he is a predator who Wishes to see all the ‘useless eaters’ removed from the earth. He figures they’ve developed enough technology now, they can pretty much automate things from this point moving forward, so the slaves have exhausted their purpose in the eyes of the Satanists, and it is now time for the Glow ball cleansing.

Okay, that’s a Good introduction to the video that is the cause of this Post. This was actually very boring for Me to watch because I already knew roughly 90% of everything this guy is tall King about and I’m not in any secret society, never have been, never Will be. The man in the video claims to be an ex-mason who Wishes to reveal the ‘Truth’ about Freemasonry, and goes on to spend the next five hours of the video proving the connection between Freemasonry and Satanism. Before I begin tall King about this video and some of the claims made, I Wish to point out that not once does he ever mention any connection between Freemasonry and Christianity (aside from claiming the Freemason’s detest Christians). I’ll touch on why that is important later, for now I just Wish for You to Keep that Idea in the back of Your Mind as I am tall King about the rest.

This very well could become one of My most controversial Posts because the first thing I am going to tell You is that it is True that Freemasonry is a Secret Society with many branches of fraternities, and I believe One of the reasons they have managed to attain so much Power in the world, is because those at the top of the Pyramid understand the Truth of God at a level most of Man would not even be able to comprehend if they were told directly. The knowledge of God is beyond what most of Man is capable of knowing (or technically even all of Man), yet they have knowledge of Truth that is so sublime it does not need what most of Us require in Order to validate Our beliefs – proof.

For many, if One cannot touch and feel something, it isn’t provable, so it isn’t Truth. It’s just an Idea, a theory, a philosophy. But what if the Truth of God is not a belief, an Idea, a theory or philosophy? What if God is the Universal Architect and has a perfect blueprint for Creation that has been completely mapped out like a DNA strand to develop a sublime scientific system of Magic?

What I am trying to convey here, is that when We are Given the formula for pi in school, so long as We enter the correct values into the formula, We Will always get a consistent result so long as the rest of Our calculations are correct. Well, what if there was a ‘formula’ for the Universe that was kind of like pi – You don’t really need to understand why pi=3.14, One only needs to know that it does.

Let’s forget about Satanism for a minute and consider Freemasonry. The first rule is not optional for becoming a member. If One does not believe in a higher power (doesn’t matter what it is), One has officially failed the first screening process and Will never be a member. One of the things the presenter in the video is correct about, is that atheists are considered ‘as stupid as animals’ and a ‘sub-species’ of Man’s kind. They legitimately believe that an atheist is not even a Spiritual being, and in essence they are correct because the individual their Self does not consider their Life to be Spiritual in nature. This seems VERY subtle, like it’s no big deal. But consider the flip side of that. Why would it be important for One to believe in God if One is being recruited for Satanism? That’s Your first clue, People. Please pay close attention from here forward because it gets complicated quickly.

So One who is being screened as a candidate for Freemasonry must believe in a higher power. If the first condition is met, the recruiter Will tell the potential pledge member that they can teach One what that Higher Power Truly is because they Hold the Secrets of God in their Mystery schools. However, if One Wishes to know the Truth of God, they are not permitted to share their knowledge with any One outside of the Secret Society, so serious pledges must be taken to ensure that One takes those Secrets to their grave.

That’s where Freemasonry first begins to sound a little suspicious and sinister because as J.F. Kennedy once said, ‘We are generally opposed to secret societies…’.

At the same time (again, not defending Satanism, only Freemasonry) do all the other world religions not do exactly the same thing except without the vow of Secrecy? Does every religion not profess to have the exclusive, correct interpretation of God? Do religions not also use fearmongering tactics to keep their members Faith-full by suggesting that if One Quest-Ions their book or seeks out other Truths One Will be bound to hell or damned by God in some Way? Hmmm… And how many People have been slaughtered in the name of God under the banner of Christianity? So Christianity is Good despite slaughtering millions of indigenous People’s all over the world in the name of ‘Christendom’?

Wow, almost 1,500 Words already and I’d like to keep each Post in this series under 2,000 Words. I’m not sure how long it Will take Me to cover everything. I haven’t even started on any of the really sinister stuff yet, so hopefully today’s Post Will not have been too disturbing for You.

I am thing King this is a Good time to wrap up this introduct-Sean to Satanism and the War Ship of Lucifer because I would like One to consider all the atrocities committed by the Church before We go any further. Doing so may help One to better comprehend the True purpose behind the Freemasons and their overall agenda. As I have mentioned, the end of this story is Good, though there Will be a lot of disturbing information to reveal along the Way.

I’ll leave off today by as King of You this Quest-Ion as a prequel to the next Post in this series. What if One of the first Secrets You are told about the Truth of God is that there is no such thing as Good and evil? It’s funny, I can actually feel Your shock even though I haven’t Published yet!

I’ll start the next Post in this series by answering this Quest-Ion, and You may be surprised to know that it is True – Good and evil are nothing more or less than mental constructs and beliefs People hold, and it is easily provable because all One has to do is start by as King People to define Good and evil. One Will find that the answer Will change from individual to individual, proving that there is no definitive guideline on Good and evil. God is completely indifferent, that’s why We were Gifted with Free Will.

I know it’s quite an intro, more to come on this soon!!!

Love and Blessings,

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