Volume CC: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; KCI’s Vice Principal Served with a Detention?!

Hello every One, and welcome to the Free Lance Friday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. I have another Edition full of Good News for this Free Lance Friday, including an email Notice of ‘Detention’ for KCI’s (Kitchener Collegiate Institution) vice principal, Peter Kalbfleisch. I figure that has to be the most exciting Good News this Fabulous Free Lance Friday because really, how many People out there would have loved to send their high school principal or vice to detention? It’s almost like a Dream come True, I did say that I was going to have a little more Fun with things this year, and I have a lot of other Good News to share with You, too.

Before I get to the Fun of sending an email Notice of detention to an old high school’s vice-principal, I’d like to touch on the most Magical event taking place in Man’s Macrocosm right now. Yesterday I announced that an international criminal investigation has been filed with the Hague against the UK government, Ted Tedros of the W.H.O., Bill and Melinda Gates [to hell], UK mainstream media sources, and many more who have officially been charged with genocide, manslaughter, murder, fraud, misinformation, terrorism, conspiracy to commit crimes against humanity by Way of the administration of a harmful and lethal injection posing as a vaccine under the guise of a false and carefully manipulated global plandemic. Yeah, it is quite a mouthful and those are only the charges I was able to recall off the top of My head, though I know every single one is listed in the claim as well as many more.

Why is that Good News? Well, because four Canadians died last night trying to cross the Canadian border into the United States. Trudeau was stupid enough to comment on the incident by saying that:

“”It was an absolutely mind-blowing story. It’s so tragic to see a family die like that, victims of human traffickers … and of people who took advantage of their desire to build a better life,”


Well, did he ever stop to consider why Canadians would risk their lives in -40 Celsius weather in the middle of the night traversing through some of the most extreme terrain conceivable? Um, it’s because a Life under Trudeau’s treasonous dictatorship Will not be worth Living – People are officially trying to escape from Canada seeking refuge in the U.S.! How crazy is that? I was out for a smoke last night and had to put it out half way through because it was too cold, but a family was willing to risk their life in those conditions, likely because they felt it would be the best opportunity to leave Canada undetected because nobody would be crazy enough to try to escape Canada in those kind of conditions!!!

Notice what else he does there? ‘Victims of human traffickers’. Really? Where are these alleged traffickers? Where is this information coming from? He’s just making that up, there was no human trafficking involved. The only human trafficking is being done by high profile politicians to children stolen by child protective services and other pedophile rings. Criminals like to project, remember. There is absolutely no information to support the idea that these People were victims of trafficking, they were trying to get away from Trudeau and his criminal cabal!!!

At any rate, the reason the International Criminal investigation into the vaccines is Good News, is because it is a global investigation and although charges have only been filed against individuals in the UK government at present, the investigation includes every country of the world mandating vaccines. The information that Will come out as a result of this investigation Will eventually catch up with Trudeau, it’s only a Matter of time now. If You are wondering about today’s feature photo, it is a screenshot of My WordPress stats that refreshed automatically just a couple minutes after midnight last night. I’ve mentioned before that I have Magical [unknown] Friends in the Macrocosm who I know are watching what I Post very closely. They can view My stats and read My Posts without Me knowing anyone has visited My Blog at all. Last night was the best example I’ve had to Show You in a long time.

Within a couple of minutes after midnight last night, the video that describes the international criminal investigation filed with the Hague had been downloaded forty times without a single visitor to My Blog. I’m sure that’s perfectly normal and happens all the time, right? They [My Magical Friends] also like to use Magical numbers to communicate Ideas in a language only I Will understand – yet somehow ‘they’ know I Will. And I guarantee You, they were expecting Me to share this with You. What does four represent, People? Foundation (Found a Sean). And what does 10 represent? A new age. So what does 40 represent? Foundation for a new age. This investigation is the spark that sets the Tower of Babylon ablaze!!!

I’m also very pleased to report that the Hague or the investigators into these unconscionable crimes against humanity decided to Post URGENGT PUBLIC NOTICES around the UK to let the People know this is serious, including a QR code People can scan with their phone to obtain more information, along with contact information for press releases. I emailed the press contact to advise that I am doing what I can to hold Canada’s criminals accountable but can use any help I can get. You know I Will let You know as soon as I hear anything in reply, I Imagine they are probably overwhelmed at the moment because although mainstream media is still trying to bury this story, it is going viral in the underground and Will eventually surface.

I’m sharing the photo again today and have included it with My ‘Notices to State Actors Perpetrating Medical Fraud and Crimes Against Humanity‘. I always say My Word Manifests, I figure this is probably the greatest example of late. You Will notice there is also a contact email for those who have already been harmed by their biological weapons. And if People are thing King that’s an exaggeration, do a little more research into gain of function research and its original intended purpose. They were deliberately trying to make animal viruses transferrable to humans (which is not possible in nature, viruses are species specific) and increase their transmission (contagion level) and lethality. That’s why it Matters so much if this virus came from a lab, and they have already proven that the coronavirus was not naturally occurring because of gene markers on the DNA of the virus that can only be acquired through scientific intervention.

See what I mean? I haven’t even started tall King about sending a vice principal a detention email! Okay, so I didn’t Title it ‘Notice of Detention’, (though that would have been far more humorous and kind of Fun), the end result Will be a fine or detention because he’s already effectively guilty of breach of public Trust for failing to respond to My emails (and antagonizing Me by repeatedly as King of Me to CALL him after I specifically tell him more than once that I insist on Written correspondence because I do not Trust them and do not Wish for any ‘he said, she said’ nonsense’). These are the Facts on the Public Record for all the world to witness this vice principle’s lack of principals. 😉

Oh, but that’s not all. I still have Good News to share with You regarding My last correspondences with Ontario Works, but I have more important Good News than that to share with You today. In light of the investigation, it Will (slowly but surely) become easier for Me to recruit Honourable officers to My cause and assist Me with making arrests. It really isn’t easy being a King, People – I AM going to require some support with law enforcement.

So I followed up with Derrick Bert (sheriff for the Minister of Justice and Attorney General’s Office), and with Sergeant Catherine Wood of the Ottawa Police Service. I figure this is a great opportunity for the Ottawa Police Service to show the People of Ottawa that they intend to Honour their Oath to Canada’s People and Her Majesty, and Will not aid and abet the Acts of treasonous Trudeau, or his lackies (Vera Etches (Ottawa’s Public Health Officer), Laura Dudas (Deputy Mayor) and Mary ‘Simple’ Simon (Canada’s Governor General)).

Email to Derrick Bert: “Oath of Office – Vaccine Mandates Criminal, Treasonous to Canada’s People”

Sergeant Catherine Wood: “Vaccines Dangerous – Criminal Investigation Underway Crimes Against Humanity”

Eventually, these People Will have to decide which side of the Law they Wish to be on, and My belief is that when these individuals realize the severity of these charges and how sobering they are, they Will come to their senses and be happy to help Me. I mean really… What’s harder for the ego to swallow? The Idea that some random dude they thought was crazy is a legitimate Sovereign, or the Idea that Canada’s government is effectively committing mass genocide against its own People if they continue to do nothing? And ultimately, which of the two Will have greater consequences? I’m bound to for-Give those who are as King of Me for it – the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity? Not so much.

I’ll have some lighter but darker fanfare for You tomorrow with the second Part in My new series, ‘Satanism and the war Ship of Lucifer’, so I hope You Will join Me for that. It may sound dark but only when We Truly understand the darkness Will We be ready for the light of the Golden Dawn. Kingdom Comes, I Give You My Word!!!

Love and Blessings,

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