Volume CC: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Howling in Harmony with Wolf Moon Magic!!!

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. It’s a Special Pleasure to have You in My House today because there are many reasons why today felt Lucky in Deed, especially as it pertains to Magic and Intention. So I Will be tall King about why the first Full Moon of the year is in Deed so symbolically Magical, and I Will be sharing some optimistic Spiritual perspectives on the crazy, chaotic state of Our world. We also received a reply from Kitchener Collegiate Vocational Institute in response to a request to return a short story they seized some time ago, and finally, I followed up with Derrick Bert, a sheriff for the Ministry of the Attorney General’s office, as King if he has succeeded in finding a few Good Men (of either kind/sex) who Wish to Honour their Oath to God and the Queen. All in all, a very productive Wednesday which always feels Lucky.

The peak of Full Moon was on Moon-Day (Monday), and it was the first Full Moon of the year which began its cycle on the second of January – I have suggested that Magically, two is a Door. The Full Moon also happened to fall on the first day of the two hundredth week of the Good News Journal. I said that Magically, I felt like I had opened up a massive Spiritual Door-Way. Well, not only are there two instances of the number two associated with the first Full Moon of the year (beginning on the second and ending on the first day of the two hundredth edition), I was also tall King about how Volume 200 Symbolically represents the amplification of My Words in the Uni-Verse (the One Song We all Sing). As Luck would have it, I have also learnt that the first Full Moon of the year is also known as the Wolf Moon because wolves are typically most active this time of year, howling at the Moon. The trick to Magic is knowing there are no coincidences, and the Wolf Moon represents the ‘loudest’ Moon of the year. Well, what Magical Spells did I deliberately (Intent-Ion) Cast on that day?

Declaration of Default Judgment, Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata; Issued to Noah S. Potechin and Laraine Burton

Photo Credit to Rick Leche

It’s hard to explain but believe Me when I tell You, this is a very Good Omen!!! This is just One of the subtle Ways the Universe speaks to Me; it is not a Voice in My head, or even a feeling in My Heart (though that can sometimes be an indicator alerting Me to things of importance), it is the fluidity of the Universe itself, maintaining perfect Harmony with the Intent-Ion of the Spelling of Magic that is Cast and war King in the Universe. It is like the Universe responding to tell Me the message was received, the requisition has been made, and We know what the Law has to say in regards to that which We are as King of the Universe for:

“Keep on as King and it Will be Given, Keep on see King and You Will find, Keep on know King, and it Will be opened to You.”

Matthew 7;7, KJVB, (paraphrasing slightly)

Before I get into some of the other Good News of this Lucky Wednesday, I do Wish to assert that the Declaration of Default Judgments I have made against individuals is both legally and lawfully binding. I have said this many times before and I suppose that People Will ultimately choose to believe what they Wish. However, the most Powerful Gift I was Given by God, is that My Words Magically Manifest. For those who doubt, the Notices of Default Judgment on this Public Record Will remain a Testimony (test-of-money) of this Truth and Will likely represent the final reveal, the unveiling of Truth and the proverbial curtain Our modern day Wizards are hiding behind. They may seem like nothing but Words Published to a virtual reality Matrix; but the Matrix are My Tricks, and One thing I can guarantee You, is that these Notices cannot be removed except by Way of a Court Order My adversaries Will never be able to obtain. They Will never be able to Cast a Spell Powerful enough to undo the Magic of mine – I Give You My Word.

Alright, to get into some other Good News this Lucky Wednesday, I Wish to introduce You to an enlightening podcast regarding Our DNA, evolution, and how We perceive viruses and other threats to Our existence. It’s Aubrey Marcus and Zach Bush. I’ve seen Zach Bush before but didn’t know anything about him before the podcast, Aubrey Marcus I’ve been following on Instagram for a while and almost always find his Posts to be inspirational, informative, or some measure of both.

I really Trust My intuition on People and felt a ‘Good Vibe’ from Aubrey Marcus before I listened to the podcast. When I watched the podcast I was able to put a face to a name and recognized Aubrey from a Joe Rogan podcast I’d seen previously (but years ago, not at all recent). I’m saying this because in the podcast he shares Wisdom on par with some of the most enlightened Spiritual masters, and I would suggest any One Will benefit from listening to their Show. I’m just going to touch on a couple of Key points I liked from the discussion.

Around the nine minute mark, Aubrey is tall King about Sovereign abundance. This is important because without really saying so directly, he is making a Significant point that led to Mankind’s downward descent into capitalism. (That sentence alone is enough to turn away intellectual idiots like Ben Shapiro who believe capitalism is the greatest economic concept to ever be implemented by Man’s kind. I find it somewhat funny to see any Man claiming to be Spiritual still clinging to capitalist concepts that reward how much a Man can covet from her neighbour – but I digress.) Marcus suggests that Mankind,

“…mistook Dominion and ownership as Sovereignty”

Aubrey Marcus Podcast

And what does the World Economic Forum have to say about ownership?

“You Will own nothing, and You Will be happy.”

World Economic Forum – The Great Reset

This is why We see People all over the world (and in particular the U.S.) warning Us about socialism and its eventual evolution into communism (according to Marxist theory). The irony is that socialism and communism are absolutely harmless social constructs when the concept of capitalism and ownership are removed from the equation. The social concepts themselves are harmless, it’s capitalism and greed that corrupt these otherwise harmless systems. Socialism suggests that the People collectively own and distribute all resources as necessary according to each individual’s ability and needs in society. Nobody needs more than one house to call home. Nobody needs more than one vehicle to get from point a to b. Nobody needs more food than they can eat. I’m sure You get the idea.

