Volume CC: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; Satanism and the War Ship of Lucifer, Part II

Hello every One and welcome to the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King You for joining Me. I’m continuing with what Will be My Saturday (Saturn-Day) Special on the practice of Satanism for as long as it takes to cover over what that’s all about from the perspective of a Spiritualist. It may seem like a strange thing for a Spiritualist to be tall King about, but denying darkness does not prevent nightfall from descending upon Us, nor is the darkness anything to be afraid of when One is guided by their own light.

The Idea was inspired by a Friend who Presented Me with the video I Will share with these Posts, as King of Me how much of the information is True. Very little of the information was new to Me (if any), and there is little I have to dispute with respect the overall content, though the interpretation of the information is Way off. Before I get into it, let Me share the video again.

As far as this Man’s interpretation of the information is concerned, I have plenty to ‘debunk’. First of all, the Man claims to be an ex freemason, and his primary thesis is that all freemasons are involved in the war Ship of Lucifer. He also attempts to add credibility to the information he is sharing by stating that he Will likely be killed or mysteriously disappear for disclosing these ‘deep dark secrets’ of the occult and Magic. The video has been on YouTube since March of 2021 and to the best of My knowledge, the Man is still alive (I haven’t checked but I Imagine if he were killed for releasing the information, those sharing the video would be quick to let their audiences know).

The fact is, it’s very unlikely the Man Will be killed for sharing the information because I personally doubt very much that he was ever a freemason to begin with. If he is revealing secrets he’s Sworn to keep under penalty of death (he allegedly agreed to have his tongue ripped out by the roots and or to suffer other unconscionable torturous acts for breaking his oath of secrecy), the video would never have been posted. That’s because he is correct about many of the facts he shares, one of which is that these secret societies own all mainstream media platforms; YouTube, Google, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, all mainstream news networks including Fox, CNN, CBC, whatever. These are the People who are quite literally ‘directing’ and ‘producing’ the Universal Product-Sean. There is zero chance a YouTube video exposing the darkest secrets of the mystery schools would ever make it online and last for more than a day. In fact, they would likely know he was war King on it before it was even uploaded and he would probably be found suicided in his apartment.

If People Wish to know the Truth about the Secret Societies that are running the world, the first thing People need to understand is that no information Will reach the general public unless that was the intention. So if he is a freemason and initiated into one of the other branches of the mystery schools, he was instructed to make this video to incite fear and paranoia in those who are quick to believe everything they hear. It’s basically just fear porn.

I don’t Imagine most People reading this Blog Will even bother to sit through a five hour video. I only suffered through it because I Promised a Friend I would, and My Friend was very concerned and alarmed about the information presented. It’s unfortunate because I do sincerely believe that was the intent of the video in the first place – like the world doesn’t have enough on its plate trying to discern between fact and fiction with respect to what We are told about ‘coronavirus’ and the biological warfare being waged against Man’s kind under the guise of a mandatory vaccinations ‘for Your safety’.

I’m going to use the Word ‘initiated’ to differentiate between People who have knowledge (We’ll refer to them as ‘informed’) verses People who have understanding. This is because most of his information is correct, but the Presenter lacks the understanding to interpret the information correctly because he has not been initiated to a high enough Degree to comprehend the [Divine] Purpose of the mystery schools and Secret societies.

The other reason I felt this was worth tall King about is because the fact that the world is run by these Secret Societies is very real. It is also True that many of them war Ship ‘Lucifer’, ‘Baal’, ‘Satan’, or other demonic entities. It’s also True that these entities are very real and can be conjured by Magic – and this is where it becomes rather disturbing for many People because drinking blood out of skulls, meditating in coffins, and ‘sex Magic’ are all very powerful Magical ceremonies and they are taking place on a regular basis. In fact, every single war waged in the world is some kind of human sacrifice to one of these entities. No countries in the world would be at war with each other at all if these Secret societies were not manipulating events to make it so. All the world leaders are best Friends, wars are intentional and designed to ‘Seal’ the deal. There is an intention behind a Magical Spell, the gods/entities demand sacrifices to fulfill the request, and wars are waged to Honour the sacrificial obligation. I did warn People that the Truth Will be very disturbing… For the uninitiated.

I’m not going to have time to get into the Divine Purpose behind it all today, though I Will tell You one of the other details the Presenter is correct about, is that initiates only receive the level of knowledge and understanding relative to their Degree of Spiritual Mastery. It is also absolutely mandatory that One believes in God (or some other higher power) in Order to be initiated into the most basic level (Degree) of masonry – atheists are not allowed under any circumstance!

The Significance here, is that even the Presenter admits that a mason of the thirtieth Degree cannot share any of their Secrets with any One of a lesser Degree. This is kind of like what government does by Way of compartmentalization. Ontario Works, for example, is one department of government who presumes to be completely ignorant of all information about an individual known by other government departments. Collectively, the government of Canada knows more about Me than any individual could ever hope to know (including Me) because they have a Record of everything Created in My name (Title of My [Life] Story). But each individual department knows only as much they are allowed to know relative to their function in society – if they Wish to know anything more that what is required for their department, they must be as King of Me for consent to disclose and share information between departments. I don’t Trust for one second that government actually Honour that privacy between departments, but they Will never be able to admit they know more than I have consented to let them know or they would be in very serious trouble for breach of Public Trust and some kind of ‘privacy Act’.

What I’m getting at here and what I am thing King Will be a Good Segway into the next part of this series, is that unless the individual sharing ‘Secrets’ of the Mystery Schools has reached the highest Degree of occulted Science, they Will have no Idea what the Grand Plan actually is, they must Trust that the Orders Given by their senior members are serving a Higher Purpose without having any Idea what that Higher Purpose might be. The penalty for disclosing Secrets to uninitiated members of lesser Degrees increases as the initiate climbs the hierarchal ladder of the Mystery Schools, so the chances of any One even remotely close to a the level of a thirty-third Degree mason disclosing Secrets they’ve Sworn to Keep are very slim. The chances of that individual living to tell about it, even slimmer.

The takeaway from this Edition that I hope to leave You with, is that any One claiming to have first Hand knowledge of the highest Degrees of freemasonry who is disclosing that information to the general public, is most likely a liar and probably fear mongering.

People generally like to attack that which they do not understand. It’s more likely this Man was Wishing to be initiated into one of these mystery schools and was either denied, or has no Idea how to get into a mystery school to begin with (generally, it is invitation only from what I personally believe and understand), and so he’s attacking their reputation out of spite and jealousy.

Some might wonder why People would ever Wish to be a part of a Secret Society if they all war Ship Lucifer and participate in nefarious, evil deeds. Well, My grandfather on My Mum’s side was a freemason in Scotland, and although he abandoned the family when My Mum was very young, My grandmother was the one who told Me. I doubt very much he was a Satanist (though I’m not naïve enough to believe it isn’t possible). Even the Presenter of the video included with today’s Post states that each Degree of freemasonry has a rigorous vetting process and if One is beholden to Christian beliefs, they Will never advance to the next Degree.

Satanism is probably the most seriously practiced religion in the world, but I can guarantee You that not all freemasons are Satanists, just the same as not all Christians are Good People.

More to come next week where I Will (attempt to) explain the reason behind mass human sacrifices through the manipulation of war and terror necessary to activate some of the most powerful Magical Spells.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: I’ve also had a few Friends in My Microcosm tell Me they are concerned about Me for sharing so many Secrets with You and especially for placing some of the most powerful People in Canada’s government (Governor General, Mary Simon, for example) on Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability for their treasonous Acts against Canada’s People. Some People are thing King that I Will disappear or be ‘suicided’ one day like Jeffrey Epstein. Although I suppose nothing is impossible, I also believe it is highly unlikely. In fact, I tell My Friends that the only reason I’m still here is because I’m Divinely protected. That’s equally complicated because when I say ‘Divinely protected’, I am tall King about God and most People perceive the powers that be to be the opposite of God. I believe the ‘powers that be’ are the gods of this world, and they ‘Act’ as God would Act. As a disclaimer, if I prove to be wrong on that point, please believe Me when I tell You that it would only be My Door Way to what Man calls heaven. The only Way I can fail in My task, is if I were to take My own Life (which I would never do because it is the ultimate trespass upon God’s Plan for Me).

Love and Blessings,

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