Wow, the Prince of Wands really is fired up this year!!! We’re already over 1000 Words and I haven’t even touched on what I found to be the most insightful and interesting part of the entire podcast, which directly relates to Our perspective on viruses.

The podcast discusses a lot of very meaningful and Powerful Spiritual Truths – one that comes to Mind immediately is that We each have the Power of both the Divine masculine and feminine Energy within Us. Marcus describes these two opposing energies as two Wings of the same bird – if We Wish for Our Life to really take off, both wings need to be war King and balanced.

Fear is evolution’s natural inhibitor. Cells act and behave in the Microcosm the same Way Our bodies do in Our relative Macrocosm. When the body is faced with a life threatening situation, ‘fight or flight’ response is triggered which immediately shuts down cellular growth. It’s kind of like One’s cell phone reaching the low battery stage and disabling apps to save power so it can ‘live’ longer.

It’s True that the ‘fight or flight’ response is very powerful and has a specific Purpose, which is to save the Life of the organism. Adrenalin is released into the bloodstream, muscles uptake maximum oxygen levels for optimal strength and speed, time and space shift – People quite literally develop super-hero abilities. One can only Truly identify with this phenomenon if One has experienced it, I have experienced this phenomenon more times than I Wish to recall. But I can tell You that if this superpower did not exist within Man, I would not be here today.

So when We fear something like a virus, We are inhibiting growth because Our Mind is war King exactly the same Way the body does. Growth is shut down and the Mind enters survival mode. The problem is that fight or flight can only be successful for a very short, limited period of time. In fact, if One goes into ‘fight or flight’ and it turns out to be a false alarm, the individual may even experience shock and hyperventilate because the muscles are over-oxygenated but not releasing any of that stored energy – it Will make One feel high (not in a Good Way, think ‘cold sweats’) and they may even potentially pass out! And yes, I can tell You first hand from experience (though I’ve never actually passed out, I have had to lie down).

So if two organisms are competing for survival, and ‘fight or flight’ is triggered by only One of the organisms (the virus is not afraid of You, the cheetah is not afraid of the gazelle), the gazelle Will only survive if fight or flight response endures longer than sixty seconds. This is why they prey on the weak or the old because they know that fight or flight is not likely to be powerful enough to outlast the endurance of the cheetah.

We may not have the advantage of super-hero speed and strength if We are not in a state of fight or flight, but We gain the advantage of long term endurance and strength. A Komodo Dragon is a Good example. A Komodo Dragon stalks its prey quietly before ambushing the victim. It has evolved to ‘outsmart’ the fight or flight instinct by having highly toxic saliva. Most often, its prey Will manage to escape with an otherwise non lethal bite, but the damage has already been done. The Komodo Dragon Will then stalk its prey until it eventually dies from the poisonous venom war King its Magic.

What was most fascinating about the Aubrey Marcus podcast, is that they discuss how the previously perceived ‘junk’ DNA is actually the most important DNA in Our body (and makes up over 90% or something crazy like that) because THAT is the DNA that is yet to be programmed!!! It is learning from Our experiences and interactions with nature and other organisms, some of the most prolific being viruses and bacteria. Viruses actually contain valuable information that teaches Our body how to evolve and endure for the long term. Even more encouraging, the podcast suggests that the DNA they have determined to not be ‘junk’ DNA was primarily programmed by viruses! If viruses didn’t exist, We would never have evolved to become what We are today.

Yes, it is True that a new virus Will always take out a percentage of the species, but viruses are always species specific (okay, well maybe THAT isn’t True anymore if We include gain of function research, but the reason gain of function research exists is because (contrary to what most People believe), viruses do NOT jump from species to species. They are species specific, and they contain valuable information necessary for the next evolution in that species biology. Every species on the planet has a virus specific to that organism, and every year a percentage of that species die as a result while the rest continue to evolve and adapt. It is the nature of the Universe.

Wow, okay… I didn’t get to half the stuff I Wished to be tall King about because I Truly believe that is how viruses work and Will assert that is the Purpose they were Given by God.

I’m super motivated by a lot of things in My Microcosm right now and I really do have a lot of inspirational, encouraging Ideas and stories to share with You – in fact, so many I’m not even sure I Will get to them all! But here are some Fun Ideas to look forward to, some of which I had intended to be tall King about today.

I have reason to believe that although I initially suspected the ‘powers that be’ had Trump in Mind for the role of the anti-Christ, I have very Good reason to believe it is actually Trudeau!!! And as much as I dislike him, I am probably more surprised than any One because it was right in My face and I didn’t even see it! So I’ll be sharing that theory with You, too.

I also have some really encouraging things to tell You about the fall of the criminal cabal posing as governments all over the world. Gislaine Maxwell Will now be name dropping to reduce her sentence. Oligarchs are allegedly demolishing their tax havens to hide evidence of visits to Epstein’s Lolita Island, and Biden is doing so poorly as president that mainstream media and the democrats themselves are beginning to turn on him. There are also rumours in the White House that Fauci’s medical fraud and exposed emails have already resulted in several lawsuits being filed against members of congress and… Well, it just generally looks like the Tower of Babylon is Truly beginning to fall.

I have some developments with respect to My inquiry regarding a short story stolen by My last high school teacher, but I’ll save that for the Thursday Thing King Edition where I Will be tall King about all things related to the ‘King thing’.

Love and Blessings,

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